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The time is 08:49, but more importantly the date is March 16th, 2020. At 17:00 today, Stone Creek Coffee will be closing all of it’s stores for two weeks, and they will be paying their employees! Now that’s ethical capitalism in action! Is that the standard now-a-days? Stone Creek is a ‘local’ chain, and none to large. Honestly, I believe the days of the ‘goliath chain’ are almost through. If you are in your 30’s or 40’s you will probably live to see a world of business diversification beyond your wildest dreams. Countries like the US have fairly strict regulations, and these regulations keep things safe. Places like Vietnam however, well they are a little less strict…no no no wait, that isn’t true, it’s not that they are less strict. Okay! First let’s talk about this. Let’s hope I don’t forget what I want to say lol.

Last night I met a beautiful woman that shared her name with a disney princess, and upon talking to her, learned that she is a teacher [I just learned that if you hold down Ctrl+Backspace, it will delete whole words. Can’t believe I never knew that. I did it on accident, obviously, but cool!]. The sheer number of teachers I meet in and around my hometown is crazy. Well…maybe I am just drawn to teachers. I think…I think literally everyone of my girlfriends has either been in school to be a teacher, or their parents were teachers. The time is 09:01, and The Sound Of Settling fills the air here at Stone Creek.

We are supposed to be practicing ‘social distancing.’ Are the people around you doing this? They are here! But it’s because every place is so dead. Honestly, it’s really just the old folks, and the people with kids that need to stay out of the public. Well, and then in addition everyone must do their due diligence to not come into contact with an old folk or a person with kids. That does sound quite difficult. I digress…

The teacher was showing a lot of leg, but that’s not the only reason I talked to her. She also had a lot of paperwork, and wore large headphones. The point is not that she was cute, [and the point is only partially about the fact that I talked to her. As I have grown, I have realized that this blog is a landmark for what confidence should appear as. Ethical confidence.] the point is she’s a teacher.

My educational experience from kindergarten through senior year of highshool was pretty great; have you ever heard me talk about it? I’m not saying I’m smarter than you…but you are reading my blog, so I am at the very least driven. This is, I believe, a result of my phenomenal education from the Menomonee Falls school district. As that school invests more money into their sports program, trying to produce a famous athlete, I am planning to show the world that Menomonee Falls is a good place to live if you want your kids to have one of the best education experiences available worldwide. There are many places [not only within the United States] that have educational systems which are up the mark, but I can only tell you about the one. Menomonee Falls is the shit, and this is because the Milwaukee metro area is the shit when it comes to producing teachers. UWM must have a good program! I am not saying that the Milwaukee school system, or MPS, is up to the mark, but I am saying spirit is there!

When it comes to the village of Menomonee Falls, these teachers get a chance to speak with kids that are paying attention; kids that have been taught why education is important. I was one of those kids. Have I ever told you that my 8th grade creative writing teacher passed me with a D-, even though I should have failed the class? He must have felt the vibes…


In Vietnam, there are laws. In Vietnam, just like in America, there are business regulations, and taxes levied, and redtape, redtape, red! tape! The key different between here and there is, however, money. From what I know, the number one way to communicate with police officers in Asia, is through the language of money. If you are a tourist, don’t be scared to make it rain on em [literally, give it a try for me]. The other difference, is education. The young people of Vietnam are significantly more educated than the older folks. Let’s get real, the young people can speak two languages! Vietnamese, and English. In the 1920’s French colonists forced the people of Vietnam to learn a Latin alphabet, but now it works out because they like America more than China anyway.

Let’s get to the juicy bits.

In Vietnam, I am unquestionably more educated than the average police officer. The knowledge my plain ole highschool in America armed me with is vast and kinetic.

The young people of Vietnam are also, much smarter than the average police officer of Vietnam. In America the separation of generations in not quite as intense [I thought only camping was intense bro?].

This same conclusive process can be applied to the business regulators and business owners of Vietnam. The young people are so much smarter and so much faster than their senior regulators, it makes the world of startups dangerously lubricated.

That all being said, we are going to see some goliath-sized companies pop up with origins in countries that have long been considered poor, and I predict that will signify we are in the middle of the last chapter on capitalism as we know it; the ‘capitalism is evil’ you hear everyone bitching about? Yeah, we are going to finally outgrow it. Shit’s been going on since like the 18’30’s, it’s ridiculous!

Ridiculously necessary…

Can you imagine a world where greed never consumed us? For the next two weeks+ I am going to be quarantining myself to my ma’s house. I assume your situation is kinna same same, but different. This will be a test of virtue for us all!

I am as greedy to spend my money as I am to make it, but for the next two weeks I am going to refrain from nickel-and-dimeing myself to death. The time is 09:44, and ‘I can tell we’re gonna be friends’ fills the air here Stone Creek. I am surprised to find it’s mostly old people coming in for coffee. Didn’t they get the memo? Do they want to die?

All of this and I didn’t even touch the biological warfare aspect I wanted to touch on this morning; it first came to me as a shower thought. Leave it to Trump to try every toy in the box…that’s all I have to say about that. ha.

Spark Twain

P.S. When I went to post this, I noticed I haven’t posted since February 26th [and the article was actually written on the 24th]. I didn’t realize it had been so long! Since February 26th I have written 30 articles similar to the one above, this one being number 30. When I tell you I write more than I post, this is what I mean lol. So much editing to do! I’d like to edit it in Paris; all the stuff I have left unedited up until this point. Anyway, Thanks You for reading! I will talk to you soon! Oh! And check out my new podcast
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