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The time is 08:33 and I am writing to you from Cafe You in Cape Coral, Florida. About an hour ago I had already started writing a blog post – not unlike this one – but I got lost in a ramble that I just don’t have time for right now! However, rather than delete the writing, or try and rush it, I have simply moved onto a new article haha.

Yesterday I decided to do 14 more days of featuring only black asmrtists on, and I also reached out to the asmrtist ASMRBellaBree because she had contacted me the first time I did this type of feature. Not very many individuals have reached out to my brand! However when Bree reached out the first time, her channel was quite new, so I had to see how she proceeded as a YouTuber and asmrtist before I decided to feature her. Well! I honestly kinnamaybe forgot about our conversation, haha. However, when I sparked the idea of reissuing support for BLM, she was the first individual that came to mind. In addition to my writing about her, as I stated, I reached out to her wondering if she would be interested in working together in other capacities. I am excited by the prospects.

At the time of my posting this, one of BellaBree’s videos is our featured Video Of The Day.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever go through a format change [with the asmr blog], but you know what? I feel it to be unavoidable! I am too wordy! Some of my ideas will be better expressed with the help of other people. However the asmr website is also pretty basic, so almost anything I change won’t feel too extreme or different, I believe; I hope.

This place is pretty poppin! I’m the youngest person in here, but it didn’t start that way [and now editing – it isn’t ending that way either].

There was a nurse – either fresh off duty or just about to go on – as the only customer when I arrived. Now there are about eleven people in here, including myself. I’m pretty sure we are all enjoying ourselves.

I’m seeing sunspots. Normally I consume way more caffeine that I have so far today. That’s…probably a good thing. In a world where so many guru’s are health experts [I’m not sure if that person is really a health “expert”] are taking the road of quitting coffee, I am under the belief Third Wave Coffee is entering it’s golden age!

In the last two weeks I have reached out to two companies regarding a coffee affiliation with ASMR.Community [I don’t even know how to pronounce the name of my business! haha], and I am feel optimistic about both prospects! Currently I don’t believe either company offers an affiliate program, but I am hoping that one of them will create a program especially for ASMR Dot Community [okay, that’s how I normally pronounce it – out loud and in my head]! I believe, honestly, that my blog will be able to sell, through affiliate marketing, between 3,000 and 30,000 bags of coffee per year, within five years. Right now I would be lucky to sell even 1 bag per month haha! I occasionally will put an affiliate link for an Amazon product on my blog, but I don’t pick up good vibes with Amazon, and honestly I try not to use Amazon, and so I also try not to recommend them to my readers. Currently, I consider myself to have no affiliates.

The time is 09:54 and I just ordered a second espresso. The lady working here has been very helpful, but you know, I don’t really know what she looks like! Because it’s mask season! And it’s going to stay mask season all year! I’m actually not wearing a mask right now, but it’s like…I’m sat at my table, and for the last hour or something I have been slowly picking at my food. Am I supposed to keep the mask on and then just pull it down when I want to take a bite or have a drink? That is one possible course of action, but I choose a different course anyway – probably one that is less popular. I wear a mask 80% of the time in public. Sitting at my table, occupying my own space?; I think mask wearing is based on a first come first take-off basis. If you show up to a crowded place, it’s probably of your obligation to leave. If you enter a place that is socially distant and in turn cause that same gathering to become a non-socially distant gathering…well…we’re all gonna have a bad time.

The days of balcony singalongs are over, everyone in Europe announced. Whew! Does this mean we are past the danger? I mean obviously many, many people are still dying everyday in the United States, but I haven’t heard about any municipalities [at least since the strong March-April wave] running out of hospital beds. Is it possible that the United States is exposing themselves to this virus at a healthy rate?

Better safe than sorry though! I always say! There are a lot of places I have been that claim they enforce masks, but then when someone shows up baring their ugly mug, there is never any action. The same outcome can be assumed if we try to tackle the problem at a state or federal level. Some cities tried to enforce masks, of course knowledgeable that American’s do whatever the fuck they want all the time, but instead of it being a soft encouragement of for mask wearing, it became a new medium through which police officers took to the streets and started beating up black people at an alarming rate! I couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing a coordination between rise in police violence and the quarantine, but damn! However it’s way past high-time we solve the issue of police violence that was heavily prevalent prior to the pandemic. I guess I never knew it was a worldwide pandemic though [I’m talking about the pandemic of police violence now, I know it can get confusing!]; the blatantly racist police violence. It’s stressful to be part of a revolution, but then again, I don’t even know what stress is.

x. Spark Twain