I listened to a little La Luz on my way here this morning. In my head, I have decided it is a good decision to wake up at 03:00 all week. Showing up is half the battle, right? So I am awake, prepared, and centrally located. “Cecelia you’re breaking my heart” just came on the mix. Oooo and they have the air on. My guy Andre told me about it once, and since I periodically feel the air. Today I really feel it. The time is 03:41 and I haven’t ordered coffee, or anything for that matter. I think I am going to ride the day out with no coffee. What if I come here all week and manage to skip getting caffeinated all week? How do you think I’ll feel next Monday if I go all week and weekend without any caffeine? I am dying to know, and so I gotta push that envelope. Let us pray I don’t go postal.

I published an ASMR article yesterday, and I was thinking I should tackle a similar task this morning, but…well I sat down and started writing this. So far I haven’t wasted too much time…but this could easily turn into a full-on ramble. Better nix this shit before it gets too hot to handle.

Well the internet at Starbucks is failing me, and then that sent me into a downward spiral of hating the world, and well, now I am back to writing this. I am so upset right now…it feels very unfair. Whats going on in my brain? I’d rather just be in a good mood. It sucks to wake up at 03:00 and then what little you do have falls to bits. Honestly it’s probably this computer. Sometimes I think it has a bad network adapter. Either way…I didn’t have a plan, I was just going to open up wp and try and post something minimal to my asmr site. Minimal. So when the internet wasn’t working for me I decided I wasn’t going to turn my hotspot on just for that because I didn’t know what I wanted to accomplish and that would mean I am on track to waste my internet. I just sent my father a long message about how Verizon is failing us as a phone provider. Maybe things are different out where he is in Florida, but here in California I have found Verizon to pretty much fail me universally. It’s always hella slow, and interfacing with the company is not intuitive. The app is bad/the in-store experience is bad. Idk. My father pays for this shit, and idek know why. OF course I am riding the wave, but if I had a kid I wouldn’t pay for their phone this far into the game. All I do is bitch? Like wtf.

I wonder if this is going to turn into a shitty day. Is this because I haven’t had any coffee? oml that would be the dumbass shit my body be doing to me. Damned it I drink it, damned if I don’t.

In this moment, I am thinking about leaving San Francisco and going to work in another hostel. What do you think? At first I was just thinking of going to LA, because, well, I don’t plan to give up smoking weed. I quickly jumped to the thought of going to Lisbon, Portugal however because I follow this hostel We Fucking Love Tourists on ig, and, well, judging by the pictures I see I think that would be a really cool place to work. Hmph. Only time will tell. I am not convinced that that is the move for me. However, I know I either need to get a new spot in the city, or leave the city. I’ve got the two options. lol Actually it turns out the name of the hostel is We Love Fucking Tourists.

I have this weird pain in my chest, not deep though. Maybe a muscle thing. Idk. I’ve always got fucking weird aches and pains nowadays. I need to take the rest of my life off asap. I feel like waking up at 03:00 is a good way to kick-start things. Hmm. I certainly feel different today [by the time I am editing this at 05:00 though, I feel pretty good]. I think today would have been one of those day where I drank an espresso and then it was still a good day. Do I really want to chance it though? No. It’s so easy for me to make dumb choices…and drinking coffee would be a dumb choice for me. Hmm. I am going to run outside quick and then pop back in, edit this bad boy, and then probably hit the road to work. After work? Could be anything; gonna stick to this schedule though. Gonna be a boring.ass.week lol. The time is 04:36 on 11/11/19. Lucky Day, perhaps?

Spark Twain

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