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Discussing My Sexy New ASMR Channel And Blog Analytics

Today I started an ASMR Channel on YouTube. You can find my first video here. I made it on a whim, but really, nothing I do is on a whim. As you may or may not know, I’ve been writing a daily blog inspired by ASMR since April 1st, and you can find that at https://asmr.community. Since starting my daily blog I have been considering how to turn a penny from it, as I love to write, but I would be in love with writing if I got paid for it. With the addition of my brand-new ASMR channel, I am hoping to reach a wider readership for my blog.

The truth is that I am more comfortable behind the keyboard than I am In front of the camera, and that’s why it has taken so long for me to start a proper ASMR channel. The first time I tried creating ASMR was in 2013. I took my grandpas laptop and I recorded a short video using the webcam and the built in microphone. It turned out very off-putting, and I really never tried my hand at ASMR again. Looking back on it, I should have started creating ASMR years ago! It’s really fun to create the videos and experiment with the sounds. I am kind of an audiophile, and I am definitely a musician. Today however, I actually started a YouTube channel that will be dedicated to high quality ASMR, and I feel great about that. What’s even cooler is that I will get to write about my journey and document the experience with you guys. Teamwork is Rock and Roll!

Okay, I just took a pee, and now I’m going to press my french and then pour my coffee [don’t worry, I washed my hands]…and now I am going to smoke one of the last few bowls I have in my possession. I’m really hoping that I won’t have to get another job before I run out of money, I’d like to start selling more t-shirts. That’s the only way I am making money right now is by selling tyedye shirts. My monetization goal with this new ASMR Channel is to sell 50 shirts per month. Most YouTubers have a goal of getting monetized through advertising, but right now I just want to sell shirts. I think I will be able to reach my goal of selling 50 shirts per month before I reach 10k subscribers. As far as subscriber counts go, I have great confidence that if I stick to making quality ASMR – the kinds of videos I want to see in The Community – then I really will be able to reach 10k subs. However selling 50 shirts per month feels like a less stressful goal than 10k subs, and I am very glad to have setup this shirt selling opportunity before I starting my ASMR Channel. I recommend to all Asmrtists that they stock, sell, and ship their merch in a way where they are profiting the most from it, which probably means going to a local screenprinting shop, and then shipping those first few hundred orders by hand. Eventually you can pay a shipping house, and without doing any calculations, I just catch the vibe that you’ll be making wayy more money than with tee spruce. Then again, I’ve never had to ship 1000 shirts.

Running out of weed is stressful. The lifestyle I desire is not a very expensive one, and I bet most of you feel the same way. Traveling and spending time to yourself aren’t excessive desires. In this day and age, I think people adjusting their work schedule to 4 hours per day and 6 days per week sounds pretty…rational. That is my goal, to work 4 hours per day and 6 days per week, BUT to get to that stage I have been working around the clock for months. I wouldn’t really call it…around the clock. By the way, the time is 13:57 on September 17th, and I am writing to you from my Dad’s garage.

Around the clock is not how I’ve been working, but it’s how I’ve been trying to work! Everyday for the past several months except for May 27th, I have posted an article to asmr.community, and I have been feeling very productive because of that. It’s easier to stay motivated when you have a clear pursuit; the pursuit of happiness. My reason to pursue is because I want a career on my terms. So what am I doing? I’m rapidly experimenting with different things I love, in a manner where profitability can be predicted, and I am remaining vigilant to note my strengths and my weaknesses. Eventually I will make a career out of something which starts as a rapid experiment. This ASMR Channel I started today is a rapid experiment. I will do it for some years, but if I do not find I am getting paid enough for my time, I will move onto something new. The videos I create will always remain there, and that’s the beauty of when economics guide the artist, and the lover.

When I began asmr.community I did not know how to predict when it would bring me an income, I just knew I was going to be prolific, consistent, and goal orientated in my pursuit of running the website. More than five months into the project and I haven’t really made any money, other than like 5 shirts I sold to friends and family. I’ve always wanted to make ASMR Videos, but until the idea of using ASMR to promote my writing became logical, I did not make the move outside of my comfort zone. And what am I saying now?!? I wish I had started sooner haha. Just goes to show: You gotta move outside that comfort zone!

