To No Avail…

I write a lot more than comes to light on this blog, but today marks a shift in the paradigm! One that I have building towards. I have long since needed to be more pragmatic about how I live life; I live in a dream! It’s hard to find bedrock in a dream world. For the first time in over 30 days, I start work at 05:30, and I am broke so I pretty much have to go lol. It’s totally lame! I took a month off work and the second half of that time become a quasi stay-cation where I didn’t get enough done. Now I am going back to work and it’s like…why wasn’t I doing more of this when I was off work? Making sure my writing made it to my blog. Putting in the work to secure an income for my future. Pacing myself so as to elongate my life’s energy. I could have certainly turned this 1 month off, into 2 months off, had I played it cool.

I have made a schedule and intend to stick to that schedule, but there are so many things that can fuck my day up. Freewill is at the top of the list. Right now my plan is to wake up at 03:00 M-F and come to Starbucks at 03:30 and work on my laptop until 04:59 and then walk to work and start at 05:30. I will work until 14:00. After work things are up in the air. I am pretty sure I will end up going home and changing, everyday. At that point…idk. So I go home and take care of myself and then…I might go to Trieste for the remainder of the day? but there lies in one of my problems, that I don’t want to hangout and drink coffee all night. I’d love to just chill at my house, but my crib is not the kind of place I can settle-in and chill at. It’s small af. So my post work schedule is up in the air, but I’d like to be in bed at 19:00, which means going back to the crib at 18:30 and turning myself down for the end of the day. I don’t know how good I will be at maintaining this schedule, but on day one back at work that is how the plan sits. If things get real crazy maybe I’ll sleep 16:00 to 00:00. Now that would be a strange schedule.

Things started off a little rough this morning, as I called a Lyft but I wasn’t outside in time, and my diver drove off as I walked up. I tapped on his car, and he stopped and informed me that Lyft just canceled the ride, and obviously this is because I was too slow. Lyft charged me $5 for this! Maybe I have less time with the shared rides? I am not sure, I didn’t even look. But I thought I had four minutes to get to the car and so I was saying goodbye to Jo and then when I got out there it was too late. It didn’t fuck my day up or anything, because I am so far ahead of schedule in the mornings, but it definitely wasn’t good vibes on my first day back. My fault. I gotta take this experience as a reminder to work hard, and next time I am thinking about taking a month off work, I should only take 2 weeks. Until I am 40, however much time I feel like I need off work, I should probably take half of that time.

Anywho…I am going to chillout here at Starbucks for a little bit before I go to work. PEACE!


* * *

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