What is life? I’m tired of life. You say I would talk all day to anyone that would listen, because that’s what I do. Very fitting that I have this blog, where I can talk all day, and people can have an eternity to listen. Now…what to say?


Coming to Florida was a terrible idea. I should have kept on track and gone to Bali. Now I have to backtrack. 


After you messaged me this morning, I masturbated while I thought about you. It was really good lol. Alas, I have something…


I stopped writing that mid-sentence, and that was about 3 hours ago. I’m not sure what to say. I don’t have anything to say. I’m just in a bad fucking mood, that’s what’s going on. Fuck everybody. Let’s hope I actually do it this time, otherwise…you’re gonna have to hear me bitch some more. 



* * *

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