Ecstatic Dance, and a Sunrise Wedding!

I am writing to you from Caffe Trieste this morning, and I feel different than I did last time I wrote from this location. When I first arrived this morning there was a blond lady that emerged from a car right as I walked up. She was way over-dressed for coffee, and I would soon go on to find out that she was a wedding photographer. She was photographing Trieste because two people that met here are getting married, and I guess her photographs are going to be on display at the wedding. I also talked to the long-time locals about Paul Kantner this morning and was pleasantly surprised with the questions I got answered. Wow~ Things are really lively this morning! Lots of people. They picked up Mo for a 07:00am wedding! Idk if it’s the same one…probably, right?

I will get married someday. Kids. I want kids forsure. Right now though…I am looking to expand my horizons. I grow older everyday, and I am fine-tuning my taste for life more so with every turn of the dial. I am glad to be coming to Trieste, and I really am in love with San Francisco, and the people of the San Francisco Bay Area. I just…omg I want so much out of life! And now is fucking go-and-get-it-time. I want to do more of what I love. I want to play some rap shows. I want ladies to fuck me just so I will write about them. I want to travel the United States and meet glass-blowers so I can sell there work. I am a man with dreams!

Omg the time is 07:15 in the morning. I got here about 06:35am today. I smoked a bowl around 06:00, and then wandered around the neighborhood for a little bit, and then came up here. I got a doppio macchiato and a biscotti, but there was not biscotti, so I paid the difference and got a muffin. I finished the macchiato and I am a lil sweaty now lol. Baran poured me a hella strong one this morning, lol, I FEEL IT. I do.

So I was reading Regina Spektor’s Wikipedia page this morning, and it gave me a little bit of hope about building a following within a concentrated region, such as The Bay or New York; any metropolitan area would do. Whew, I am hella sweaty today lol. Strong Coffee is a kick in the butt sometimes. So idk what my move is today. Gonna have to wait out this crazy coffee high. I guess I was planning to write some long winded article about the philosophy of gaining popularity in the bay through different mediums…but meh, do I really need to talk about it? I should probably just do it [I’m gonna meet up with Kalen about it].

Oh my. So much to talk about, so little space to do it in. I went to my second ever Ecstatic Dance this week! It was really amazing. I went once with Shoshana, and Sal, and his wife, and couple other people back in Seattle, but then I went almost two years without going to another one until I went Wednesday night. I just danced by myself the whole time. It was nice to watch the other people dance how they did. Whew. The sweating has calmed down. I think my body just had to take it all in. Lots of cannabis, caffeine, and sugar, early in the morning. I can’t make me say it feels good, but…well maybe that’s all I can say, lol. I kind of have a headache now, but sometimes I think that’s just all in my head. Every person is different, and it sucks that my insides are turning out to be kind of weak. A couple years of binge drinking and a bad diet has done far more damage to me than many of the american men I have met throughout my life. All is well though, because I am living my best life; writing a blog, and traveling the world. Soon I will start performing at more hip-hop events, and that is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, and only recently have I realized that since I do have the confidence, and somehow I have the swagger, I can definitely get that rap shit done. I’m coming into the game with everything I need, forsure. I’m a recovered alcoholic. Yeah I don’t have any money, but that is on the way. For me, much like Jeezy, this shit is about respect. I love it when I walk up in a hostel and folks run up on my saying I’m the realest hostelite alive. I live for that shit.

Spark Twain.

* * *

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