Okay now I’m really gonna smoke that weed.

See what had happened was, I rolled a joint earlier in the week, but it was such a fatty, and with some wax on it, that I just never found the opportunity to roast it. Now that my real stash has run out I am disassembling the joint. The part I’m smoking right now is the part with the wax, so it’s a nice lil buzz. Sadly, I will be out of reefer soon, and then I will should really wait until I either get a job or sell some t-shirts to smoke again. I’m not literally out of money, but I will be if I keep smoking it all! Haha. At 28 years old, this shouldn’t be a dilemma I have. Cannabis is not that expensive and it’s easy to get. It is true of course, that I was plagued by alcoholism until I quit drinking at 26. It was before I quit drinking that I started writing consistently; compounding my life online. However it wasn’t until after I quit drinking that I could really start to consider opening a business. I had always heard that opening a business was the move, and I even understand the mechanics of why, but it wasn’t until I quit drinking that I could really appreciate the time it takes to do, well, pretty much anything. Time is relative to the task which you are doing, and opening a business is a relatively large task.

I remember back in the day, I would get anxiety when I ran out of alcohol. Now I get anxiety when I run out of weed! but still, it’s not the same thing. Weed is more directly of the earth, and it is more forgiving than alcohol. Running out of weed, for me? I look at as a gift. Because the truth is, when left to my own devices, I smoke quite a lot of reefer. One day, when my personal economy is fully sorted, I will probably struggle with how much weed I smoke. This is another reason my personal economy is important, so I will have the resources to diversify my lifestyle, because I am an individual that requires a lot of different activities and puzzles and such to keep me occupied and entertained. At the same time, I make a vigilant effort to exercise patience. I find myself most consciously involved with patience when I run out of ganja haha, It is during these times that I will often learn something new about myself.

Once an addict, always an addict. However it can be controlled; redirected. My goal is to become addicted to waking up at 05:00am, with coffee, and then consuming blueberry smoothies at 08:00. My goal is to become addicted to running my business. I am definitely addicted to writing. Addiction is a powerful thing, and it will move mountains.

It’s hot in my garage. Recently I’ve been smoking these filterless homerolled cigarettes. This is totally a weak moment for me. I just rolled and lit a cigarette. While I was doing that I was thinking about making an ig page for the new ASMR channel on YouTube. What do you think? I’m thinking about doing it like right now right now.

Okay well, the time is now 14:43, and I created a fb page, but then I was having problems with ig. So I am going to wait it out. Not that important anyway. Once I’m in the habit of making the videos, I’ll be more apt to tell people about them. Enough people know about ASMR.Community though where I might be able to get some real help pushing some views to my new channel. Oh shit! And I also sent an email to Raffy Taphy yesterday. I’m scared to look and see if he responded. I asked him a pretty big question. We will discuss that at a later date.

Recently Skyrim has been occupying my time immensely. For awhile before that it was Civilization 5. As I get older, and my shoulder becomes more crap, I feel more and more like playing video games. I’d love to get a PS5 and start streaming, with commentary and everything. My friend out in Oakland has started doing this and I’d love to join him. Someday…someday.

I’m going to post this, and then I’ll have published an article in September, and I’ll be back on track to publishing an article every month this year! I’ve been writing this blog [formerly named HeartOfZeus] for over three years, and this will be the first year where I publish an article every month. I have this pattern of running out of money around this time of the year, and then I get a job, and I never publish very much when I have a job. Working at the hostel was different, but I still went at least a whole month without publishing while I worked/lived there!

Writing is fun, but editing is work. Writing is work if it’s research orientated. Like, recently I’ve been watching the YouTube page IncomeSchool, and the writing they talk about is work. I aspire to build a website how they advise. Someday…someday. Right now I am focused on my new ASMR Channel, along with sparktwain.com, asmr.community, and mellow.market, the last of which is a website I’m setting up for the local market I sell shirts at every Friday. I am setting up the market website to showcase the vendors, and then I’ll also run ad’s to help bring more foot traffic into the market itself. My intention is to sell branded apparel through all of these mediums. You could say I’ve got my hands full! The one thing I need to do, that I have not been doing, is get my screenprinting down. In order to do more screen printing I have to wash all my screens and put new emulsion on them and it’s a whole process, especially since my powerwasher sucks, so I’ve just been putting it off. The other day however I did make a rack to hold all the screens and keep them in the dark after I apply the emulsion, so I have been making progress, it’s just slow. The time is 14:55 and I’m going to take a break from writing and call my Grandpa; but I’m still going to publish this today!

