Noah Kalina is the GOAT

Do you remember the video on YouTube with the guy who took a picture of himself everyday for six years? Well he’s back!

When I saw that video was published 13 years ago? 😦😵😮😬😫😩😚🙃

Yesterday however, I came across a brand new video, titled: Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 20 years. Watch Below!

Noah is bettering humanity with this project. There must be other people taking a picture of themselves everyday, but right now, this guy is the dude. Eventually there will be parents that begin photographing there child at birth, taking a photograph everyday, until eventually the responsibility will be passed onto the child. The sad fact about humanity, is that not all of those people will finish out the dreams their parents had for them. Some will however, and in 250 years, when one wants to watch an entire life summed up in 30 minutes or less, I do not believe they will look to Noah.

When I first began writing this article, I was going to take the approach that Noah was going to go down in history; that his set of photographs would be the one that became most viewed. Quickly however, I opened up my mind to the realization that someday, someone’s life, from birth to death, will be photographed in the same fashion that Noah is doing, I realized the first person to do that will go down in history. At the rate humanity is growing, and communicating, the old are forgotten in favor of the new quite quickly. Noah will be here forever, but will his lifetime be the one they show in schools? Not in 250 years, almost certainly.

If humanity can make another 250 years on this earth, do you think we will make it forever? My hopes are high!

One thing about the video, is the music. It’s quite downtrodden. I wish Nosh would post a version of his video with Mac Demarco playing as the background music, you know? Everyone in the comment’s is saying this man looks sad, and the music is not helping.

Okay! When I went back to grab the link for Noah Kalina, I found the video below.

Now, first things first: the fact that Lotte is a collage of videos and Noah is a collage of photographs; the vibes are just different. I can’t tell which I like better. It was very strange to watch that person grow from a baby into an adult, and it was also weird to think about how the video [and the families YouTube channel] might have effected the subject of the video. How concerned about her appearances do you think that girl was? Or maybe, still is. I’d love to meet her and hear her side of the story. She’s from Nederland, so hopefully she blows dodie af.

Whoaaa lol, check out this Noah dude’s website. It’s a trip. It’s so simple. That man is probably living a good life, and I do wonder how he got there.

Okay, so I found this interview online, and it’s actually a very good view into him as a person, and also, his photography is fucking good. Seriously. His photographs make me feel things! My favorite one from that interview is the one with Reggie Watts.

Lately I have been thinking I need to do more with photography and video in regards to Spark Twain, but also the Cream City Hostel. I have been considering hitting up my friend Ryan to get some of that done…everyone has time right now.

One last thing I found that yall might enjoy. This playlist.

Spark Twain

* * *

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