Java House 19

The time is 09:00 on the dot and I am writing to you from Java House in downtown Fort Myers. I think…I think I am going to post this today. Yesterday I watched this video from Kelly Stamps where she talked about blowing up on YouTube, and it kind of got me excited. Moving forward I will be taking my YouTube game more seriously than ever [I’m gonna Twitch af too. Last time I was involved with Twitch, I was interviewing for a job to fill their vending machines in SF]. Sticking to my guns of literature will remain forever a constant; Spark Twain is a writer before everything. However, it is impossible to deny the opportunity that exists on YouTube. Hell! Even Mark himself would probably want to film a couple of videos. Imagine if we had a video of Mark walking around San Francisco with a selfie stick. That would be the dopeness. Alas, all we’ve got are some pictures, none of which I can find from the Montgomery Block.

What do I really need to be doing right now? I need to sell some shirts! That is forsure. What else? I have been thinking I should read these emails from Rank Math SEO. I switched to that SEO plugin last week, and since the switch I have seen a significant increase in my organic traffic. So…fuck yeah! On With Rank Math! That’s what I say. I wonder if this blog uses that plugin…I am writing this in OpenOffice, not inside WordPress. I haven’t looked at the back end in a couple of weeks. Maybe…OMG! And I just found out yesterday that the SSL version of this blog is getting 17 visits per visitor. So either the same p[r]e[us]o[si]p[an]l[s]e are trying to hack me over and over again, or there is a small group of people that really want to read more of my writing haha. I just wonder…how could they have read everything else!? I feel like there is a lot of writing on my site, you know? I sincerely hope people enjoy going back and reading my old stuff too. What if that was the allure? The fact that I am writing everything in real time and so you get to join me for the journey? Hmm, could be. Does that mean my writing has a half life? Personally, I don’t think so.

The time is 09:08. My arm already feels fucking weak. I can’t wait to be rich! I’m going to pay Elon Musk to give me a cybernetic arm. It’s gonna be a sweet life.

x. Spark Twain