Rack for screenprinting screens

The time is now 15:16, and I never got to talk to my grandpa. I called him, but he didn’t answer today. So! I played Skyrim for like half an hour, and I recorded it with OBS. I intend to turn my gaming into some sort of ASMR, perhaps by adding layered sounds. I’m having a sharp pain in my stomach right now, it just started. Normally I don’t write about my medical ailments because I don’t want to accidentally foreshadow my own death, or something, but in this moment I’m just like “wtf,’ and so I’m writing about it.

I’m going to be a bad boy and look at the analytics of my YouTube video already. Last time I looked it had like 13 views, and about 5 of them were me haha. I really shouldn’t be looking, because I know it is going to take a while before anyone is watching, partially because my ASMR is not as good as it will be, and partially because these things just take time, and looking at the analytics can be disheartening when nothing is happening. Still, I am going to look.

21 views! With 5 likes…all of which might be me, as I went and I watched the video and liked the video from my different yt accounts. Right now my plan is to publish 2 or 3 ASMR video’s per week, and I believe that by Christmas I can be selling 50 shirts per month between my ASMR blog and ASMR YouTube channel. It’s not like the channel is guaranteed to grow or anything, but I’m going to give it my all, and I think it’s going to workout for me. Starting an ASMR channel to promote an ASMR Blog and sell 50 shirts per month sounds like a very reasonable and attainable goal. Setting attainable goals is key for staying motivated and achieving long term success. If you set your immediate goals too far out of reach, you will get tired of reaching for them. Some larger goals can be broken down into smaller tasks and accomplished individually. My goal is to create a successful ASMR Blog, but my current task is to promote that blog, and my other current task is to sell t-shirts. You can purchase them here if you are interested.

Standing out in this humid garage and smoking cigarettes is tough in the afternoon, specifically because it’s so humid. I think I’m going to smoke a bowl and then go inside and keep writing. I really am going to run out of weed any minute now. Not an exciting time to be Spark Twain haha. Puff-puffaroo; back inside I go!

Now I am back in the house sitting at the desk in my room, but I think I am going to get up and go tell my father about my ASMR channel. At first I thought I might not tell him right away, just kind of see where it goes before I tell him, but I want him to watch the video and leave it play in the background, and also like the video, because full-length playthroughs and likes are two things that please the YouTube algorithm. Also, a lot of how a video will perform matters upon how it does within the first 24 hours. I’m going to go talk to my Dad now. I’m also waiting on a confirmation email from ig, and it’s weird that I haven’t received it yet.

It sent me a code and then I input the code and it told me it was invalid, twice, but then the third time I resent myself the code it worked. You can check out the new ig for the ASMR Channel here.ooops! Pump the breaks haha, I spoke too soon. Apparently it’s having problems; I took a screenshot.

can't confirm ig

What a load of shit! It thinks my acct is suspect? Lame! You can still find the ASMR Channel on Twitter though, and of course on YouTube. Okay, now I’m really going to go talk to my Dad, and then I might do a little surfing of social media to promote my new channel, and then I will probably write more here, and then I’m still going to edit and post this today, and sometime before 08:00 tomorrow morning I have to write and publish The ASMR Daily #171.

Okay nevermind, my Dad is working and he is chatting with his coworkers right now.

So I go back to the market tomorrow in Downtown Fort Myers and I am going to sell some tyedye shirts! Technically, it seems to be spelt tie-dye, but it feels better when I spell it with a Y. I always get a little anxious about going to the market. Oh! Right now I’m going to message Wolf & Raven Creations to see if they want me to sell their stuff at the market. The lady who runs it said she prefers to stay behind the scenes, and she didn’t show up the second week. It was a bummer. Not many people were there the second week. However, the market is going indefinitely, and that is only one of the reasons I have decided to dedicate some time building a website to promote the market. There will also be a blog on the website, where I will write about what is happening at the market every week. I’m going to tell all the vendors to email me if they are going to be at the market, and send me pictures of any items they want featured in the blog. Okay, I messaged W&RC.

