Grande Green Tea Oat Milk Matcha Latte ii

Welcome to Grande Green Tea Oat Milk Matcha Latte no.2, and I just love the way that rolls off the tongue. Many people, especially those close to me, might think I am making fun of your ‘typical’ Starbucks girl. This is not true. On the contrary, it may be that I meet my wife at a Starbucks lol. Everybody knows that beautiful women frequent Starbucks. They slanging sugar. I’m slangin words. What chu got? 


The lady plugged me on a really big espresso this morning. Today, I write to you from behind the Matcha Mask. Which starbucks am I at? The world will only know if I privy them to that information. It has recently occurred to me that, as I continue to put words out into the ether, I am more likely to accumulate stalkers than I am casual readers. I would be an easy one to stalk, I think. But hard to kill, and ever harder to swallow. 


I would never make fun of people’s personalized drinks from Starbucks. On the contrary, I believe the grande-green-tea-oat-milk-matcha-latte phenomenon [which would have happened eventually with, or without the corporation of Starbucks] is what draws a distinct fucking line between us and the beasts of burden. If you think Starbucks ladies are basic bitches…just try accepting one into your life, and I bet you will suddenly have more money and better financial management skills. Just try this one for me, please.


What about the long run though? Won’t this degrade the quality of humanity by consuming so much processed sugar? Well, I am hoping that instead of processed sugars making us all stupider, our bodies evolve to use “added sugar” as some-sort of hyper-fuel so we can keep up with the inevitable robots. 


The time is 07:50, somewhere in that great City By The Bay. Now it’s 07:51. I got to this Starbucks right after it opened, and so I’ve been here over two hours at this point. The urge to build my ego has become overwhelming, and I will give into the urge soon. I need to record more review videos, and I don’t know how I ended up the man for the job, but I am. AKSDGFER I am going to call Kalen. He probably won’t have much for me. But I am moving in so many directions at once, I need to find a way to chill. I will continue this soon. and I am supposed to be writing asmr articles!


So Kalen didn’t answer. Now what! I am sitting here like whoa. I need to just write a couple of articles and move on. I also want to film some more review videos, and I need to find out how to make sure I can monetize them. Thirdly must start attending more events, so I can build my Spark Twain persona. I would love to host some televised cannabis events in the future. 


Those are all the things? I think. Maybe there are more things. I am a little cold in sb right now, but I think it’s coming from within lol. Gonna take a leak and throw the hoodie on. brb. 08:01.


*    *    *


Whoa. Doin the time warp like Rocky Horror Picture Show. The time is 17:48 the next day. I don’t know what I did immediately after I took that leak, but I ended up talking to my father on the phone for three hours. So, that took up most of my Sunday. I eventually went on to write another asmr of the day article, but I don’t think I will do it again tonight. Eventually I would like to bring the community a video of the day, everyday… but I feel so obligated to write a blog post with each offering, and I just cant dedicate the time for that right now. 


I’m drinking milk. The red one, which is Vitamin D milk. HA;; and I am watching on the news [I love coming into Bob’s at 18:00 and catching the news with Gary], and the mayor of Fairfax is talking about how the public works department painted a white line on the shoulder of an old road, and this was to make the road look thinner so traffic would be more careful?…but it kind of looks like a one way street now, even though it’s not plus, the fucking mayor lives on the road, and the public works department didn’t notify her before they did this! Awesome! I bet they are sitting right now like fuuuuuu, cuz they made the local news lolol. Ohhh and there’s a hazmat suit situation in Emeryville. They said there could be some water contamination? But it was a short segment, they didn’t seem that worried.


I decided to come out because I wanted to get some work done, and you know what? I really just feel like writing a bit for my Spark Twain stuff. I wish I would have been posting last year, while I was working at MAC’D, but I wasn’t. I have lottss of writing built up from that, but I have to edit a lot of it too. There are some things I will have to delete forever, like when I wondering aloud if ******* 


but then, as he was writing, someone said the word “Wisconsin.”

I just met a woman named bernadette, one of 15 owners of Stud, a gay bar on 9th and Harrison. She said I should swing by and give her a visit. So I am definitely going to do that. We met because…well we met because The News was talking about how the student enrollment in a certain school in Palo Alto dropped 60% this year because the housing prices have jetted so high, and then the kid behind the counter at Bob’s was like “this is why I want to move to Wisconsin,” and I was like “I’m from Wisconsin, why do you want to go there?” and he said “ I want to be one of those people who pick up dead bodies. You get paid for every dead body you pick up. They give you like $100 per body. Milwaukee has the most. Chicago has the second most.” and I was like “Wow man, I’m from Milwaukee,” and then before he could say anything, a women in a motorcycle outfit turned to me and asked “You’re from Milwaukee? I went to college there.” The rest you will have to wait until the book to find out. That bit will make for a good story. I have so many good stories. So many I have forgotten… as is life. Anyway. Guess I’mma go to STUD first and Mecca second. 


The time is 18:19 on December 9th, and I am writing to you from Bob’s Donuts. My feet kind of hurt, and I am feeling quite out of it. I need to get back in the zone. I used to work at a place in the zone. Now I am full of sugar sitting on Polk street thinkin about how I should have just gone straight home. I can wake up at 03:00 and do my lil writing in the morning. Casey leaves next week to go home, on Wednesday, so I’ll be on my lonesome thru and after Christmas. I don’t know what I will do. I wish I had a nice lady to chill with, but I am too picky to just pull one out of the crowd before then. I gotta meet the right person, I can’t be fake about that shit. Sometimes wish I could be. 


Spark Twain


* * *

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