Java House

The time is 10:15, and I am writing to you from Java House, located at 1617 Hendry Street in downtown Fort Myers. I was in this place a couple of days ago, and I took some 360 photographs, and left. Now? I feel rude about not asking to take the photographs prior to taking them, because the gentleman I saw working the counter actually owns the place! In a minute or two here, I am going to go talk to the gentleman [him and his wife own & operate the place; 5 years in business, he told me] about that situation. Coming from San Francisco…we don’t ask permission to take photographs; we just do it. Here though…well, first things first, I am starting to like this place a little more. Fort Myers that is. It’s got decent coffee and beautiful women, what more could I ask for?

Just talked to Mike, the gentleman running the shop, and although he is a soft spoken man, he is a man of truthful words, I can tell. What does this mean you for you? My readers? It means there are two good places to get an espresso drink in Downtown Ft Myers. They even have Sara Bareilles filling the air! [sidenote: when I looked up the correct spelling of her name, the ‘Google quick caption’ as I will call it, summarized her with the words ‘American Actress.’ The times! They are-a-changing!] I can’t believe I thought this place had bad vibes when I first came in…that man can definitely handle his espresso machine. Did I post that piece of writing? I mean, I wrote it, so I will eventually have to post it…but today, and with this piece of writing, I set the record straight! Java House is the shiznit. If you’re in SW Florida, you gotta stop in this place, and you gotta say hello to the owners.

On the topic of small business; I have said it before and I will say it again: RIGHT NOW IS ONE OF THE BEST TIMES IN HISTORY TO BUY A SMALL BUSINESS! What do you like to do? What are you good at? I am willing to bet there is a baby boomer selling a business which is right. up. your. alley. Me? Well, my alley is @jack.kerouac.alley.

I am a little worried…because this Cubano Coffee that I ordered, is, well, full of sugar. I love sugar! But as of late, I really have limited my consumption to almost none. Today? I have a Cubano and a scone in front of me. The scone is dense, and we all know I like a high density scone. This one has a lot of sugar, and, like most scones, it probably also has a lot of butter. Well, anyway, I’ve been starting everyday with a smoothie as of late, and so I feel pretty good about that. [news flash! That’s sugar. So I guess I was speaking of added sugars]

The time is 10:42, and I just sent messages on IG to three big names in my industries. Firstly, I am very proud to say that Kiki Hermetic Kitten is following me on Instagram! Omg that is so cool. She has a grand following, and I strongly believe in her as an asmrtist. I personally used some of her videos; over and over and over again I watched the same few, to help me over come my alcoholism…that was long ago. See, once I established ASMR as my main tool in recovery, I didn’t need to use it everyday. Just as one could not possibly spend every waking moment at Alcoholics Anonymous, one can not spend every moment watching ASMR. However, at the beginning of recovery, one might actually do that. Be it going from meeting to meeting all day [or at least one in the morning, and one at night, seven days a week], or sitting all day long watching the ASMR videos I suggest at, complete submersion in a recovery process, at the beginning, is a very viable option. Eventually however, one will need to go back to their everyday life. When that impulse to consume becomes overwhelming however? Then we go back to the tools we learned in the beginning. For me? I watch ASMR.

Spark Twain

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