Going from smoking weed everyday, to not, is stressful on the body and mind. When I was younger the going back and forth was easier to handle, but it’s tough these days. Being in California for so many moons I became really adapted to smoking everyday. Things are not as such anymore. These days, the weeks have gaps, and soon the gap will be indefinite. Of course, I could get a job to supplement my income selling t-shirts, but I am happy to take the slow money working for myself. With a little elbow grease and the internet, I think anybody can turn a profit these days. The hard part for business in the modern era is staying ethical and ecologically sound. Businesses that abide by these principles will go the furthest, but that’s not why I make an effort to study the principles and implement the methods. Saving the planet just feels right, but avoiding capitalism just feels wrong. I gotta do what I see fit! Just last week I received 1000 compostable mailing pouches from this company called noissue, or No Issue, but they seem to be branding it the first way.

They claim these mailers will breakdown completely in a backyard compost within 180, and 90 days if it’s an industrial compost. They were made in China; it says that right on the box, which doesn’t mean anything, but China is not known for it’s pollution control. I believe noissue’s product is compostable, because they market themselves in a professional manner, and, well, everything about their brand, website, and product says to me that they can be trusted. So I am going to tell my readers, viewers, family members and friends that these mailers are compostable without testing it myself. Mother Earth is watching.

What did I say I was going to do? Oh! Putz around on social media and promote my ASMR. Ugh. I’m so bad with social media. I got social anxiety! It’s almost easier to go into public irl than online these days. When it comes to publishing writing and videos, I’m there, but promoting my work on social media? Not dedicated to it…yet. I’m working to find other individuals that are better with social media to help me, and perhaps in exchange for promoting my work I can write about them on my blog. One individual already is promoting my blog, and that individual is MoosetonicASMR. She’s a great, new asmrtist, and if you are interested in ASMR definitely check her out. How I can thank her for the promotion she is giving me? Well, I am still working to achieve that thank you. We will get there, Moose; we will get there.

The time is 17:02. Anyone else use military time? It’s a better vibe for me. It’s simple, and it looks better in writing than inserting AM and PM into the text. However I was using military time long before I began blogging.

Upping my social media game is going to be key for success in the type of career I am building.

The AC turned on and I thought it smelled like burnt weed, and then I thought maybe I started the house on fire and so I came into the garage to investigate. It’s all good though. I suppose, in truth, I wasn’t really scared I had lit the house on fire, but I did think “oh shit, maybe I didn’t put that bowl out and it kept burning and smoked out the garage,” although I knew this was unlikely too, because I make damn well that those bowls are out before I put them down. I always cover my bowl with a coin to snuff the rooster.

I brought a liter of sparkling seltzer water made by Chek out here with me, and I drank a little and then I put it down with the top off, and it just keep bubbling! It was very loud; I had to put the top back on. Well! I guess while I am here I will smoke a cigarette. These thing are terrible for you. Never start smoking, and if you do already, quit. Get addicted to blueberry smoothies and exercise in the morning. Or perhaps the evening, I suppose it’s whatever you like, I just like the morning. Everybody’s ancestors probably hunted at different times of the day though.

I’m pretty squeemish about people reading what I’ve written in the past, because I’ve written some pretty vile stuff. I’ve written stuff I’m definitely not proud of, and it’s almost cringeworthy to think about it. However, I try very hard not to delete anything, and so most of what I have written is still live on this site. Legitimately, one of the reasons I am so shy on social media is because I am embarrassed about some of the stuff I’ve written. Alas, I don’t plan to change anything I’ve written, and I still intend to proceed with my journey of becoming a business owner and published author. People are going to read what I’ve written and I have to come to terms with that, but you know what? I am ready and willing to have an open conversation about anything I’ve written on any of my blogs. Eventually the day will come where I actually do have those conversations. However, if I have learned anything over blogging these last few years, it’s that it takes a long time for individuals to open up to consuming new content, and so I believe that even with good social media marketing tactics, it will be awhile before anyone is reading my blog and making comments on my videos about the stuff I’ve written…but I do believe it will happen. I’m here. I’m ready to talk.

