Some Lady Gave Me a FREE BANANA [right before I wrote this]

Have you guys ever heard me rap? I’m a helluva rapper, tbh, and I think it’s high time I monetize my skills. SO, I don’t even really know where to start. I am doing it for…myself, and for hip-hop. I am gonna make some music, and maybe it gets love and maybe it never reaches where it’s supposed to be, but I need to make it.

There is a lady in here with red hair talking about her business to some dude. Presumably he is a consultant, based on the type of information she is divulging. I am not sure what kind of money she makes, but…she just stated that she has a $400 expense she lists as a $500 expense, and right there sounds like…not a tightly run ship, to say the least. Meh. I sit here writing instead of working on opening my business. I just wrote the word minute instead of business. Sometimes I am confident I am losing it, and other times I just embrace that.

I need to get a good framework and business plan laid out, because I know there are people ready to invest in some of my projects, and I just have to be ready to accept the extra workload that comes with the growth. Finding a WordPress developer is my number one priority, and following that is content creation. Is this content creation? Yeah, I feel like at this point, putting any new content on my blog is a step in the write direction, since I spent so long producing so much, but posting so little.

I am writing to you from Union Street Coffee Roastary. I think the lady sitting next to me is never going to have a functioning business, at least not in the realm she is thinking of. If whatever she is talking about succeeds, it will be huge. She talks about Fiverr and Upwork as her competition [while editing I am now thinking this not to be true]. Whoa. Big stuff. I talk about YouTube as my main competition. For however I am not sure about that market yet. My expert referred me to Kravinglass as my largest competition. Recently I applied to work at a dispensary and if I get that job, I think it will lead to a lot of networking opportunities in that market. I am excited for the future. Rapping. Selling Glass. Supporting the ASMR Community. Helping people conquer their alcoholism/addiction issues. Writing my personal blog, and perhaps writing some books throughout my life. Things could be gooooood. Just gotta play my cards right. Gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away; know when to run.

Spark Twain

* * *

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