Hyde and Bitch

The time is 15:55 at Starbucks on Hyde and Beach, and it’s busy as a beach in summer over here, even though it’s the first of the year. 


I have been here for some hours now, and I wrote quite a lot, but as I started to edit [something else, still] I got quite tired. It’s definitely because I ate two cranberry bliss bars. My weakness for sugar got the best of me! I feel sugar hurts my fucking joints, no joke! Can it do that?


2020 = less sugar. But it didn’t start today. No matter what though I need to bring a Spark Twain blog post to light, because it is on the schedule. So I am going to post this before I leave. Then? Probably go home. I was thinking about getting a coffee or something…but no. I’m doomed for the day. I am dyyyyying for a good girl to chill with so I’m not alwayss thinking I need to work. Becuase I can take time off. I just don’t have anything to occupy my time otherwise!


Today I will go home and lay around and surf on ig until I fall asleep early, probably. Work tomorrow. Then hoping to talk to that girl. Pray for me.


Spark Twain.

* * *

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