Two Days, 8 Pages

The time is 19:13 on February 18th, and I am writing to you from the Kava Culture in Downtown Fort Myers. Shamus is setting up the rest of the sound equipment, and I am, well, now I’m writing this. The world is a crazy place, and I’ve wrought forth this…these words. This is what I have. Gardner once told me Rental properties are all I have in this world ~ or something like that ~ and now I’m telling You, all I have in this world are my words. It would be a helluva feat if I could turn my words into rental properties, but you know what? I am 100% sure it’s possible. My friend Will is going to be here tonight, and I am going to ask him to help me use my passions to make money. I’m thinking it will be the kind of challenge which Will will approach with absolute confidence. The only question is: Will will have time? Lord willing.

None of you are long term readers of this blog, but if you were you would know about my other friend Will, from England. He’s a badass. Not nearly as successful as Will I Am, but Will from England is still doing pretty well for himself.

Will has arrived! I’m not going to talk to him about business tonight. He is currently playing the piano, and he is quite good.

He then played guitar and sang for a while! I recorded it, but it was really something to see in person. Now Sam and Destine and rapping, and things are gassin up! Forreal. Imma have to hop on the mic soon. Better than Beer ~ that’s what Destine says about kava!

So my intent is to start publishing one blog post everyday. I’d like to turn SWFL into it’s own little tourist destination, specifically the kava bars. I mean, that’s kind of a wide and egotistical goal, you know, but I think it’s okay to have big goals like that.

I’ve been all over the world, and I consider myself quite knowledgeable on the subject of tourism. I can tell that the Southwest corner of Florida is an amazing place for backpackers, and the future of tourism alike. Are there hostels? No! But there will be soon %%% ~ I’ll try and figure out a couch surfing system for down here…I guess it would make sense to build the whole thing catering to women, because it’s easier to prepare on the hosts side than the guests sides.

What should I write about? That’s always the question. I mean, literally, right now, as I am sitting here in the back of Kava Culture downtown, Destine just finished killing a solid 60 seconds of spitting bars. These folks are definitely rapping. I think we need a harder beat. Sam is now telling everybody that kava is a safer environment than a regular bar, and I totally agree!

The time is 22:25 and I am sitting at the DJ table of the SCPM Open Mic ~ KCDTFM ~ Thursday’s are chill, and Friday are turnt. We just went outside and smoked hellllllalots. It was probably too much haha. And now I’m falling deep into thought. Will came through, and he brought a grip of his coworkers/employees. One of them is a girl whose daughter I stared in the eyes for 3 minutes, and it was a really strange situation that I didn’t want to be apart of haha. I wanted to stare this girl W in the eyes for 3 minutes, but I am weak and indecisive, and so I got sucked into someone elses life. The 3 minutes themselves weren’t too bad, but now I have this bizarre relationship with one of Will’s employees, that he seems to hangout with on the regular. I was going to ask him for help in regards to finding success in writing this blog, but I am already over thinking that. Nothing about Will reminds me of Gardner, except for the fact that even if they want to help me, they can’t. That part sucks most for me. Sam is freestyle rapping right now, and she’s killing it. Natural skill is there, forsure! Destine is rapping now, and he’s flowing too. Ken is on the keys doing his thing. Now Sam is rappin again. I guess I’m going to just feel it out about who’s names I use and whose names I disguise. I’m going to ask these people tonight, that’s the best way to do it. If I keep hanging out with them then I only have to get their permission once, kind of. I’m going to get word of mouth permission. Should I record it? I think that would be weird.

These open mics are some of the best events I have ever been to in my entire life. It’s crazy that these events are happening in the middle of a pandemic ~ and in SWFL! Things are better than they were in San Francisco. Idk. I really fell out of social circles. Social interaction is a difficult thing to grasp as-is, but as I travel the world it is even more difficult to keep a tight social circle. You know what I’m thinking about right now? I’m hungry! I’m always fucking hungry! Haha. Nate is sitting on the couch, and I suppose Kyle is here somewhere doing his thing. I was rapping earlier, but I’m soooooo fucking stoned. Sam is rapping about how Shamus should take the mic and perform cuz she misses seeing him perform, but I have a feeling he’s as stoned as me, so idk if he’s going to perform. I do know that how I’m sitting is not healthy for my back! Haha. The time is 22:50. I might put the computer away. It feels good to ramble again for the first time in a long time. I’m sooooo stoned, I’m like falling asleep while I sit here haha. It’s probably a funny thing to watch.

