From the window I saw the hummingbirds sing, and they were singing about Starbucks

I am writing to you from Bob’s and the time is 15:56 on October 26th. It’s Halloween weekend, but I am not really feeling in the spirit. It’s kind of strange. I enjoy Halloween, without a doubt, but I didn’t find myself naturally diving into it this year. Or last year, really. I actually don’t recall, but I feel like it’s been years since I have gone out to Halloween parties and such as that. But I would love to throw them lol.

As of late I have been feeling quite out of it. The music at Bob’s is really bumping right now, and it’s got me thinking about how I need to focus on getting something done with my music. That is in addition to all of the other things I am doing.

I met up with Kalen today and we went to the Library, and then the Salesforce Park, and then we went to this restaurant called The Bird. The restaurant was pretty good. The line is always long, and it’s a different kind of crowd than I am used to dealing with. For that chicken though, I might deal with it again. Anyway; we talked about finding a place in the city we can rent, but we didn’t really get anywhere because the conclusion is that we can’t afford to live here, lol. We both have found a tailored-blessing, and I just can’t believe I took a month off work. So he has money to move, but when we talk about it, it is seeming like he is going to stay through his lease until April. I might stick around the city that long…

Remember last year when I went and looked into renting an office? I didn’t even know wtf I was doing, but now I know a little better, and I am thinking about looking into it again. I could just stay where I am at…and deal with it. I could get a bigger tent, I guess. That would be a fucking crazy move. In fact, I can’t actually picture me doing that. At that point I would probably buy a couch and just crash in my office. If I did my normal work day, and then I went to my office I could chill there until midnight. I bet after having both the office and the apartment for a month or two, I would figure out how to eliminate the apartment. This is especially true if I am successful with my entrepreneurial ventures. If I split the office with Kalen that would be a crazy thing. Ugh. It’s so over whelming thinking about staying in the city. I’ve been chewing on this bone for two years now. I am starting to think I should save up a quick 5k and head to a city when the pay-to-rent ratio is higher. I could go to Miami. Hmph. I could go to Hawaii! So many people I know have gone there…idk if I can handle it or not. I have often thought of going to LA and posting up there for…idk, until I get what I need accomplished, accomplished. I had Detroit on my mind for a while. It’s pretty close to “home” for me. Although Florida is also home for me, now, since my father lives down there.

I’m fucked. My computer screen is doing this flashy thing…I will need to get a new computer soon also. For now, I will go home and rest. The time is 16:26 from Bob’s, and the day is October 26th, 2019. Peace for now!

* * *

The time is 20:03, still on October 26th, and I am writing to you from Happy Donuts in North Beach. I am having a reoccurring, sharp but soft pain in my lower stomach…I may or may not think I should go see a doctor about a plethora of stuff and I have been putting off, as I wait for medical insurance from my work…I kind of think it might not be the move since I want to work part time. How much is private medical insurance? It’s time for that hard learning curve that is life.

What if I start my own business and then supply medical insurance to myself through my business? Is that…easy? What if the business isn’t making a lot of money? I guess I would be funding it myself, right, but would it be cheaper than looking as a citizen with a regular job. I also have a weird development on my arm…it isn’t a mole…but it isn’t a pimple or a black head. It’s kind of this weird sore, and it makes me uncomfortable. A doctor is certainly required, and I am not sure when I will be seeing one. I often think about getting it done…but I mostly just write this blog.

It’s a really good view of my neighborhood from this window in front of me. If you have been to Happy Donuts you know which window I am talking about because I am at the outlet and there is only one of those. It’s hella weak, too. Like, people have complained about it being a weak plug before, and I just brushed it off, but know that I have come to use it often and I know it; the thing doesn’t charge my computer. It lets my machine get all the way to low battery, and then it simply stops it from dying. No charge though.

