The time is 08:48 and I am writing to you from the Starbucks at 442 Geary St in San Francisco. A bad bitch just left the building. Migos on the speakerrr@#$ I am digging this location. Whoa, now it’s a lady singing. Idk who this is. I could of course Shazam the song. Yall remember when Shazam came out? It was a while ago. Shazam was the app that unlocked my brain to the power of these smartphones. It was just a phone…until someone decided to use the microphone for an unintended purpose.


Shazam was not an easy project, surely. If One is the first to clarify an idea, they are be no means guaranteed success. I come up with brilliant, out-of-the-box ideas all the time, but most of them I can not put into action. Whoever created up Shazam either knew how to talk to computers, of found/contracted someone that has that skill. We’re talking about a coding here; we’re talking about a coder. 


There are some advertisements playing at this Starbucks on the radio right now. It’s a commercial for AMEX. I quite would enjoy myself an Amex card. Anyone who works a cash-register in San Francisco is familiar with those heavy, metal American Express cards. 


We have moved onto a great song. Love Like This, by Faith Evans. I did Shazam this one.


It will not become of me to frequent this Starbucks. One, the location is too crazy right now. There is a homeless guy chillin at the table next to me. He bought something, so he can remain. Doesn’t change him from being kinna grimey, and overall, especially in The Village, I find the homeless folks have, generally, bad intentions. Go to 1899 Union, or 685 Beach and you won’t deal with any of this. Nothing wrong with the guy next to me; aint a vibe killer, he’s just chillin. he might smell a little. All I’m saying is: if he chooses to come to this Starbucks, I will choose different.


Gimmie That, by Chris Brown is spouting from the heavens now. I wish this was the version with Lil Wayne, but it isn’t. Wayne has two verses in that one, and he would have spat that first by now.


When I left my house this morning, I was going to to the usual thing and head to 685 Beach and charge my new headphones while I worked on more asmr.community stuff. Instead? I came downtown. For some reason I decided to ‘try a new Starbucks.’ Not a great plan. I probably should have just gone to Beach street lol. No matter though. I will just continue @#$OHHHI came down this way because when the stores open I am going to do some shoe shopping. So much stuff on my plate these days!; and still it is not enough. 


I desperately need to publish some new asmr writings. I have written two articles but I haven’t published them yet…everything in due time, so I can get it right the first time. The aforementioned homeless man has slyly slid into a slumber. I am going to hit the road, and wake him up on my way out.

Spark Twain

* * *

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