Starbucks Reserve One

I am writing to you from Starbucks Reserve on Chestnut St in San Francisco. The time is 16:17 on Jay Z’s birthday. I have long said that I quote Jay Z more than anybody else, and I see this remaining true into the future. He is back on Spotify as of today, and I am just so happy about this! I was listening to In My Lifetime Vol. 1 on the way over here. I left work a little early today because my stomach was not on 100%, but we’re talking about twenty minutes early. All that happened was I went home and dropped a deuce. Shorty after Casey texted me, and we made an immediate appointment to meet in Gold alleyway. 


I have spilt water all over my keyboard. They give you a sparkling water with every espresso at Starbucks Reserve, but the dude got a lil splashy with mine. This place is so ginkcuf nice [did you guys know I can write backwards? I figured it out like 5 or 6 years ago. It’s a fun party trick. Often I will write in my journal using this backwards fashion. I got the idea to try such an obscurity from Leanardo DiVinci]. Seriously, this might be the nicest coffee shop I have been to in the USA. So far so good with the water [and it being on my keyboard]. I wonder if I have geek squad protection on this keyboard… If I don’t, I made a mistake, because anything could happen to this keyboard. This is a ginkcuf ramble forsure! Reminds me of Seattle. Oh yeah! I forgot to say: I have never thought much about Starbucks Reserve because there was one right by my house [the hostel] in Seattle, but today I learned that there are only two Starbucks Reserve locations in the United States. I wonder if there are any in the rest of the world? [I learned there is] Probably. Whoa. This espresso got me feeling some type of way. I need to embrace this rush! AHHHH


The time is 16:35. My palms are sweaty, most certainly a side effect of the espresso I consumed. This coffee shop reminds me of Factory 43 in Vietnam. That coffee shop is immaculate. They have good brownies. I would roast up a phatty of that cambodian sativa, and then walk over to Factory 43 Coffee, buy only a brownie, and sit down and write for a couple of hours. Until I got too anxious. Coffee makes me sweaty and anxious, but I continue to consume it. Right now I’m all mnxzopgar [that’s just gibberish], but you know…I’m playing it cool. What did I come here for? I suppose I was thinking I should write about some asmr because that is what I do these days. I have been posting a Video Of The Day blog post everyday this week. Not a lot of people are liking my ig posts, but it’s only week one! Plus! asmrctica has been showing me love since day one, and that I really appreciate. It’s very motivational to have one of the people you have written about turn into a supporter. Potentially even a reader. I never can tell. [I don’t have the analytics set up, but when I did for HeartOfZeus it was discouraging to find that most of my visitors were actually spam.] It’s better if I just focus on writing, for now anyway, instead of wondering who is coming to view the writing.


This espresso is kicking my ass. When I come to Starbucks and get an espresso it is normally a pretty mild experience, but this is some of that Microblend No. 21


The time is 16:49. I do not know what I am going to do from here. Perhaps I will keep coming back here…and play around with the coffee drinks. The nice lady here just informed me that this place has only been open for one year! Cool! So it wasn’t here when I worked at MAC’D [it was a normal Starbucks], and it means that when I went to Starbucks Reserve in Seattle, it was the only one in the world. I didn’t go there often. I don’t even think I ever wrote a word from inside the building. I don’t think…. However, one of the coolest and most chill coffee shops I have ever been to is right across the street from that Reserve, maybe down the road a little…closer to The Tortoise, if I’m not mistaken. That awesome coffee shop is called Ancient Grounds. It was my great pleasure to write several pieces from there, albeit I don’t recall the contents. 


I have chilled a little now. At first though, that espresso was kicking my asssss hardcore, but now that I’ve…settled into the high…I feel good. lol. That’s literal [because coffee is a drug, get it?]. It always takes me a while to settle in and get comfortable. Also gotta be careful not to overdo it, but that comes with time. Failing to settle in or overdoing it can easily be the downfall of a whole day.


Sitting here, I remain. 

Stuck, perhaps I am.

Strong espresso.

I am hungry, but I don’t want to eat Starbucks food again. I was going to get a blueberry muffin and use some of my accumulated stars from the Starbucks app to cop the thing for free, but the nice lady informed me they do not accept the stars at this location. I decided to just get the espresso. It was quite the experience, as the espresso is different and much superior to that of a normal Starbucks. 