OKAY! So, I was just playing around on IG. I have five accounts,

  • @sparktwain
  • @thestonedheretic
  • @jack.kerouac.alley
  • @asmrisacommunity
  • @asmrapparelsf

I have certainly talked about this in my blog before. I am realizing that I need to be more attentive to these things. I am missing a lot of opportunities. It was the anniversary of Jack Kerouac’s death like eight days ago, or something, and I didn’t know about it! [I haven’t read anything by him yet except for the first 40 pages of On The Road] so of course I didn’t post anything on the ig.

I am planning to monetize all those listed. I want to, starting today, religiously put one post up everyday for @jack.kerouac.alley, @asmrisacommunity, and @thestonedheretic. I am debating whether I should set up an auto-post situation, or if I should just set an alarm/reminder to do this everyday when I get off work…I started doing this a little bit last week, but I have been slacking, and now I realize that if I am serious about this business stuff I need really get this kind of shit done. No excuses. I just gotta do it. I am going up to get a donut.

I got a cake donut with chocolate glaze and chocolate sprinkles. Moony dropped it back on the tray as he picked it up, and some of the stuff fell off, so he gave me the plug on it. Very nice of him. I keep coming back too, you know?

Is it like, totally obvious that I should go to Florida? I can live rent free at my fathers house and do all this setting up a room that I talk about and everything. I just…couldn’t legally smoke weed. And even if I had a med card, that would be a hard press. I want one of those big 50 gallon canvas pots for my pot. And keep it seasonal like @teamterpene.

I just sent an email about a studio apartment I want to rent. It would be really a chill thing if I could get into there. I could get helllla organized. I just had a daydream about selling my Venmo to Robert Plant. That’s big league stuff. It was a good day dream. I am thinking about getting another donut. We both know I will, lol. Anyway though, I sent an email about that studio, but honestly I am not in much of a position to move out because I took that month off, and now I don’t have any money. I could have been sitting pretty with a couple grand in the bank, but alas. So, I will get my money right again. That’s a given.

Two firetrucks just drove past me. I wonder where they are going. They had the sirens blaring and everything. Might really be a fire in North Beach! There was last year at Coit Liquor. My bus got rerouted that day.

What I should be doing is writing content for my other blogs. It’s crazy that I am getting these things going only after my time off. How long will I allow my life to keep up like that? This studio could be a game changer. I could actually get into a routine…stay in the city for a year or two. Maybe I would even get a job closer to my house…that would be crazy.

I just dropped a deuce, and then deuced it, and then smoked two bowls up on the steps, and then shot back down the hill and I am back in my spot at Happy Donuts. There was even this guy that was in my spot after I got out the restroom. He is kinna why I didn’t just smoked in front of the store, but then it was cold on the steps and I decided I still didn’t want to go home, so I came back here regardless of what was happening and then I got my spot back. I am sitting by the plug, and I am not even plugged in. My computer be acting weird sometimes. The machine just un-selected from my document page for…no reason? I can’t really tell.

The time is 22:02. Fuck. I guess I am going to keep looking for places to live. I keep thinking that if I had a better spot, then I could just go outside and smoke quick, and then come back inside and get a bunch of work done. Also, I need to have room to store shirts and stuff, and just get better organization going on in my life in general.

I just spent a long time looking at CL to no avail. Now I am going to reup on donuts and coffee, and then I am going to write a little bit about…whatever it is I write about. The time is 22:53

I got a glazed twist. Deadly. The time is now 22:58. I have eaten 1/3 of my twist now. The conclusion is that I should just stay in my apartment. In ten months I could make as much as 28k, while only paying 6k for rent. That would leave me with a lot of room to play. If I moved to my Dad’s with that kind of money, we would be talking serious biz. I should already be 5k in the game, but I am months away from that now. But combined with the Good Credit I plan to build, even just saving where I am at until February or March will give me a huge head start. In the mean time…maybe I really should consider renting an office space. Now I am going to surf CL for that…

Last year I actually viewed a couple of offices in the Embarcadero, and now that I work there…I am rethinking renting an office. I think some were as low as $400 a month. And really I think I could actually use the space. If I could find a tiny ass room for $400 I might snag it. Or something bigger for $700, perhaps I could share some of that burden with Kalen. It’s 11:11, make a wish.

