Cashmere Thought

I gotta turnt this shit called life uppp. It’s December 22nd. Several people I know have their last day of work today.

Boy oh boy…I thought it would be as easy as getting a blog, becoming the best communicator, and telling you my story. The story is still in session! but that’s not the only reason I am having a problem telling it. There is just so much to say. When one writes a book…they have the opportunity to do a better thing than I am doing with this blog, and for that reason I know my first book is coming soon. My life feels like it doesn’t fit me right now. I am much bigger than my body is giving me credit for, yet I appear smaller than the work I put in, at least these days. Soon things will equalize. I spend so much time thinking about women! and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t like it. Just ran across this red-headed vegan girl on ig. She took a photo outside Trieste and so I just followed that back to her profile, and within seconds I get that whiff of youth; something I missed, drinking, drinking away the days and nights. I learned a lot…but not about the same things as everyone else. Sure, my money is going to be right, but will I live to slide around LA with a lover, cloaked by the innocent guise of youth? Probably not. Eh. Maybe, actually. Have you ever heard of Neil Cassidy? lol [and let’s get real, I’m only 27].

I am thinking of wrapping things up here and walking to Starbucks…yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do. AND when I get there I am going to publish this and then do some more writing and then do some more publishing. I’m a little nervous. I write about so many girls…I am starting to worry i’m going to end up fucking up the possiblity of love with my lust-spam. Nevertheless, I must do what I must do. I walk like a pimp, talk like a mac. I’m not sorry. 

Spark Twain

P.S. the time is 5:22 in the morning and I am writing this to you via talk-to-text in the break room of my work. It is the day before Christmas Eve. I meant to post this, and I do not know how I failed. None the less you receive it today. And I have the next 6 days off work so expect to receive a lot more. I am realizing how important it is to publish my writing, rather than simply writing a lot. That’s 2020 vision.

* * *

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