However, I am not done writing this article. This is a full on ramble at this point, and I’m having a great time! Writing is always enjoyable for me, but these types of rambles are something I absolutely love to write. This is me in my zone, right here. Get it while it’s hot!

The second press of coffee is almost gone now. I drink Ethiopian in the morning, and Guatemalan in the afternoon. At least, I have been for the past two weeks. I found this place nearby called Java D’oro, and they have pretty good coffee. I talked to them about letting me sell their coffee on my ASMR website, and I sent an email about it [where I kind of went HAM about the quality of their coffee], but I never heard back. I might have been too aggressive in the email. Jeez is it hot in here! I’m going to have to go back inside. First imma finish this square.

Okay I finished the square and I’m inside now. I’m even sitting in my ergonomic chair. My Dad bought this thing but he didn’t seem to like it, and when I tested it out, I just kept using it. It’s great! I’m going to stick with ergonomic chairs in the future, although I do think this one is a little small for me. It works better for me than my Dad because I weigh less than him, and the shin pads on this one are pretty wimpy.

ergonomic chair photo
The Ergonomic Chair

Recently my Dad and I have been watching a lot of Bob’s Burgers. I really do like that show. A few years back I used to watch Archer all the time, but I kind of liked getting drunk while I watched it, and I don’t really have a lot of triggers than make me think of drinking, but watching Archer still makes me think about consuming alcohol. It’s a really good show though. Someday I will watch it again, because I am not a pirate, I am a Pirate King!

Do I have anything else to do today? Yeah, I should probably write my asmrticle. In fact, since I feel in the mood to write, now would be a perfect time to settle in and write tomorrows article. Of course then I run the risk of leaving this unfinished. Am I finished here? It doesn’t feel like I am, although it is quite a lengthy piece of writing already. Okay okay, I’ve decided I am going to break off and write at least part of my daily article, and then I am going to come back to this. I’m also in the mood for a lil ASMR. This is going to be a good time.

Okay! The time is 17:56, and I just wrote the rough draft of tomorrows article. It’s 638 words long not including the “Everyday Sobriety Advice” portion that I attach to the bottom of every article. I originally started the blog specifically to help individuals interested in addiction recovery using ASMR, but I have since realized that I am helplessly drawn to writing blogs which cover a variety of topics, and the only thing really gluing those topics together is ASMR, and myself. Instead of having a specific niche, I have general niche, and then instead of building reader loyalty and driving brand awareness by providing concise and accessible information, I easy to consume wisdom, and I drive brand , So! Anyway, back when that was still my main focus, but when I realized that my writing wasn’t always on-topic, I began inserting the ESA at the bottom of every article, that way people could easily tell what the site was about. These days I am focusing more on creating a blog to help asmrtists grow their channel, as well as ASMR News, and then I still write about getting sober by using ASMR videos…and I haven’t decided if I want to remove the ESA from my daily articles, but it’s like…if it might even help one person, why remove it? Nobody should be offended that I write to inspire other individuals interested in addiction recovery.

I haven’t even been in the house that long and I am already thinking about going outside for another cigarette. It’s kind of like, I feel that I’ve earned it since I wrote my rough draft, you know? And I think I really am going to go smoke that cig…and I might even come back inside and play more Skyrim. I record my playing everytime, and it makes me feel more productive. Turning those recording into ASMR should make for pretty good contributions to the community. Oh! I still should go on social media and promote my channel. Ugh haha. I will, I will! But I do think I’m going to go outside and smoke another square first. I might even smoke some more of that weed I’ve got. Seriously though, I’m going to run out any minute.

Wow! I haven’t done this in awhile. I’ve written, like, 7 pages in the last couple hours. I’d love to turn this production upon creating a book. That’s my goal, to generate an income where I can manage it stress-ish free, and then use the money I am generating to buy some freetime, and use that freetime to write my first book. But as I grow old, I am learning two things about time: 1. It’s always wise to wait 2. It’s never wise to wait. Since I don’t feel in the right atmosphere to write a book, I thought I might better enjoy a fictional blog. Meet bigworld,live. This is a website upon which I intend to create a fictional character, and then write a blog, much like this one, from this fictional characters point of view. I would like to invite other writer-folk to participate by writing blogs of similar natures, but I am not totally sure of how I want to structure everything yet. I personally want to write stories based in the real world, with mostly real world physics, and even real world businesses and people, but I want the story to be told from a fictional pov, that way it is, for all intents and purposes, a fictional story. The reason I believe this format would fit better than a book for me, right now, is because then I could write and publish one chapter at a time. It’s kind of like a serial, but if any story on the site were to get popular, it could be bound and sold and bountied.

