Kava Bar Ft Myers 2

The time is 16:46 on February 20th, 2020, and I am writing to you from Kava Culture Kava Bar in downtown Fort Myers. Why am I here? Because the atmosphere is good. What is Kava? You will have to check out my new podcast to find that out. It is a question I plan to answer on there very soon.

So much writing I do, and so little do I publish. This is the third blog post I’ve written today. One of them is live at asmr.community. The other…I suppose I should be editing it, instead of writing this [I did!]. Perhaps I will actually put something on my blog today! It could be one of those days.

Am I excited for my time in Milwaukee? Holy shit; for the first time ever I actually have work to do. I mean seriously. I’ve got a tonne of shit to do! I’ve accepted the responsibility of building a website for someone. On top of that, it seems like I am going to be doing some videography work for the Cream City Hostel. Do they know I am not a professional? Haha. If they want authentic, I’m that, Baby! In fact, I wanted to shoot a 3D video today, strictly for the purpose of seeing if I could edit it. I mean seriously, can this machine handle it?

Hmm, did I download the required software for such a thing? Hell no. Totally forgot lol. Well! I suppose ain’t nothing happening in regards to that then! Reaper is the only program I have that is remotely close to a video editor, and I only say that because my father told me it will do minimal video editing; mostly just if you want to add music to a video, I guess. Eventually I will need to start producing my own music for these podcast/videos/everything I am creating. More over, actually, I just want to create my own music.

This morning I was thinking about those days at the Green Tortoise, Sundays specifically, when I would catch the 04:20 bus and go clean the ballroom. LP’s method pretty much always had me finishing early, because she would take a breakfast, and since I wouldn’t eat until after I finished the shift, I always played a little guitar at the end. One time a [cute] girl told me she felt bad talking over my guitar playing, and I told her that I was being paid to be there so she shouldn’t feel bad. Mmm; those were the days. You know what I want to be doing instead of writing this blog? Playing guitar. When I was at Sin City Hostel they had a guitar there and I definitely took advantage of that thing. They have offered me a job…but I can’t say if I will be accepting it or not. Las Vegas…who am I? And what am I doing with my life? What do I want to want? That is the only, and thusly the most important question. In fact, I have read it is the most important question we can ask ourselves as a humanity.

What do we want to want?

Spark Twain

* * *

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