The time is 04:01, and I am on the Montgomery Block again, doin the ole’ writer thing. Actually, I am not doing the “ole” writer thing, because I am not drinking coffee. Or smoking cigarettes! But everytime I leave the country I go back to smoking cigarettes. hella no good. Who are the writers that didn’t consume coffee and cigarettes? Are there any?

I had a long conversation with Dre this morning about his progress learning coding. I can’t tell you much about it, but just know that I am excited for him. As my weakness, I got rather intense with him on the subject. I am pretty serious in the face of success. Mostly because I do a lot of failing, so when I see people doing what I have done, I let them know it could lead to failure.

Day two is practically in the books! I didn’t order coffee! Woohoo! I really feel good about this situation. I had a great Monday! and there is no reason that shouldn’t chug along right into Tuesday. I suppose the next thing I will do is cut out processed sugars from my diet…and that might be the final move I need to make for a long time. I feel pretty good about where I am at, in regards to how I treat my body. I have goals which I keep setting, and then keep achieving. What more could I asks for? They say you’ve got to break yourself down before you can build yourself back up, and baby, I’m coming up!

The time is 04:20. If that was the date I would have collected my free Starbucks drink, since that is Spark Twain’s birthday. Part of me wants to try and show up and write at 03:30 everyday until then. It’s obviously a fruitless venture, and I think it might cause more harm than good. I won’t do it, and this is simply because I know I consistently, never, set and achieve those types of feats. I didn’t go to Uni, y’all, so I don’t possess any discipline. Remember that sh!t next time your mom is nagging you about going to college.

04:27. The minutes tick. I sit. Sometimes I wonder if I should write poems. Sometimes I just, do. But with my mouth more than my fingers. The date is 11/12/19 now, and so the magic day is over. I met someone new yesterday, practically right outside my house. She told me to vote and we added each other on ig. Welcome to 2019. I like it here. Parked my spaceship. Haven’t left yet!

The time is 04:44. I went outside and have returned now. They turned the lights up, I can tell. There is also a new guy sitting next to me. I have seen him in here before [so he ain’t that new, but this is only the second time I’ve seen him]. He is talking to himself quite a bit, but it ain’t bothering me none. Work is soon to come for me…the day. It’s here! I actually woke up hella early and was just l a y i n g in bed half awake for several hours. It was semi-restful. I slept about 5.5 hours before that howevver, so I’m juiced.

Holy shit I should be editing this, but instead I am looking at flights to nyc for February. Dangerous….

Spark Twain

* * *

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