Bob’s Donuts; back for the first time

The time is 11:11 and I am writing to you from Bob’s Donuts on Polk St. It’s been a hella long while since I have written to you from Bob’s donuts, mostly because they plugged something into the outlet I used to use, so…no there is no outlet. Since I am still lugging around the brick it’s like…wtf lol, I shoulda stopped lugging around this heavy-ass computer last year. So today, I am writing to you from Bob’s just until my computer dies…or until I get tired of writing, which feels like it might come first. This computer is so spotty. I feel like when I bring the charger, it stays alive for an hour or two, but then when I chance it without the charger I pull this thing out and it’s hella dead. I do like this HP though. I got approved for a $2000 credit line from Dell though, and it may very well be that I advance to a computer that can edit some video.

So I listened to a couple of podcasts this morning. First I listened to episodes 7 and 14 of “The Sweat Startup,” and then I listened to episode 1 of “Startup Podcast.” I found the first podcast more educational, and the second more motivational [while still being educational]. Recently I have been feeling very stuck with the dilemma of “what business do I start,” because I know whatever I put my mind to, I can succeed at. I don’t have to be stuck with the decision I make forever, but I certainly will need to stick with it for several years until it comes to fruition and I can sell the business, or whatever happens. I have already been writing this blog for several years, and although I have not posted a lot and spent most of my time writing what could be considered the equivalent of a diary, I am very proud in what I have accomplished here at Spark Twain; originally Heart Of Zeus. I have lived in Seattle and San Francisco, I have worked at two hostels, and I have taken a trip around the world. I quit smoking cigarettes in October of 2017, and I quit drinking alcohol in July of 2018. I adopted the pen name Spark Twain in April of 2019, and recently I have been getting more serious about my videography.

What happens next? As usual, I am not sure. I have a tough time making decisions, and that leads to a lack of confidence in execution. Should I start a store that sells bongs and pipes? Or should I start a blog that supports the ASMR Community? Should I just focus more on my Spark Twain blog, go to cannabis events, and become a public figure like Kim Kardashian? Ha. I have many directions I could go, and sadly I will have to choose only ONE! I just spent all my money, and so I am starting over YET AGAIN in my life. This time is a softy though. I’ve been down-in-the-dumps. Right now I’m only looking at the dumps from across the street.

I am charging my phone, and I am sweating a lot, that’s what I know right now. Probably because I haven’t showered in a couple of days lol, but I have been washing my feet because…well otherwise I’d be in savage mode. Yesterday I went out and bought a micron brush pen because I was thinking I would make some art for the wall at the new Bob’s Donuts…but damn, I haven’t done any art in a long time. It would be a helluva thing if I busted out with some donut art by the deadline of tomorrow.

* * *

The time is now 13:23 [01:23pm for yall] and I am back at Bob’s after going to the park up the street and laying out and smoking a bowl and recording a time lapse of myself, and then also just sitting there for a bit and thinking about life and shit. It is 10 minutes later [since the last sentence]and I just messaged my dad asking him if I have a practical idea with connecting glass blowers to cannabis consumers. I am interested to hear what he says. I can’t blow glass, I can’t build websites, and I have no capital to hold an inventory. What exactly am I doing? When I am asking myself that question it’s like…

* * *

The time is now 17:42 and I am writing to you from Caffe Trieste. I haven’t ordered anything yet, and this is the weak point of my visit today, as the line is only getting longer. I feel a little rude not ordering right away, but alas, here I am! I filmed a time lapse video before I got here, including my walk here. So that’ll be on my IG, and for the first time in a lonnggggg fucking time I will have a post on my IG that is relevant with my blog. That’s a huge step forward in productivity for me. So I am at Caffe Trieste right, and I am going to make a pros and cons list about working in the weed industry. I think this will help me move forward with some of the problems I have had making considerations come full circle. The line is hella long here at Trieste now. and you know what I am going to do? I am going to dunk a Bob’s raised maple glazed doughnut into my Trieste…espresso? Or should I get coffee today. There is wayy more caffeine in a cup of coffee than a dbl espresso. Idk if I am ready to consume that much so late in the day. The time is 17:50. I should probably get in line before….omg it just keeps getting longer! There is nothing that can be done about it. One time Baron gave me the pluggity-plug and side-countered me my drink. Don’t tell no one that. But that was the only time I ever cut the line. Once. It happened one time.

There are ten ppl standing in what could be considered “the line” although a lot of them are clustered at the front. The mama’s and the Papas are on the jukebox now and a smile has unavoidably taken over my face. It was a stretch between that last sentence and this one. There is a gentleman who is at Trieste often, and he drinks an Africano and he writes on non-lined paper, in cursive, about the world around him while in Trieste, and presumably other places but I am not sure. He just walked past me. I am going to get in line and order…probably an espresso.

I am now sitting here with an espresso that has two bites out of it and I’m just gonna leave that sentence how it is. I am a little stoned. The lady in front of me in line didn’t have cash and they made her go to the ATM. Me? I ordered a dbl espresso. Come Fly With Me just came on the juke now. I love it. It’s all good music coming out of that thing. So I am getting caffeinated af and Jo is at class in the mission…I guess that’s all there is to say. I am going to post this before I leave Trieste, but I think I will make the pros and cons list before I post, and I am going to start that list now. The time is 18:14.

Holy Moley! The time is 19:17 and I almost forgot to publish this, but now? Now I am going to publish it…so it’s really like I didn’t forget at all. There is someone BUMPING their subs outside. I think I am going to post this, and then go to the Peter Macchiarini steps and smoke some more and film a time-lapse and wait for Jo, and then I am going to head to her place later. Should be a good time! I am excited. The world is a wild place…idk what has caused me to suddenly get back into posting content, but I am here, and I am posting.

– Spark Twain

* * *

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