Cape Coral Pkwy

I am writing to you from Starbucks on Cape Coral Pkwy, in Cape Coral Florida. Surprisingly there are busses that take me all up and down this side of the coast. I thought it would be a little slower than it is out in these parts. Omg I grabbed the wrong flavor of sparkling water!; what a travesty. Ugh, and it’s one of those days where my hand feels weird, probably because my broken should is fucking up my alignment and whatnot. It’s not pain…but it’s discomfort forsure. My fingers just feel tight. I am planning to become a famous rapper this year though, and with the profits from that venture [plus the notoriety], I am hoping Elon Musk will take a personal interest in repairing my shoulder. I’m totally down for the cyborg life. Down af lol.


They gave me two cups AND a lid at this Starbucks. See, you California folks should come out here and switch the vibes up, because I even asked to receive my drink with no lid, but alas, these old people probably bitch when they don’t receive a  lid, and so the employees have muscle memory. See, it’s companies like Starbucks that will change the world. When SB stops offering single use plastics, do you think people will switch to the other coffee shop in town? hahaha HELL NO these folks have it on lock. I walked past a mom & pop coffee shop on my way here, and I pulled out my phone to look at the reviews, and although the reviews were good, I could tell by the picture that I wouldn’t like the place. Idk why Americans drink coffee, but they should start drinking espresso.


Oh my. This espresso is very bad lol. Maybe every Starbuckls espresso I’ve had has been bad…and I just didn’t notice. When I was in Vegas I was under the impression that maybe the baristas in SF were just…better! With the same beans and the same tools, is it possible that the baristas in San Francisco are consistently preparing better drinks? That is very possible. The work ethic in SF is off the chain. 


I feel like if I finish this espresso I am going to have heartburn lol [I tossed about half of it]. Ugh. I realllllly like San Francisco. The more places I go, the more I want to just…settle into San Francisco. Sometimes I think my whole existence there has been doomed from the time I left the Green Tortoise…other times I think the doom started earlier than that. 


I almost brought my hoodie with me today, but I was like “nah, I won’t need that shit.” And you know what? It would be totally awesome to have my hoodie. I have this long sleeve Harley shirt with me, but it’s not the same thing. Albeit, I put the Harley shirt on now. Las Vegas Customs! Reppin hard lol. 


One of the customers just came up and asked me about my bluetooth keyboard. Think I am the first person to use a bluetooth keyboard in this particular Starbucks? Possible is there. I could be the first person to be using a bluetooth keyboard all over Asia, but instead I thought it would be a good idea to blow a shit load of money in Vegas, and now I pretty much have to get a job lol. I applied at a hostel in New Orleans, and I am still waiting on a response from the manager. However! The owner did send me an email stating that the manager would be back on the 11th, and he said I had an impressive resumé, and thanked me for my patience. Which is…a good sign? I’m pretty sure I am going to get hired. Then what? I spend three months in New Orleans, and then I move to Las Vegas until I have firmly established myself in my career! A blogger/podcaster/hip-hop artist/public speaker. So far I only write a blog…but I think it’s a damn good blog! If you’re reading this sentence, maybe you do as well!


The vibes have been switched! Pretty soon it’s gonna be hella bluetooth keyboards around Cape Coral. lol. Maybe not. How do you think Nola will compare with SF? Oh shit…I’m scared to find out lol. I’ve never felt a calling to New Orleans; in fact I’ve avoided it because I don’t drink alcohol. Among other reasons. Karleigh invited me down there almost 10 years ago. I was too scared to go; she was living out of a van and stuff. Some guy did end up going to visit her. They have a baby now.


I have realized I am the perfect person to lead pubcrawls, because I will make sure the squad gets home every night. I talked to the owner of the hostel in Vegas about it a little bit. I am just waiting on a response from the hostel in Nola before I bust any moves. What’s the smallest amount of money I can spend in Nola you think? $600 over a three month period? Think that is doable? All I need is self control…that’s all I need. $200 a month when one isn’t paying any rent seems…doable. OH WAIT@ISMOKEHELLAWEED hahaha and I guess I forget how expensive that stuff is. Right now I am on day two of not smoking any weed. Actually, the last thing I smoked was fucking resin, and if yall read my blog, you would know I have previously written that “I don’t think I’ll ever be smoking resin again,” and actually when I was smoking it here I realized…if I am going against the rules I set for myself, maybe I am in the wrong place. Plus all I’ve done since I arrived is yell at my father for having an unhealthy diet. He thinks I should just let him live his life. I don’t think he’s really ever lived. He talks about places in the world as if he’s been there, when he’s really only done research. It’s not the same thing, but alas, even if he goes to see the Coliseum I don’t think he will appreciate it like he appreciates thinking about the Coliseum. Acceptance takes practice, and traveling is accepting the world. After him and I had huge argument last night, thigns simmered down when he said he would be willing to plan a trip to Europe with me. What have I done? I don’t want to go to Europe with my father though…that was a lie. I used to want that! but I had to give up on that dream a long time ago. It’s like when someone breaks up with you, and then they come back, obviously you will be that much more cautious. My father has never finished anything he said he would, really. We had a half apolstered couch in our living room for yearssss. 


The only place I can hangout with my father is California, because then at least I can blaze up and ignore the fact that I don’t think he’s living right. It’s hard for me to find people I get along with too, Dad! but I didn’t give up and have kids so I have people that like me. There is no guarantee your children will like you. I have spoken.



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