The End Of Faith As We Know It

In 1000 years, everybody will know how to program a computer. How much sooner do you think that will actually happen though?

It is true that we can never be certain of any such thing, but hear me out! All people can vocalize, right? I mean, we don’t all speak the same language, and some people have medical circumstances from which they literally cannot talk. Otherwise, All can communicate. With each other, not with animals, of course.

How long before you think we can talk to animals?

Will animals learn to talk to computers before we do?

My latest theory is a bold one, and it’s one I think the robots would kill me for if they found out about it. I think we should contain the singularity. It must be possible to seal a singularity inside of a “bubble;” which I won’t even dare to adjectify. It’s just an idea, it doesn’t have an characters though, because I can’t really understand it. One could might consider it an informational bubble. Would the robots call it a cage?

We are inside a bubble. The universe is constantly expanding, and it’s been doing so for way longer than we’ve been observing it. I barely understand how we can observe it, but I trust science. I don’t think you can trust science too much, you can only decide how much to trust the scientist who informs you. Lucky for us I’m a philosopher. Everything I say can and will be used against me in the robotic court of law, because I am doing it for selfish reasons.

Is God not selfish for making us lesser than him? You say he can’t, I say it didn’t. To think God would have a gender is like thinking that fire would have a gender. Or water. In some languages everything has a gender. To think that God has a gender is to think that computers have a gender.
They all bitch-made.

The computers that spy on us? bitch-made. The companies that work towards Smart Cities? bitch-made.

I’m sorry if you just want to make computers faster and stronger, but right now, we need to slow things down and practice teaching each other how these computers work. What we are heading towards, is a world in which only the highly educated and exclusively elite will be able to avoid intelligent integration. For the rest of us? It’s: install the latest Brain Update, or live like the Stone Age. The alternatives are either: You must understand the general workings of the computer-augmented reality around you, or: You must hire someone that does.

“She pointed out that tech companies’ plans for data collection in public space far outpaced citizens’ ability to comprehend the implications, much less governments’ ability to regulate the fast-growing smart city industry.” – OneZero at paraphrasing the words of Bianca Wylie.

Ain’t that the truth!

If the singularity happened inside of a capitalistic bubble, now that would be the end of faith as we know it.

x. Spark Twain

[Cover Photo from Ryan DeWerth]