Hyde and Beach

The time is 05:42 in the morning and I am writing to you from the Starbucks on Hyde. Technically the address is on Beach street, but I like Hyde St so much better. I’d love to live on Hyde. Love it. I’ve said that before and had folks ask: “won’t you be bothered by the cable cars?” Honestly I don’t know until I try it out, but I am thinking I would not be bothered. I want to live on Hyde because of the cable cars. I can just sit on my steps and blow loud in front of the tourists? Hell yeah, that is what I want lol.

I am having The Superhero Bowl from Starbucks. Hmm. It says greenheartfoods.com on the package, and it also says “handmade in San Francisco…” which is hecka cool. I love San Francisco. Alike any love, emotions can get heated at times, but truly, and deep down, I love her. Is SF a her? Kalen and I were talking about this the other day, and we decided that since it’s named after St Francis, it doesn’t make since to refer to The City using feminine pronouns BUT just as I was contriving this paragraph I remembered that before it was San Francisco it was Yerba Buena, and so I have sent Kalen a message to find out is that is a male or female word. I will keep you updated [he said female, basically]. We are deep into this paragraph now. Recently I have been inserting more breaks into my work because I know that is it good for readability. Today however, I am feeling old skool. What I intended to talk about when I began this paragraph was my continuing effort to learn about homogenized breakfast items. I told one of the girls at my work some of the discoveries I have made regarding the quality of various breakfast items, and that…I literally just stopped writing in the middle of that sentence and got sucked into Instagram, and then I got sucked into Google Guide, and then I got up and took a 360 photo in the middle of this Starbucks and now I have sat back down and realized that my attention span is that of a Goldfish. I am not disappointed in this, infact, I desire instead of change, to learn and live with how I am. I already love myself, but it’s an ever changing affection. I am kind of forgetful, and my attention span is meh. I just got sucked back into my phone for a little bit. The time is 06:20. I have only drank half of my espresso but it got me sweaty af already lol. It’s gotta be the coffee right? Hmm. Imma go smoke a bowl just in case. The time is 06:28 and I am back inside. It’s chilly af out there. I am right by the water, and that might make a difference. Hmm. So I might not finish this coffee. When I got here I was feeling really good about things. Apparently ordering that doppio was a mistake. Idk though. I gotta get ahold of my situation. High anxiety plagues my life and it’s like…I ain’t trying to have that shit. I don’t even understand it. I don’t feel like my anxiety is actually all that incredible high, so I can only imagine what other are going through…

As I grow older I observe my father and I have committed firmly to the belief that he is a hella anxious person. My father is the reason I went to India. He talked about it my whole life, and what did I do? I fucking flew there for my first time outside of the country! Why, however, would it be that he does not do something similar, when it is clear to me that he wants to travel abroad also? I conclude only upon anxiety. I mean we share the same blood, and my palms are sweaty right now! I am sure he has similar anxiety issues. We deal. I deal. I don’t know what my sister or my brother think about the situation, but I would love to learn, and thusly I probably will in the future. The time is now 06:44. I haven’t gotten diddly done this morning. It’s time I change that.

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Holy shittlesticks the time is 09:17 and I am still sitting in the same spot at Starbucks, BUT NOW I have this to show for my time spent here! Cooooool. I am really happy about that. Now…what do I do with the rest of my day? Have I mentioned that it’s November 10th? Probably not. Well, it is! My shoulder hurts a little bit. Meh. Also, I kind of lost my infatuation with finding a new place to live, otherwise it would be a good day to do some research! I hella need to save up some doe. I have a close friend I should follow suit with on that. All in good time. Hmm. Now it’s like…do I edit this when I realllllllly dont feel like it. Actually it’s only 1 page. It’s so little work. So I’ll post this, and then get outta here and head to the food! Peace!

Spark Twain

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