Starbucks to the Superbowl!

I am writing to you from the same Starbucks Reserve I was at the other day. Tourist vibes af over here, but that’s not the only way I can tell I’m in Fisherman’s Wharf. I also have a map. I like it here though, obviously, I have come back twice in a series of days. I originally went to Trieste, and Mike was working even. Seems that I run into that cat more and more often everyday. Alas, I decided not to stick around because there weren’t any available outlets, and I know that means I won’t get any work done [except for a little backwards writing]. Coming here felt like the move, so that is what I did. When I got here I scoped the area out, and then I sat. The other day I sat at a table near the bathrooms, but today I am near the front door. The outlets are plentiful here, which is how I am able to put faith in taking the bus ride over here. Soon though I will have my own place…in the city…and I am going to be one of those people that works someplace for a while and stays in the same place potentially even longer so that they can get things rolling in their life. I have come to realize that that is the best move for me. Traveling opens so many doors, but when you are in a city like San Francisco the world travels to you. So…here I am. Come and get me.

My scone is kinna wet. I think maybe it’s cuz they were thawing it out? Tastes almost exactly like my moms Christmas cookies. And I mean any day of the week, not just today. Scary. These things [and my moms cookies] can’t be good for me. Powdered sugar and milk. That’s all you gotta know. Some of you knew before I even said anything.

I remember why I took a month off though, every time I sit down to get any work done. It’s kind of like…I don’t get shit done, and I feel like it’s because I don’t have enough free time clumped together on my schedule, but…well…so then I took that month off work. It was a good month and all, but I didn’t get any work done! So obviously I have an issue I need to fix before I take anymore time off. This is one of the reasons I believe moving into the city with long term rental plansnwill be good for me. Even if it isn’t as soon as December 1st [although things are moving !quick!], moving into the city will allow for me much more time to get settled in and get relaxed. I could find a place I consider my home…and I could settle in there. That is so foreign to me, I literally can’t predict how it would change me. I need to change my attitude to a business attitude. I need to change my habits to those that will align with my long term goals. Where does writing this blog fit in? At times like this, I feel I am just writing it to distract from the real work I am supposed to be doing [I have hundreds of pages of this rambling unpublished], which is just writing for other blogs I have. It still feels very different; this blog, and running a blog that is associated with a business do not feel like the same animal. This one never took off…so I feel it isn’t a good idea to replicate what I do here. But it’s so hard! Is that what they call in writing “your voice,” because then it should be as easy as switching personalities…right? Meh. Anyway…I am going to switch to that other stuff now. ASMR. Bongs. SF Tourist Attractions. I have my lil business’ going on. Everybody asks me about Netflix and shit. I haven’t watched TV in such a long time yall. I am out of the loop. The one thing I want to watch but I never manage to catch it is the Packer games. I do know that we are kicking ass though. KICKING ASS!

Spark Twain.

* * *

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