My story will be about a traveler, and with that first blog post I could begin traveling again; in my own way. Then in the real world, when I do travel, where I am will probably effect how I write my story. Oh! I also want the stories to be on-going. With bigworld.live, you can blog fictional characters into existence using more words than a book would allow, and for free. I also want to have a feature on the site where when writers have crossover stories [meaning that one writer writes about another writer’s character in their story], the website will signify this in an official way, and the sites algorithm will promote these pieces of content, encouraging people to create more crossover stories. But the crossovers have to have approval from all parties involved, otherwise people could trick the algorithm by writing popular characters into their own story. No. Our algorithm will promote the illest writing, not the stillest writing. Does this make sense? In my head it sounds very good, and I’ve had a couple people tell me they might even try it out, but it’s a lot of work. Allowing other individuals to make wp profiles on my site is one thing, but it’s complicated and idk if people would even do it. I thought about making a yt video walking through the process of exactly how to create an account and character, and if I follow through with the site I will probably make that video. Anyway, that is my latest idea about long-form writing, because I really would like to write a book…and so I know I just should write that first book, but more and more I keep adding on more blogging work haha. I’m just a blogging man right now! So, I am embracing that with the idea of bigworld.live. If you have any interest in that idea, email me! sparktwain@sparktwain.com. Okay, I’m going to roll that ciggy now. Hopefully I don’t get spam from entering my email address…I should Google if that will get me spam or not. The time is 18:17.

I haven’t Googled it yet haha. The first few seconds of smoking the cig is always good, but by the end I feel tired and ghoulish.

I saw on fb that my friend Will got a job at a hostel. He posted that someone tired to trade weed for toothpaste, or the otherway around I could tell from the phrasing, but either way it sounds like a genuine hostel experience he is having. I partially wonder if he was inspired by my working in hostels, but probably not. He’s from the UK. They know about hostels over there.

Will probably thinks it’s a bit strange that I choose to create ASMR, and maybe even that I enjoy ASMR, but my ability to connect on a friendship level with a man as badass as Will is what makes me think I am the right person to bring ASMR to a wider audience through blogging. Manly men! Come out of your caves! ASMR is for the cool and brave!

And the badass. ASMR is for the badass. I should make a shirt that says that haha. I have the power! But I’ve been neglecting the screenprinting part of my journey, I think I mentioned that earlier. During editing I’m going to go in and insert a picture of the wood unit I made. I guess you’ve probably already seen that picture, because it will be above this, and you won’t read this until it’s posted. Trippqpy. My hand is starting to hurt from writing. Some days in my left hand, other days it’s my right. Today it’s my right.

With the fictional blog I would be able to stream my mind like this, but I would really be able to let it go wild, because I could write about all sorts of things happening. I guess I am kind of inspired by stuff like LOTR and Skyrim, but I want to write about a character in a modern world, but still with sly stuff going on.

Idk what I am going to do after this cigarette. Currently I am listening to this song on Spotify, and it’s a wild one! What I really want to do is smoke the rest of my bowl, or perhaps I’ll need to pack another one, and then play Skyrim. Actually I just realized I need to pee, so I’m going to go do that fast.

Okay I’m back. So! I think I am going to smoke…we will run out of weed together, I’m guessing, and that’s okay. Now my Spotify returned to my previous Queue, so now I’m listening to this. I added a little more to the bowl that was left and I smoked it, and I definitely feel like I want to smoke another one, but the next one might really be the last one. I can never decide if I want to go out with a bang or let the high linger. It’s almost always better to let it linger. Back in my days of doing hard drugs I would always choose to go out with a bang. When I had drugs I never took it slow, I always did a lot. These days I believe I am finally feeling the effects of that lifestyle in the form of mental anguish, but I push through.

