The time is 03:37 and I am writing to you from mbsb again. Whew! Back on track. Although…this will fuck my weekend up in new and interesting ways. When I wake up at 03:00 on the weekends the only thing I can do is go to Happy Donuts, or Bob’s Donuts, or any of the other 24 hour doughnut shops in the city. It is true that I could also step inside of Pinecrest, or Lori’s, but I have walked that line before and it leads to four walls with zero outlets. At least at Pinecrest. Lori’s has one plug, but it was a weird situation the one time I did write from there [I have eaten there maybe 3 times]. It was the night I tried to stay at the Dakota Hotel; stood negotiating for two nights at the price of one until they told me to leave. The girl who argued against it at the counter…I forget her name. She ended up being a sensible person at the end of the everything. Sometimes hostel employees are hella abrasive, but honestly, it’s the work environment. Have you ever worked at a 24hr establishment in the Village?

I don’t return there anymore. I don’t know if I will do much hosteling in San Francisco anymore. but, actually, as long as I keep my Wisconsin ID I am able. If you have an ID from the Bay Area they won’t let you stay at a hostel [probably], and that is because they lose out on tax benefits if they let a local stay there.

I want to do something funky with my hair, but idk what yet.

Right now, I am going to go order some Starbucks. The last time I was here I didn’t even order anything, it was crazy! Well, I’ve done that before, but not at this hour.

Into the bathroom to pick my nose for a bit, followed by the ordering of some overnight oats. Now I am back seated. Remember a couple months how I was talking about buying a laptop, but never did? Holy shit you guys, the time is coming again! Black Friday! Cyber Monday! The holidays…I love the holidays, just a little fyi. So definitely invite me over for Thanksgiving, and also invite me to the Christmas party.

Where to acquire this next laptop from? That I the question…I was looking into financing something a couple months ago, but now I am back to the mindstate of getting something cheap, and simply getting the job done. The time is exactly 04:00 now. I woke up at like 01:30 today, can’t even lie about it. Left my house about 02:50 and cheifed a little on the steps, then walked to Happy Donuts where I talked to some folks for a while and caught up with Moony. So, I’ve been up for a while already, and when I leave work today I will have been up for more than 12 hours. I am at risk of ending up with a totally fucked sleeping schedule. Alas, I will press on with how things are.

What I really need is a motorcycle then boom I can get around sf no problemo and it’s cheap and damn I really wish I had rented a motorcycle while I was in Asia. For some reason I was scared? You know, my shoulder is all fucked up from a regular-ass bicycle, so maybe I’m a bit shell-shocked in that regard. Here I sit though, writing about the cycle I can’t drive, not only because I didn’t test it out in Asia, but also because I don’t have a regular-ass license. [If I had tried it and I was good, I would probably just whip it around sf with no license]

I had some work to do with sorting the renewal of my domains, but I just did it! Woohoo! Another thing off the list. I also need to make a review video for my Spark Twain merch from Amazon. I have been wearing the sweatshirt everyday for months, so I know I am qualified to review it. I have only ordered the sweatshirt, none of the regular shirts, but I can at least review what I have. Should be good. The time is 04:16. Imma step outside quick.

The time is 04:34 now. Work is soon to come. Might as well edit this, and then I’ll just play around on my phone until bidnis.

Spark Twain

* * *

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