this song has no title

Tonight it is impossible to say what is on my mind,  because it’s bigger than my body. I feel it in my fingertips, but I can’t feel it with my finger tips.


Don’t we all want it soon?

I want nothing different I am just like you. I eat my cereal with a spoon and I get shot at on Milwaukee afternoons.

I see my guy Zamiro and we smokin the loud.

I see my girl at the top and I’m walking her down.
We can climb back up together, obviously, I just came to surprise you though


Some people tell me that I am the crazy one, and they are going to tell you you’re the crazy one now.

The only thing that’s crazy is to die without living. To love without compassion. To evolve not. When the turtle sees me, she does not enter her shell.

Can you say the same?

Spark Twain