That time I slept on a couch in Riverwest.

Today is going to be Tuesday until the end of the day. I woke up at 03:00 today, and currently the time is 04:58. I went to bed pretty early, at like 19:30 or something. It works out well because then I can come up here to sb and get some work done. I am feeling a little anxious this morning. Sometimes that’s how it goes for me. I could choose to live a little differently. Actually, one of the things I plan to adopt with acquiring my own apartment is a better diet. I need to be preparing more of my own food. I mostly just eat food from my work, and that’s good and all, but it’s not what I want in the long run. I need to work harder in many aspects of my life. It’s crazzyyy how much goes into a well rounded life. I understand why all these ppl choose to live on the streets of San Francisco and lose their minds. Are you happy with life? These ppl are actually doing something about it! That’s how I feel about the homeless problem.

Doesn’t mean I am making the same choices as these homeless folks, I am just saying I understand where they are coming from.

One time, I got drunk with John Kowalske and at the end of the night I had him drop me off in Riverwest. I continued to drink there. At the end of the night I followed some dude I barely knew back to his apartment and fell asleep in his hallway [thanks for letting me in the door, bro]. The police woke me up at about 04:00 am. I sprang to life, lively as ever and told them shit was all good. After they informed me I had a warrant, and literally offered me a free ride to jail which I turned down, I somehow found a couch in an alley that I recognized from a friends house that had just moved out [not a lot of couches outside anyway, to to find a clean one was a miracle]. I fell asleep on this couch using the cushions as a blanket. It was 15 degrees.

To Be Continued…

* * *

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