Yesterday I spent the whole day walking around with my computer, and today I will not make the same mistake. I am writing this to you from Union Street Coffee Roastary. I went to Trieste this morning at 07:00am, but they weren’t open yet! The regulars were waiting outside for one of my friends [they’re all my friends now] to show up. Well, I decided not to wait and I just hit to over here. Since I have been here I didn’t get too much done, but I did a little. I posted to for the first time, and now I am writing this…and then I will probably hit it and leave. I need to get it right, that’s all that I know. My capital is depleted, and so I am kind of starting from scratch. In the meantime though, updating the blog will be my “baby steps.” Have a good Sunday. Go Pack!

Spark Twain

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