Fast forward about an hour, now at 17:05, and here I sit, thinking of food. I don’t want to leave this place, but I will have to. What, am I going to sit here until 20:00 when they close?>!? That would be like whoa; doing too much. My left foot is tingly. What does that mean? lol. and let’s not even talk about how bad my posture is. 


*    *    *


The time is 16:25, and I am again writing to you from Starbucks Reserve on Chestnut street. This place has the best espresso in the world, I am convinced. It has to be! What other goal, or purpose, could there be left in the world of coffee for Starbucks? Seriously. I just got a little lost in the history of Starbucks on Wikipedia


The company opened in 1971. Three students at the University of San Francisco were inspired by a guy named Alfred Peet [a coffee roaster and entrepreneur in Berkeley], and decided to go to Seattle and open their own coffee shop. They wanted a powerful name, and apparently decided words that start with ‘st’ sound powerful. They landed on Starbo at first, and I guess that developed into Starbuck after they continued to brainstorm, and eventually one of them remembered ‘that one time’ they read Moby Dick.


Some of you are like “Is Alfred Peet…?” and the answer is Yes, Alfred Peet is the guy who started Peets [another popular coffee shop], and in fact for the first year they were open, Starbucks bought green coffee beans from Alfred Peet! Whoa! That blew my mind when I read it. Only because I live in San Francisco though. There are a lot of Peets here. Starbucks sets the precedent for the Modern Day Coffee Shop however. Online it says they represent the “second wave coffee movement,’ which was a dark roast movement. Now we have moved onto more curated, fine tastes, with the “third wave coffee movement” That means lighter roasts, and complex/handcrafted brewing methods. Starbucks reserve is a third wave shop. and like I said. It’s the best one in the world. Or at least…the coffee is as good as Factory 43. For me, Factory 43 Coffee in Vietnam sets the precedent. Did I say that already?


Remember when I used to pump out those thirty page rambles? I have gotten very little feedback on my writing, at least relative to how much I have produced. Those rambles could literally be unreadable, or they could be fairly amusing. I will wait and see how popular this blog gets. The real problem these days in getting folks to go back in time. When’s the last time you scrolled to the bottom of someone’s instagram? [and now picture my blog! lawlz!]I do that from time to time, but mostly not. I feel like most ppl are the same way. I got hella posts. The goal is that my blog keeps people interested and reading for prolonged amounts of time, and then, eventually, people will naturally become interested in other aspects of my life.


A little research on me and you’d find out I’ve always been cooler than a wet cucumber.


The time is 17:07. The espresso didn’t kick my ass today, which I am glad about. I consumed it slow. I am thinking about diving into a pastry as well. It’s a shame I can’t use my stars to redeem free items at Starbucks Reserve, but I can still build points by paying with the app!, and that is ginkcuf awesome. Have I talked in the past about how it would be [more than] cool to be the Resident Blogger for Starbucks? Just fly around the world, courtesy of Starbucks, and write about the different locations and employees you meet. I would never qualify for that job. My writing is too vulgar, and I am always stoned lol. I have been smoking weed everyday since I was 19, except for that time I went to jail, and that time I went to India. Word is bond. 


Damn that espresso was so good. The time is 17:16 and I just finished the last, cold, drop. Now I’m just sitting here letting the minutes tick away while I think about…nothing. I am thinking about stuff, but it’s just a little of this, and a little of that. I should be writing about asmr, in all actuality. I know that that is what the weekend brings for me, and I have been thinking about it actually… If I were to get…say…100, Video Of The Day articles written up ahead of time, I could be posting those articles everyday, and still have time for so much more! That is where I need to get to. That’s a goal, right? Prepare articles for the next six months. That’s my goal right now. I know I said 100 days at first, but I’m all about Go Big or Go Home. I need to pump out articles until I have six months worth. Ready. Set…


That’s work!, and I don’t want to go to work right now. The time is 17:27. The time is 17:30. I’m just sitting here. I might as well edit this before it gets out of hand.

Spark Twain

* * *

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