I’m going to need to stop writing soon otherwise I will never be able to edit all this! It usually takes me longer to edit than to write, but then again with these rambling articles that might not be true. I mostly just re-word sentences and insert hyperlinks, that sort of thing. I’m thinking about having another square even though that’s not really what I want. What I want is to smoke another bowl. I wonder, when I finally have my life all figured out, will I grow my own weed, or will I buy it from a store? I’d love to grow my own, and so I guess if I work towards that, then someday I will be able to grow my own.

Okay I packed the next bowl, and it’s not the last bowl, but the next one will definitely be the last one. Then, it’s onto the resin! One time not so long ago I was having a terrible morning, and then I smoked the tinest bit of resin and everything got better. I always picture that running out of weed will be like that, where I resist smoking all my stuff at once, and then when I really need it, it will be there for me. It almost never goes down like that. What I make last two weeks I feel like most people would make last four weeks, but perhaps I am wrong. I have also had people tell me I “don’t smoke too much weed,” and I really appreciate that. I think I have a good balance of smoking and getting stuff done, so the struggle of smoking too much is one I fight internally, and it doesn’t usually effect my job. Drinking alcohol…now that affected my job! I’ve been fired while blackout drunk on the job twice. I should retell that story on my ASMR blog, and I’ll let you know when I do.

On my computer we just broke page 9, although I do have a screen shot inserted somewhere up there that takes up half a page, but still, this is going to be a lot of writing to edit! I never know how to end these rambles. I feel anxiety about detaching from writing the post; ending the post. Maybe I should just get high and play Skyrim haha. Do you think I would really come back to this? I have been pretty good with writing and editing my ASMR blog everyday…but I haven’t been as vigilant with this blog. I really do want to get this posted today. Maybe not before midnight, or even before I go to bed, but I’d like to at least start editing it…yeah, I’m going to get this on the blog in the next day or two. Gotta buckle down and get this stuff done! Rain, shine, stoned or sober!

Now I’m inside and I am looking at my Analytics for ASMR.Community. I’m going to take some screenshots and insert them. I’ve only got 17 visits today according to Google, but today’s average read time is actually quite high, and I don’t think it was me today either; sometimes that happens.

091720 google analytics
Users for September 17th
daily users aug 1 to sept 16
Daily Users Since August 1st

See, and then it says that since August 1st I have have over 1,400 visitors, but you see that huge bump on August 17th? That was me making adjustments to the site, I am pretty much 100% sure of it. At first I was hoping it was just a coincidence, but the average reader time that day was low enough where it aligned with my theory of generating a bunch of hits while I edited. Anyway. So I’ve had about 1,100 people visit the site since August 1st, but the average session duration is only 40 seconds. Not great.

AWS shows raw data - as shown above - and you can see the numbers are higher than with Google. Analytics is better for the average blogger

The screenshot above is the only one from AW Stats.
Everything else is taken from Google Analytics.

top cities since aug 1
Top Cities Since August 1st

Google Analytics will show you from which cities people are visiting your website, and I’ve inserted a screenshot. You can see that my top city is Boardman, which is in Oregon. All those hits from Boardman came on August 17th when I was editing my website, and this is the only part that doesn’t make sense about the self-generated hits. I always use Nord VPN while I am on the internet, and so my theory of self-generated analytics only works out if my VPN was showing my IP address to be coming from Boardman, although I’d think anybody using a VPN would just should up under the (not set) category. The only other thing I can think of is that I didn’t generate those hits, and they came from when Mr TieDye posted about my ASMR Blog on his Facebook page. Although, the timing definitely doesn’t work out, and either way it doesn’t really matter, because those 300 visits, no matter where they came from, didn’t come with any actual readership.

cities since june 11
Top Cities Since June 11th
Top Cities Since June 11th
Top Cities Since June 11th

I’ve also inserted a screenshot of my tops cities since June 11th, which is when I started using Google Analytics. I’ll insert a couple other screenshots of my long term analytics as well, so you can check them out if you are interested. Remember, I write a daily blog that is unfocused and not chalked-full of information, which is the opposite of what Income School says profitable blogs need. Your blogging experience will probably be different than mine. I am here to squeeze money from the writing, not writing from the money, and so it’s taking me a long time to profit since I am kind of just writing about whatever I want. The number one rule of profitable blogging, is don’t write that stuff in your head that you want to talk about, just stick to conveying the information that people might be searching for. I break that rule everyday.

