Starbucks has officially kicked off Christmas Season! The time is 03:45 and I am writing to you from mbsb. What did I call it yesterday? Lol. Today it is the Montgomery Block Starbucks. I just went and told the lady at the counter, whom I see often enough, some of the facts I learned about The Block. I can’t tell if she cared to hear it or not, but that’s just me. I can’t really read peoples emotions.

OMG The time is 03:53 now. I just got mega sucked into ig way to early in the day. I drink coffee, and then I proceed to play on my phone. Not the move. Instead, I should be writing something productive. Meh. It’s so hard to maintain consistency in that aspect.

I actually forgot my keys and wallet at my house this morning, which is pretty weak. I now need to wait until 06:00 am to get into work. I should’ve just called in sick and done this, sitting and writing from mbsb, all day. Nah. I actually have quite a bit of money I need to make. I paid off my immediate debt, but there is much more to tackle. I’m still kicking myself in the ass for taking that month off work. I should have been paid off my oldoldold debts with that money, but instead I still have that hurdle to overcome. Ugh. It’s like…I am disappointed in myself, and that should be a feeling that evaporated with my alcohol usage. What is the diagnosis, then?

I am hella lazy

I am the kind of person that squanders a perfectly good existence

I am so in love with being me, I forget I will be a different me, soon

Always, soon

I really should buy a Santa hat to wear at work.

So there is this girl that comes into my work, and she is very formal. It’s definitely different than what I am used to. I might have already written about this person…in fact I am sure I have, but I am unsure if it made it to this blog. That was within the last week. I went to do a little investigating, but I couldn’t reread that shit again. It’s tough enough to get through editing. Maybe someday far, far down the road I will get down with my own writing. Anyway…I am wondering what my future will be like. I really want to be single, but you know what? I feel bad because I know I will be breaking some hearts, forsure. When I meet a woman I really am attracted to, and she tells me she just wants to be single…I change her mind lol. But I can’t foresee a girl doing that to me right now. I might get crushes on different people, and I might even spend a significant amount of time with the same person [I don’t currently, but it ebbs and flows], however I strongly believe it would be a poor decision for me to become involved in another serious relationship. I just did two long term relationships back-to-back and I am feeling like fuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I need to build some sustainable income sources and let the rest follow. Getting into a relationship has not proved to work in conjunction with that. It’s how ya feel.

The time is 04:21 in the morning. I will stay here until probably 05:45 today, since I don’t have any keys. I am going to eat something now…that is my move. And then…I really just want to play around on the internet instead of doing anything productive. Also, I want to post this before I leave today, so every word I write is a word I will have to edit soon. Hmm. Idk what I am going to do. I don’t even know what I am going to eat! But I am going to fetch it eitherway.

Ew. I ordered yogurt. It said on the thing that it was vanilla yogurt, but I didn’t think it would taste like this. Kind of like frosting lol. Damn! They used to have that acai bowl here, and honestly it was the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning. I have been considering all morning writing to corporate about trying to bring that thing back. Without it, I feel like there are only sugar filled options. This thing I am chomping on has 17g of added sugar, with 26g in total. That’s craycray. It’s 25% of my daily value.

My guy Andre just came in for a quick second, and we smoked a bowl outside. Now I am back, and the time is 04:45. Now I am talking to my Dad through text. We are learning about buying a house together lol. Or…something like that. 04:53. I am not going to get shit done today. Also, I am eating a scone! One of the mini ones, but still…so much sugar. But I really am going to finish this. Soon though…I gotta cut the sugar.

Doppio. Vanilla Yogurt. Tiny Scone. I am rollin you guys! Can you picture me rollin? I am going to write in my little book again. I am trying to keep track of how much money I have, but it’s a very veryy loose thing lol.

I found my keys! And my wallet. Which means I am going to work on time! First…I will try and edit this. Work in twenty!

Spark Twain

* * *

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