The time is 18:48 and I am writing to you from Barbary Coast. Casey pointed out that the last time he was in the lounge was when we did his taxes. I wonder if I did any writing then? I feel like I did do a little bit of writing after he left. This place is hella chill. As far as smoking lounges in the city, this place is the spizzot. Ain’t no lying about it. Red walls + they have a good texture.

To touch on the post I put out earlier, I want to make it clear for people who are sitting in a really bad spot in life, that I hear their problems loud and clear, and I think they should start indulging in the words I say and take on a way-more-serious stance when attacking life. I sit in a weed shop like I’m in fucking Amsterdam, writing a modern day blog and I am telling you I used to drink hella liquor. Like, I would wake up and I would start drinking immediately. I remember my friend Matt told me, that if I ever woke up and felt the need to drink immediately, that is when I would know I was an alcoholic. And that exact shit happened to me. Exactly like that.

So that shit went on for years. That shit went on for a short four years, and actually when I think about it, I only know that Matt told me those words before they came to fruition because it has always been so in my memory; but most things? Blurred. so I had problems before the age of 21, which I will get into as time goes on. The years before my alcohol consumption is where many of the good stories come from, but the years I studied alcohol taught me great the lessons of life. I walk on twigs.

The time is 19:02. I should really get going and go to bed. I think my buzzer is going to go off soon. I also just need to hit the hay cuz I am trying to wake up at 03:00. It’s easy, but at moments like this it is hard. I think I will take my leave.


* * *

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