The time is 03:43 and I am writing to you from MBSB. I have started a new document because I have either 7, or 9 full articles to edit [two of them are untitled, so they could be blank. I didn’t open them, otherwise it bumps them to the top of the list, and I like my list in the order which it is], and so to be, even be as crude as, continuing the one from yesterday would be wrapping myself up into more work than I could manage [for thiz morning]. The day is December 30th. 


I am going to go stand outside the Chase Center tonight and, I think, get miracled into my first Dead and Company show. Pretty excited about that. Tomorrow my work closes early, but it won’t affect my schedule. It is also the last day of the year. I might go try and get miracled into the Dead and Co show that night also, but chances are I’ll film a video in North Beach instead. 


The holiday are officially over! I never called my mom. I really should. I’m thinking about you Mom! But I’m focused more on being able to go to Cancun with you, and stuff, which means I’m thinking, like, five years down the road. I don’t feel rude on the big picture, but I do feel rude not calling you at Christmas. In five years we can start our race away from the grave, while you occasionally help raise my kids; both when I need you, and when you’re bored. 


The holidays are over too quick. Is that every year? I feel good. Neigh, I feel great! Holy fiddlesticks, compared to how I felt in September I am a new person. You know what it was? The death of Spark Twain, and the birth of James Armstong.


Yesterday I bought three new websites: fromstarbucks.com, fromstarbucks.live, and starbucksthoughts.com [chances are I already wrote this yesterday, and so you may read about it twice]. 


With a schedule already so full how could I possibly decide to add more to it? I want it all, m***e*f*****s. I am finally taking that advice from Mark Cuban – “work like someone is trying to take it away from you” [I’m paraphrasing]. Plus Elon Musk’s advice to: “work 120 hours a week, that way, even if you are doing the same thing as someone working 40 hours, you will accomplish in four months, what they do in twelve,” [again, paraphrasing, and both I am just paraphrasing from some-thing! I saw on ig].


So! I posted about my schedule on ig last night. Only on my story though, so it’s not like you will be able to go back and look at it. I should have saved the text document, because it was intense to write out lol. Next month! Because I don’t think it would be a bad idea to post that schedule every month to help keep myself accountable.


As for my new project [an idea which came to me yesterday, and which I felt so passionate about I had to spring into action purchasing domains, and acquiring ig’s], I decided to cram it in on the weekly cycle vs the monthly cycle. On the weekends.


Every Saturday I will work on my new @fromstarbucks/fromstarbucks.com project, which is a compilation of other blogs written from Starbucks. I got the idea because I spend so much time writing from Starbucks, and I always tell yall when and which one! The @fromstarbucks project is to help promote the exchange of ideas, and we will all get along because we are bound together by the common belief: 

  • “Starbucks is a good place to get work done, both for the offerings, and the atmosphere. We always find one place in the restaurant to sit that we like, and we enjoy at least a couple items on the menu.”
    • The FromStarbucks Nucleus.

Maybe you write a tech blog, a blog in Hindi, or a stream of consciousness blog. Either way, welcome to the @fromstarbucks community. 


  • “We are, We.”
    • The FromStarbucks…Prayer lol.


Every Sunday I will work on my StarbucksThoughts blog, which is the same thing I do now, only with more direction, and scheduled. I will always write it from a Starbucks or Starbucks Reserve…and it will be appropriate for families. AYE! If you’ve got a problem with it, look into the history of that Jim Henson guy your parents like so much. js


The time is 04:22. 

The time is 04:33. I talked to Andre for a little bit when he sat down, says he spent the week in Sac. Then I went outside and did my thingy thing. I’m wavy now, baby. So wavy…so  w a v y…


fgvhbjnkm Monday? I’ve got to go the gym [actually, not today because: Dead & Co]. I divided my schedule into two cycles: a 31 day cycle, and a 7 day cycle. Last night I went through and put al my scheduled work into the calendar on my phone. I am scared as fuck to fail with a schedule this full, but you know what? I am just going to take it one month at a time, and before you know it, I’ll have room for even more. No thinking! Just doing! I did all my thinking the day I made the schedule. So this? MBSB 14 [I just burped up hella smoke in sb. my bad yall] will be one of the last rambles I babble up for the fucking year! Ha. I got lost halfway through that sentence, but I recovered. I still have it on the schedule to ramble, don’t worry. Every 1st and 22nd of the month. and next year, when I write something, I post it day of! 


See if I have the text from that schedule I typed out last night and only put on ig…I could just insert it here. I have the photo…


January Schedule, and a fortune that got stuck to my shoe.


Okay! It’s 04:38! I need to edit, and go to work for the first time in six days. wahhhhhhh I don’t wanna go. I just wanna blog! @fromstarbucks 😏.

* * *

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