Keep Secrets

The time is 22:13 and I am writing this to you from ___________________. Ahh, I feel better already. I really do enjoy writing. It gives to me a feeling of hope with which I can not find elsewhere. Sure, only 1,618 people have come to my website this year, but I honestly believe someday I’ll get to tell you “1,000,000 ppl came to my website this year,” and that hope is what allows me to write in the fashion in which I write. When you write fiction, people won’t read it if it isn’t good. It takes practice to get good with fiction. I guess if I lived in a world without computers I would have probably followed through with my dreams of fiction writing. When I was a younger chap the fantastical side of me had a much wider berth, and so I thought often of fiction. One time, I remember I wrote this story about a bad acid trip, but I was like 14 at the time of my writing it and I had never taken acid at that time. Shows you what I was interested in! In truth, I wrote a lot when I was younger, and I suppose I kept track of the files and whatnot for sometime, but eventually I did lose them. Night after night I would sit at that computer in our kitchen, my mom and I’s apartment, and I would often write. What happened to those stories? I guess in the back of my head I feel like I might someday come across them. Alas, they are computer files, not paper notes, and so they are lost to the ether of our history; another story to have come and gone at the flip of a switch. One would have thought as the future progressed we would have only made it more difficult to destroy writing, but with that endeavor we made it easier to destroy also.

“Belief is a beautiful armor, but makes for the heaviest sword. Like punching underwater, you never can hit who you’re trying for. Some need the exhibition, and some have to know they tried. It’s the chemical weapon for the war that’s going on inside. Oh, everyone believes.” – John Mayer, Belief.

I believe you, bro. Although, I happen to hold my belief close to heart. If I do not hit who I am trying for, I’m damn sure gonna hit somebody. oml

I believe that everyone has potential, but I by no means believe that everyone lives a beautiful life. The beauty of cognizance is awareness. What makes us, us, is our potential. What makes us, us, is our actions. What fucks us up is the current president of the United States. Did you see that this guy and his goons made it so information is no longer being sent to the CDC, and now it’s being sent to some private company? Phooey and Pisha! These assholes are going to withhold information from us! I swear to Gibi if I have become the president of United States to fix this shit I will! But first, I want to kick somebody’s ass! I’m in an ass kicking mood. Is Donald Trump going to die without ever having received a good asswhooping? What country do I live in? I thought America was the home of the asswhooping! Europe was torturing and killing each other for thousands of years, but did they kick any ass? Oh shit…but we had slavery. And we killed almost all the native Americans. What would Chief Seattle do? Honestly, I haven’t the faintest inkling or propose to that question. Do you think he would whoop somebodies ass? I’d like to think he would – if that somebody was leading the world’s largest economy into a cesspool of despair. A lot of people are going to die, and then hella people are going to be poor. But Trump and his goonies are actually making money through all this. Our nations education is not up to speed with our tech sector, nor our modern pace of life. The education in China is probably more evenly spread because they oppress their people equally. If you had to take a guess at which group of individuals suffered more oppression in the United States than any other group, what group would you pick? If you picked Black America, you are correct – although that doesn’t qualify you as Woke. You will know if you’re woke – no wait. Other people will know if your woke. Honestly, I wouldn’t even worry about it. Just be yourself.

Can we really call the position of Black America ‘oppressed?’ I think the answer to that is a hard yes. First of all, we have a denial problem. No black person in America, or the world for that matter thinks that slavery can be made up for. But holy shit, admitting that it’s effects linger until this day should be a basic function. It’s crazy that most of the planet can see myriad problems, but the people causing the problems are actually running the place. Those people running the planet, I believe they have gotten there using two things side by side. First: shed your emotions. That’s gotta happen right outta the gate. Did you know that Donald Trump’s lawyer was Roy Fucking Cohn like 20 years ago? It doesn’t even matter when! According to that show on Netflix Roy Cohn was the lawyer for all four crime family bosses in New York. I mean, hella people know who Roy Cohn is. Ask your Dad if he knew that Trump’s lawyer was Roy Cohn in the 80’s. See what he says lol. You know why I believe things are going to change forever though? The fucking internet.

x Spark Twain