Coca-Cola doesn’t make you vomit

The time is 02:02 in the morning and I am writing to you from Happy Donuts in North Beach. I am not sure if I want to order anything. I wonder what they would say if I didn’t order? I am in here very often. I bet one time would draw no response. If I started doing such on the regular though, that would be a different story. The neighborhood is surprisingly active tonight. It’s the 15th of October, 2019. and remember, it’s the middle of the night.

I just bought a doughnut. Chocolate raised glazed donut for me today. Good stuff. I still can’t get over how poppin it is at the donut shop! I guess…I’m here, so obviously that’s one person. Also, for the population density of the city this isn’t so bad. It’s surprisingly even spread, I think, throughout the city; plenty of things to do everywhere in San Francisco. Mmm, fresh donut *takes bite*. Nothing like a lil sugar suicide in the early, early morning. I went to bed at 19:00 for this. Well, actually, I went to bed at 20:00, maybe even a little later, simply because I couldn’t fall asleep and I am not used to the schedule. Then I woke up at 00:00 and 00:40, both times thinking it was later. So…yeah. Got out of bed at about 01:34, smoked on the Green Tortoise steps, and then came down here to Happy D’z. The plan really was to wake up at 03:00 and be at Starbucks by 03:30, but like I said, I am adjusting…[to the new schedule].

I am halfway through this doughnut, and damn, it’s so fresh and so greasy. Gotta love that grease! Dare I say, but, this donut “tastes like North Beach.” Did you know that Coca-Cola has a chemical in it that prevents you from vomiting? Consuming the amount of sugar in one sip of Coca-Cola would normally force you to vomit. Check into this; I highly suggest watching someone drink a Coke. What do you see that is similar between everyone? Now try it yourself. Shit is real out here in these streets. Coke is available everywhere, and so mf’s drinking it! Let’s not talk about how many doughnuts I eat though. Starting to worry I am going to look like a doughnut if I keep this up.

That mushy, oily-ass dough was so good. Maybe I should just go back to bed. You know, I knew I was going to find getting out of bed at 01:30 in the morning a bad decision, but I also thought it would be a bad decision to sit there and hold my phone above my head all night. I have this shoulder issue, so laying in bed, especially with my phone, is a totally different thing for me. Man, and I am sitting here thinking about how I don’t want to just keep writing because I will have to edit this all before I post it later, and I only have a finite amount of battery because I didn’t bring my charger [it’s heavy]. But if I am not writing, what do I do? I was going to buy coffee…but I would rather wait for Starbucks. OMG my screen just got less bright. Thank god! I didn’t even think to go in my settings and adjust it, but now that I realize it was possible, that seems so obvious. I did use the little adjusters built onto my keyboard-shortcuts but it only went down to a level I still didn’t think was dim enough. I’ve been hella giving up recently, and adjusting my screen brightness was just another thing I gave up on. But my computer had my back in this scenario. Props to HP.

There is this old guy in here who hella has to go to the bathroom, I can tell. He hasn’t spoken any English though so I don’t know his real thoughts on the issue. Him and a younger gentleman are talking. The younger gentleman is playing the lottery. Many people in here are playing the lottery. I am considering going outside to smoke weed? But not really though because I am waiting for Starbucks to open. Today is going to be kind of miserable at work because I only got like four and a half hours of sleep. Meh. My hope is that this will put me on the Proper sleep schedule, and soon my body will used to waking up at 03:00. The alternative would be waking up at 04:20 in the morning and going directly to work. I like having that extra time to work. Plus, I don’t really do shit at night time so going to bed at 19:00 is good for me, lol. I am highly considering getting a second job on the nights/weekends. Jo thinks I should try and work at a dispensary. Maybe I will do that…maybe I will fucking do that.

It’s only 02:48! I am just sitting here waiting for Starbucks to open! Seriously. Okay, I can’t write anymore, this is crazy; my computer is gonna die to so I gtg. Gonna play on my phone maybe. Peace!

* * *

The time is 03:58 and I am now at Happy Donuts. Wait no, that’s a lie, I’m just on blitzkrieg. I’m at Starbucks! And I have a ole’ fashion glazed donut sitting in front of me. I didn’t know they sold those here. However, it is not impossible that I have eaten one and written about it before lol, because I am rather forgetful. Today however, I am feeling like it is my first time. This is a dense doughnut, that is forsure. I like it; definitely different than the ole fashion doughtnuts at the shops around here.

So I go to work in an hour and 25 minutes[ish]. I am excited. Not to go to work, but to get paid! And maybe I will end my cycle of misery this time and actually manage my money well. As we know, I just had the month off work where I spent most of my savings instead of using it to settle my debt, and that was…another unfortunate decision of my youth. No matter! I am thinking by December 29th I will have enough money to leave my job. But to what avail? Exactly! I must find a way to take that lump sum of money and turn it into an income.

I am feeling TIRED. I knew I would feel this way when I woke up at fucking 00:40 lol. Oh well. I am thinking todays struggle will result in tomorrows ideal schedule. I need to start chipping away slowly at things instead of trying to take things in one haul. I am getting better at this everyday, and the growth is exponential. It’s 04:19 in the morning right now. This is my life. The middle of the night is a strange new world accessible only to the modern human. I hang out here. I am tired here.


Spark Twain

* * *

OKAY! Well my computer died while I was editing that, so one day’s writing has turned into two day’s writing. The time is 03:35 on October 16th, 2019, and I am at Starbucks. I am about to go order my “usual” doppio espresso and overnight oats. Think those are bad for you? Lots of milk? Ugh. Maybe…

I didn’t get a scone! But I also didn’t get overnight oats. I got the “Vegan Superberry Acai.” One of the sweet things about a popular place like Starbucks is: when I talk about a product or otherwise related matter to, say, Starbucks, you know exactly what I am talk about. Anyone reading this will have a chance to go into a Starbucks and check out the Vegan Super Berry Acai bowl, if they would like. I suppose it would be that my actual preference in Coffee Shop is Peets, but they are not open this early [that I am aware of].

I just started my Superberry. It’s pretty damn good, actually. Hella granola and coconut flakes though, and idk if Starbucks got the memo? But selling sugar is so 2013. I should write Starbucks on the matter…I guess I am not required to consume the granola with the Superberry portion of this dish, but I feel pretty much obligated to; the granola/coconut makes up nearly ¼ of the bowl!

The time is now 04:02 in the morning. I just spent some time talking to my friend Andre about life and shit. We met because he comes into Starbucks every morning around the same time I come in. The Superberry Bowl was pretty good! It was a little bitter, and I like that. It also felt healthy. More so than Overnight Oats, forsure. Hmm. Anyhow though…I guess I should edit this and get to posting it before I have to go to work in an hourish. The lady working at SB said that since it’s cold she’s going to have to start dealing with more…everyone. Ha. I get that shit. I should really get a second job…forreal. I think now is the time! Maybe I will go to this open interview at this dispensary later.

Spark Twain.

* * *

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