Bob wore a Donut costume to the party, and no one was surprised

I am writing this to you from Bobs Donuts. I just yawned… probably I am reaching a lifetime donut limit in my mid-twenties, and I am not proud of this, but I am willing to share the information. The time is 23:36 and the day is HALLOWEEN! Do you know what that means? It’s my two year anniversary in the city. I mean, I did leave for five and a half months to go back to Wisconsin, and then I took my trip to Asia. Buttttt then I came right back to the city. I was to late to smoke on the Montgomery Steps, but to my credit, I have been in the same spot from day one back in the city. No hostel surfing for me this time. No hotel my first night back… I did that one stint at Pacific Tradewinds…u know. and that was before David worked there, or I met Bernarda. That was hella back in the day.

I left on my trip to Asia inspired by things that happened to me in this city, and when I came back to the city more grown and evolved, the city took me back in like family and continued to teach me new lessons.

Earlier tonight I learned P-Lo is playing in Oakland, and it’s the place to be. I didn’t go, but I really thought about it. I know two people that are going. One was a tinder date I had, and the other is my friend from work. She told me she was on a dbl date dealio, otherwise I might have gone out to meet her; the girl from my work. seems cool, but I don’t know her well at all.

Bobs is hella smokey right now. It gets like that sometimes.

omg. So I gotta tell you this story about Casey. omg I don’t think I should even tell you. It might be an invasion of his privacy. But it had me cracking up lolol I’m still laughing. Basically though, he fell on a bus once when the driver hit the brakes abruptly, and it they actually had to stop the bus and…omg it was so funny when he told me that shit tonight. Not a good situation, it was. We were riding the 27 from Market Street so I could come to Bob’s, right, and outta nowhere, he was like “Bro, I just remembered this story…” And then he told me some god-damn-gold.

Okay, so I am writing this from my phone. Okay so I am writing this with my thumbs. Ayyy Jack just texted me. Jack from Mac’d. I was thinking about doing some exploring of abandoned pieces of society with him. He’s telling me about some good spots…I can see. I haven’t opened the messages yet. But, as I was saying, I am writing this to you from my phone, and it’s not as efficient as the whole computer set-up, so I am going to keep it short today. I guess I wanted to talk about how I am a little stressed, about missing my opportunity to talk to this girl Chelsea I have been slowly meeting. I should be telling you about how I am messaging her on IG right now, but instead I am forced to tell you about how I have to wait until next time. It’s my fault. Ball was in my court, and I pretty much just passed it back. There are many things I should address. It sucks how much I have to work on this transparency thing. Even when I am free to write because I have my computer, I leave a lot out, even in my unpublished writing. some of it is lost to time, because my memory sucks. and that’s one of the reasons I started blogging! So I could remember IT ALL. Gotta keep that in mind. But that’s toodaloo for now! PEACE @00:01 11/1/19

–  SparkTwain

* * *

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