Now it’s 23:12. You know the album 2112 by RUSH? Damn good album, that is. So I get the office space before I get the nice apartment. Could be a good time. I am thinking about Paul Kantner at the end of his life, and wondering “did he have a good time.” What do I want out of life? Will getting an office help me get there? Should I consider leaving the city for something better? But then I won’t be able to meet as many people, or make as much money [at a 9-5]. Should I get a second job? I kind of want to do that, but I told myself a long time ago to play the slow game, and from where I stand today, that still seems like the move. Playing the slow game…I am not so good at it by nature, but I need to adapt. I have faith in my abilities.

I am going to pull out my notebook and make a page for all my businesses that I can follow, so I know what I am going to do everyday, and what my goals are, and then I am going to use those sheets to help keep me motivated and figure out where to move.

Now I am thinking about traveling again. I could for instance go back to Vietnam, but anywhere I go, I need to have a very specific list of goals that I will achieve, and I will have a time frame in which I hope to achieve these goals. So I file taxes on Jan 22nd let’s say, and then maybe I get my return back by the end of February? So I could buy ticket to leave for someplace in March and I am pretty sure that would be a safe bet. Last year I was worried about not being back in time for tax season, but I made it. Man, my phone says it is charging rapidly, which means this outlet doesn’t suck like I thought it did. It’s been acting different I thought though, but like…could that typa shit really happen? Do we get more power cuz PG&E shut down half of California?

So if I can save some money… I mean, 2-4k is enough for Vietnam. And then I take off and go there I could spend a quick 8 weeks and just focus on what I need to focus on. It’s tough though, without drinking, because that’s what most people do is go out and drink [so I end up going to bed early a lot of nights]. I could go to Australia and get a work visa? That would be a crazy thing. I am not physically fit to work on a farm, and I can prove that. For now I guess I just keep working, and keep writing this blog, and move to posting on IG everyday with my ventures, and building some written content in other regards…by the time February comes around I could be in a busy schedule kinda mode, and then my only problem will be planning my return to the us. I could fly to my fathers house, that could be a thing. ON Top OF Alll of THISSS though is that I want to remain in a place where I can freely smoke weed and I don’t think I am comfortable enough in Vietnam to live there really…so I am wondering what it would be like to go to Maine or Michigan or something. Detroit could be my spot fam, I feel it right now. Show up there with 5k and some dreams. Make it work for myself. I should just…go, and prepare to do it alone, and execute hella well. If I move, I should move into an area of the US where I can settle into? Yes? Or should I not worry about that? So many options, and everything is so far away. March. I can easily shoot for March. I know. I just gotta work this out for the long haul.

The time is 12:27 now, and I am going to go back to my house and go to bed. After I smoked the last bowl I told myself I was going to come in and work on my WP sites, but it’s kind of frustrating because TSH is stuck on this one page. I am finally finding a use for short hand, the type of shit I see in other ppls writing. I can get down. I get older, and get more impatient…in some ways. More patient in others. So I go home and sleep…and then I wake up and it’s Sunday. I guess I need to just take the day and soak everything in. Things are looking up!

* * *

I am writing to you from a Starbucks Reserve on Beach and Hyde streets in San Francisco. Quite a nice sb if you ask me; maybe the best one I’ve been to in the city. So I sent a couple of emails out last night about houses, and then I got one reply and hit them back today. And just now I sent an email to this girl at my work. She’s important. I also followed my work on ig, and I know I won’t regret that…but I do wonder if there will be any repercussions.

Literally about seven or eight women just walked past me and went into the bathroom behind me. Whoa. Talk about numbers! That was a while ago. I sat on my phone and typed out a huge message to my mom after that happened. The time is now 09:30. Wow, that’s actually the first time I’ve listed the time. I got here at like 08:40 or something like that, so I’ve been here for a while.

Okay. I should dive into my websites and stuff for a bit. I got so much on my plate. Time to feast!

Spark Twain