Pizza Shuttle 1

The time is 16:24. I am pretty sure I placed my order at 4:20 exactly, without intention. He doesn’t shoot, but he scores.!.

It’s March 2nd now, still 2020 vision, and I am writing this to you from Pizza Shuttle on Farwell avenue in Milwaukee Wisconsin. This pizza is so good! Now 16:28. I’m pretty stoned. Time for a new life in Milwaukee. Ha. That’s how it feels. I used to roam these streets hella, I guess I should take that into account. I’m doing the entirely wrong thing right now & writing w/ only my r hand.

After that I gave up on writing until my pizza was finished, which it now is. There is a vein in my face doing a weird thing. After my friend told me this story about a twitch he had in his face, I am thinking that some of my problems can be solved with some chiropractic work. I am quite surprised to see that I spelled chiropractic correct. I almost did it twice in a row. I write all my shit and edit it once before I post it, and get rid of all the spelling errors and shit, but for my first draft, shit is wild…

OMG! I forgot to tell you the craziest thing happened to me today! I was walking down Humboldt street, and I had just crossed North avenue coming from the south. Out of my left field of vision, a man suddenly turns to me, says “Excuse me young man, do you have a phone,” and by this time I had already said no and given him the crazy eyes, but I digress. “I’ll pay you for it,” and he held up, I swear, two nickles in my direction. “I just want to call my nephew.” What the fuck. This aint San Francisco! Why is this homeless guy doing drugs out in the 17 degree weather acting like it’s San Francisco! I was taken aback to say the least. Now really, all this means is that irrational homelessness is on the rise nationally, and to not talk about it would be…irresponsible. Everywhere I go, homeless people are asking me to use my phone so they can call their nephew. Hell. No. That is the only answer I am going to give. Life is hard as fuck. Most people just die. I’m sorry that social security aint doing it for you, but soon, the weed will be free…the weed will be free…

The time is 17:01 and I am thinking I will walk over to Rochambeau. I have no idea how to spell that…or maybe I do! Cool. No red line again. I think I’m just high…I might have known how to spell for a while.

What I need to do is write something I can post. The time will come. The time will come…

I guess people from Milwaukee reading my blog is most likely to get me paid for my writing the fastest. Moving the readership of the hostel blog over to my platforms should be…will be…an uncertain amount of difficult. We need to get our blog going well first [who tf is we?]. The first thing you gotta realize, is, there is plenty to write about. It’s more about how fast can you write it. The time is 17:04, and The Milwaukee Record posted three new City articles today. We gotta push it to the limit[who tf is we??]. There is a photo booth behind me and it’s kinna freaking me out. Imma take that walk now.

* * *

The time is 17:54 now and I am writing to you from Rochambeau. This is almost certain to become common place. Today they are out of pastries, but the nice lady side that was a rarity. This place is growing so fast, they pastry count is changing week-2-week.

I just called Boswell Book Company asking if they have any books by John Gurda, and I felt my questions bored the lady on the other end of the phone. Little does she know my intentions! Using the knowledge in those books, of which I intend to go in and buy all of, I will be be able to lead tours from the hostel, like, everyday. I mean seriously. This city has hella neighborhoods and I believe I can keep people entertained through at least 16 of them, probably closer to 24 though. Free tours everyday of the week! Seriously. That would bring the people in. And for me? Easy…seriously an easy task. 10,000% easier than turning an old church into a movie theater lol, which was a very real conversation I had earlier. I contrived a stock system for investments in local business’s, where the stock would divide at the third year…and from their I didn’t think any further. I am certain this is legally possible, but I am not sure how theoretically possible it is. People don’t work in teams based on investment, they work based on pay. Two or three people seems to be the demonstrated limit of agreement, at least between the people I observe, and at least in the places I have observed them. Riverwest might exceed the three people agreement limit, but, not with me as a partner. Free tours however? Yeah, I can handle that.

The time is now 18:18, and I am thinking of taking my leave. Do I go buy the books…or do I not buy the books. I could also go in the morning, but…nah I should totally go and buy them tonight. But the book store is open to a ridiculous 21:00. Do you think they do good business? Today, I am happy to support.

– Spark Twain