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Lost My Mind Finally

Frogs and sloths and polar bears and cacti. Slugs and all the marsupials. Jimmy Fallon and the tonight show band. Don’t you mean The Roots? Like, forreal, I think they are more popular than Fallon himself. Yeah, I’m talking about The Roots. Think about that name for a second…

Some names you just remember, like Alex Haley.

Sometimes when I jump into the deepend, it’s full of water. Tomorrow’s deep end is full of fire. Please do not resuscitate me for the love of ___.

To be born into modern society is to be born into a world too heavy for most to succeed. Something is wrong. I wonder what day will be the day where we hit our tipping point. The day where, no matter what we do or how hard we try, we can no longer escape our inevitable extinction. I’m thinking December 12th 2130. fwm.

x. Spark Twain