Top Countries Since June 11th
Top Countries Since June 11th

Okay I took hella screen shots, and now I want to start assembling this article. I do the page layout with Elementor, and I want to see what it looks like with the screenshots and all that. The time is 19:23, and I am going to edit this now…after a quick square maybe, or at least after doing some walking around the house for a short while. Still getting used to the ergonomic chair, although seriously, I do love it!

Average Session Duration Since August 1st
Average Session Duration Since August 1st, Daily
Average Session Duration Since August 1st, Hourly
Average SEssion Duration Since June 11th, Daily
Average Session Duration Since June 11th, Daily
Average Session Duration Since June 11th, Hourly
Average Session Duration Since June 11th, Hourly

The time is 19:54, and I just smoked part of my second to last bowl, and then I came back inside and went to my Spark Twain website, and was totally taken off guard because I forgot I redid the site! I switched over to the Hello theme and started using Elementor.

Elementor is a website builder that works inside of WordPress, and it makes it so I can build a website without knowing very much about computer programming or coding. When I began ASMR.Community in April I started using Elementor for the first time, and recently I purchased a subscription so that I can run it on up to 1000 websites. The only benefit I get from the subscription is that I can now insert a WooCommerce store into any website.

elementor prices
Elementor Prices

WooCommerce is the plugin/platform I use to showcase and sell products online. It’s like Shopify, and could even be like Click Funnels if you want, except it’s free and harder to use, but you also have more control over your store, and did I mention WooCommerce is free to use? The money I spent on the Elementor subscription, which is a different company, makes it so I don’t have to write any code in order to use WooCommerce. When you use a service like Shopify you’re paying for computer programmers, mostly. So! In the spirit of my investment in Elementor, I have changed my Spark Twain website over to the Hello theme [the theme made by Elementor], and I am going to drag in a WooCommerce store and start offering t-shirts through the Spark Twain website! Anyway, when I went to the site I decided I would also go look at the analytics for sparktwain.com and share some screenshots with you. This blog get many less views than asmr.community, but people stick around and read much longer, at least according to AWS [which is the analytics program that is inside of SiteGround, and I use SiteGround].

Visitor Over Previous 28 Days
Visitor From Previous 28 Days
Visitors Since January 1st
Visitors Since January 1st

Again you can see that on September 3rd, the day I switched my site over to Elementor, I generated 58 views. So the Google Analytics for st are just as skewed as the ones for ac. Cool haha.

Where People Go Inside sparktwain.com

I just discovered a new analytic, so now we can see where the traffic went inside of my site. So you can see that most people end up on the homepage, which is labeled with the backslash / icon. They come from all over the world, and some start on the Categories page and other pages, presumably because they found a link to that specific page or article on Google [or another search engine], but most people end up on the homepage, probably because they are going to the site directly. I don’t get a ton of organic traffic, and the real organic traffic I do get comes through people finding my Instagram and then following the link in my bio back to this blog.

Where People Go Inside sparktwain.com Continued
Interactions Since January 1st

So you can see that from the home page the readers either go onto a new page/post, or they leave the site, which is considered a dropoff.

Whew! It’s getting late now. It’s totally dark, and my Dad is off work. I am thinking about eating some food. Maybe I will mow down on a little food and then come back to edit this? Sounds like a plan to me! The time is 20:19.

Now it’s 21:17. I just watched an episode of X-Files and ate some cereal with my Dad. Then I came out here to edit, and I am still blowing smoke out of my nose. I’m gonna regret not having very much weed in the morning. I feel good now though. And then as I started to smoke the bowl Scared Money came on Spotify, and it got me thinking about how I really do want the money, and how scared money doesn’t make any money. For me though, it’s more like lazy money don’t make no money. Okay, now Billy Joel, My Life is filling the air.

They will tell you: “You can’t sleep alone in a strange place, with money on your mind, and your mind made.” Then they’ll tell you: “You can’t sleep with somebody else, and money doesn’t grow on trees.” Sooner or later though, you’ll find shade in your own space, and either way it’s okay, because you wake up with yourself.

x. Spark Twain