Kava Bar Ft Myers 1

I am writing to you from Kava Culture Bar in downtown Fort Myers, and I am worried I am doing damage to my wrist in doing so. My right wrist has been feeling discomfort for quite some time. There are so many things I do wrong, considering my broken shoulder and all that. I don’t even know where to begin! My literal plan is to make enough money for reconstructive surgery. Hmm. Well, anyway, the time is 17:40 on February 17th 2020, albeit my clock says 4:40 pm lol. Yeah my hand is hella shaky, so I gotta do something else. I forgot my bus pass after I went home for lunch, and so I am waiting for my Dad to come scoop me. What happened today was I talked to that beautiful girl [there is no way she is reading this blog], and I interviewed this guy Kirk, owner of Kirk’s Micro Greens, and…I got in contact with Madame Isabelle’s house in Nola and I have an interview on Wednesday at 14:00 about working there. WOOHOO! So hopefully that goes well. It was a little strange though… I felt like they were avoiding me [I assumed this only because I thought amber might still work there] but as it turns out, the manager is just overworked. I emailed them, and Sean [the owner] emailed me back asap saying the manager is on vaca for another week, and so I gave her two weeks to hit me back, including a reminder email where I said I was looking forward to hearing from them. When I called today, I got hung up on twice [I’m pretty sure that’s what happened], and then after I got through [the first time I thought it was because it was too loud on my bus, but then I called again after I got off the bus and, well, it’s possible they have no voicemail set up? But otherwise they just gave me the click.], she knew nothing about the email I sent! So…whatever; none of that matters, because I got the interview [no Amber OR Danae. WHEW]. I also talked to Cream City Hostel though, so I will probably be there for March, and if everything works out I will be in Nola for April and May [It didn’t work out], and then I will [possibly] settle into Vegas in June. OKAY! I am going to see how the interview with Kirk turned out.

Spark Twain.

* * *

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