Lazy Lightening 2020

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*I’m looking at you, 2020!*

The year upon us is proven to be unpredictable, but! Let it be known that Spark Twain has your back during this time of crisis. Much of the world is on lockdown, because COVID-19 isn’t something to joke about; I think we all know someone at risk during this time.

With technological advancement and population growth each on their own one way trip, this may not be the last time you are advised to self-quarantine due to a virus. That being said, why not give yourself the gift that keeps on giving! The gift of a backup plan. Unfortunately this backup plan is the plan until further notice, but I’m just saying it would be ripe to set yourself up with a “list of stuff to do,” as it were, during this time of crisis. That’s called being prepared for anything but also being organized af.

Hands up for Online Communities!

When it comes to online communities, you have a large pool to choose from. Small fb groups [I’m thinking specifically groups for expats], and involving yourself in blog forums. Even communicating in the comments section of YouTube can be a way to go about building relationships that wouldn’t otherwise have existed without bridging those random, virtual gaps. I’m just saying that there are many ways to get involved with a group conversation online. There are so many websites to chat on! I don’t know 99% of them, certainly. Make sure to add me on ig and leave a comment telling me where you go. Seriously. Here’s my list:

The first and most obvious choice, at least to the savvy, is Reddit. Where are you going to find an active community of people already chatting with each other, ready and willing to give away free travel advice? Right here, baby!

Another community I have tuned into multiple time, but have not fully explored, or adequately contributed to, is the forum Nomadic Matt links to from his website. The thread here discusses the stillness that has been thrust upon us. This part of the forum is a place for members of the community to say hello to one another. I see a lot of people posting, but not a lot of people commenting, so I am thinking that if you want the balance of everything to fall into your favor, you should start your journey on The Nomadic Network commenting on existing material, rather than posting new material. You might be surprised as how the days will fly by when you get active within an online community!

Read a book! You know you have been thinking about it! I know I have been thinking about it… I have a copy of Shantaram in my room here at Cream City Hostel that I look at often, but open sparsely. It’s a folly of mine, not reading, and I folly it up day after day.

If I do finish Shantaram, you will be the first to know!

For today, that is all I have for you. I have been writing a lot, but you know me! I’m always behind on the editing. I usually write two or three pages a day at least, which is all just me rambling about life, the universe, and everything. Today however, I was on a roll writing some more research heavy stuff, and so I decided to continue that roll right on into my blog, and I present you with this! The Lazy Lightening Lockdown Travelers Guide 1. As I think of more ways to help us all as a traveling community stay motivated and sane during this time of crisis, I will write them down, and I will share them with you in further editions of this publication. For now? I will put on 11/2/77 and vibe out.

Spark Twain

* * *

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