Java House 4

The time is 15:18 and I am writing to you from Java House in downtown Fort Myers. Today was a good day! I actually started the day at this location, but instead of writing a blog post this morning, I wrote a letter to a local news station in my hometown. The letter I wrote is regarding
The ASMR.Community Program, which if you are unaware, is a drug and alcohol recovery program I run, and just to make sure I get the point across, I label it as “An Alternative to Alcoholic Anonymous.” Have I helped as many people recover as AA? Hell No! But in the future, some people will say of ASMR: “Isn’t that for alcoholics and drugs addicts?” The answer is yes, but it didn’t start that way.

Another exciting thing that happened today [apart from my sending out that letter], is that Cruz from New Fame [I think I’ve always added the LLC to their name, but that’s only their Instagram name I guess lol. Ooops! Either way, their music is hella good, and it keeps getting better [production wise, above all else]] messaged me this article, asking me if I wrote it! WOOHOO! I have been waiting for people to find my writing in an unwarranted fashion, and today is maybe the first time that has legitimately happened. Granted, they found my old website, but that same article exists on this website, and that’s where the previous link will take you.

Can you imagine if I actually became a popular writer? I have always been under the belief that, if I write it, they will come! But some days, discouragement seeps in all around. Not today! Today was an uplifting kind of day.

I also ran into Kirk at the 3 Peppers Burrito spot downtown. I was actually supposed to meet him, and that’s why I was chillin at the burrito place; just killing time. Still though, since I ran into him earlier that expected, we got to kick it for a bit and just generally shoot the shit, ya dig? This is significant because Kirk is the first person I have interviewed for my new podcast Spark Twain vs The World. I haven’t decided if I should include a period after the versus in that title, but I have time to decide, the podcast isn’t live yet.

Okay! The time is 15:37, and I have to catch the bus in 30 minutes. Katy Perry’s I kissed a girl just began filling the air here at Java House. Hmm…I don’t believe I posted my writing from the other day…maybe I should have been editing that. As I begin integrating myself into SW Florida, I am starting to wonder if I should take a different approach to love, at least here. I like sluts; did you know that? What I am saying is, maybe I should try to not let any of the local girls fall in love with me. Because apart from liking sluts, I also like timid women. However, sometimes I can’t tell which is which, and that is just from lack of experience.

Ugh. People be wanting me to share my writing with them, and I really have no problem with that, but do you see what I write about?! This shit is not okay lol. I’m not going to change, obviously, but sometimes I believe my words will make me more enemies than friends. At least, until I hit the tipping point. Then my writing will garner me more fans than I could possibly befriend, and then the sluts will cum.

Spark Twain

* * *

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