The Green Cup 1

The time is 13:19 on February 18th, 2020 and I am writing to you from The Green Cup Organic Cafe. I have heard many people refer to it simply as ‘The Green Cup Cafe,’ but…for posterity sake, I am going to include the word ‘organic’ when I write about it.

This place is…a little chilly. I brought a long sleeve shirt with me; an under shirt if you will. So I could go into the bathroom and change up? I almost shoved my hoodie into my bag, and in hindsight I should have done that.

There is a beautiful girl here; there a beautiful people everywhere I go! I talked to miss for a quick second, but you know me lol, I just took to writing instead. This new computer is pretty nice, keyboard wise. I certainly thought that I wouldn’t like writing on this machine, and instead I would do most of my writing on that bluetooth keyboard still, but you know what? This isn’t too bad. The travel is pretty minimal, but the keys are fan enough apart where my Favre hands still have a decent chance at comfort. I haven’t spent hours in a row writing from this machine yet, and honestly, I doubt it will turn out to be as good as my bluetooth keyboard [idek about mechanical keyboards right now, but my guy Dom is building one. Bluetooth and all!], but for sprints? This machine is a perfect fit.

Throughout the past week I have been sending out emails to a bunch of hostels. Tomorrow I have a video interview with Madam Isabelles in New Orleans…but so far the process has been so disorganized, that I am already turned off from the operation. I have no desire to go to New Orleans. The only reason I looked into working at that hostel is because I know so many people that have recommended the city, and, just, everybody loves New Orleans. Me? I would rather go for pleasure, not for work. Alas, with a hostel things can be one in the same.

It’s too cold in here! I need to figure my situation out. The time is 13:30 and the day is February 18th in downtown Fort Myers. And…I’m going to eat this wrap and drink this kombucha, and probably talk to this girl before I hit the road. Seems like the move.

Spark Twain

* * *

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