Goodbye USA Hostels!

The time is 13:04 on March 20th 2020, and I just found out that USA Hostels will be closing their doors forever. Omg! I am reeling! This is an epic blow to the hostel industry as a whole. Have you ever been to a USA Hostel? The one in Hollywood is the only location I have visited, and I visited it several times. One thing that sticks in my memory is when Gardner referenced the owner of USA Hostels, and he seemed to think quite highly of her.

Sitting in the Cream City Hostel right now, I am dumbstruck. This virus is shutting shit down. This virus is shutting the nation down! Oh woe is me, how I wish my fathers house was the position I had fallen into. I say that only because it would also mean a bunch of other things happened. Buckling down is the move, and for me, being at Cream City Hostel became the move. Sitting here at 13:18 however, a dreary afternoon in Milwaukee, I can not believe that USA Hostels is closing their doors. Yesterday was their final day in operation. What is this world coming to! Am I mistaken to think that hosteling in the United States is a young, budding industry! Instead perhaps, is hosteling on the fall? Due to regulations and small business disadvantages? This is day number nine of the pandemic, day number four of self-quarantine, and I am feeling the pressure. My advice, if you are reading this in the future: keep a fatty emergency fund, because the modern world is full of extremes. Extreme up’s, and extreme down’s. Seriously! At 27 years of age, I am witness to the falling of a beautiful empire.

Let us all shed a tear for the closing of USA Hostels.

Spark Twain.

* * *

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