The time is 23:24, and I am still sat behind the DJ table here. Shamus is on the couch, and I am now the proud owner of a kratom sandwich cookie. There must be like 40 grams of sugar in this thing, at least! Haha. But its so damn good! I just took a sweet picture of my area with the night sight option of my Google Pixel camera, and I will probably make that the title image of this blog post…which will be published tomorrow. Two days in a row.

Sugar is so damn good. I don’t even know what to do about it! Haha.

There was this cute blond girl in a mask here earlier asking us about when we performed, but you know, I never really even talked to her. What a shame haha. Going out this past week I’ve been meeting hella hella people. I’m wondering what my move is going to be. I’m going to have to get a ride home, eventually.

Destine is singing The Weeknd right now, and it’s pretty good. He’s got this whole place vibin. Ken is jammin the drum. I’m over here eating this cookie. I feel like I should give some of it to Shamus, cuz he offered me some of his the other day at Bonita, but idk…I’m kind of addicted to sugar, and I feel pretty obligated to eat it haha. I want to eat it! That’s what’s important, right? Or is sharing more important? He shares a great amount of his stuff with me. As I continue to eat the cookie. Plus this bad bitch has kratom inside of it! So it’s gonna have me on some other level shit too. The weekend is filling the air here at the kava bar right now! It’s lit! Sam was recording earlier when I was freestyling, so it’s nice that we’re going to have that forever. Two Thursday’s ago I went in hardd on this shit. Thursday’s are turning into my dayz. Thursday’s DTFM and Saturday’s in Bonita. Friday’s are very good days as well, but there is so much talent on Friday’s it’s hard to really grab anyone’s full attention. They are mostly there to see their friends perform. Luckily, I am becoming some of their friends! Especially Prabh. He’s the shiznit.

Billie Eilish fills the air of the Kava Bar right now. The vibes are light, and they are definitely good. Now Sam is singing Ocean Eyes. But you know, I’ve actually been thinking about this girl A that I met the other day at Botanical. I’ve been wondering if I can use people’s real names here on this blog [which is something I’ve been wondering for years], and with her name is really matters. It’s spelled with the _____. That means something. I don’t think she’s trying to be a famous singer or anything, but she sure as fuck can sing! But anyway, so do you think she wants free publicity?

Sam is singing In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young right now. It’s getting deep up in this bitch, but there really aren’t very many people here. I just farted. What would you do if you smelled a fart in the middle of Karaoke? You’ve have to keep singing, right? I think that’s the only option.

We need a hotline for people to send in their thoughts on the band ~ what can we do better? I’ll have to figure that out. I proposed that scpm should buy the website ___._____. I still think it’s the move. Omg I just hit a way fatter fart than my last one. I tried to aim it away from the center of the ring, if you know what I mean.

* * *

It’s the next day now. The time is 12:07. I woke up at like 07:00, but I haven’t done a whole lot this morning. Currently I am listening to ASMR. Aint that a thang! And you know what I’m gonna do?

The time is 13:00 on the dot. I’m watching an ASMR video from Tony Bomboni, but there are quite a lot of commercials. He does a really good thing with his ASMR, but I think he needs to have more faith in himself and invest way further into his business. He bought the new Zoom H8, but he could pay to do a video with another asmrtist ~ I think that’s the move! I think Bomboni would do really well collaborating with [ESC] Reality, or Celaine’s ASMR, or WildFire ASMR, or ASMR Darling ~ That’s the move bro. Pay ASMR Darling to do a guest video on your channel. Just her ~ Don’t even be in the video, just publish an ASMR Darling video on the Bomboni channel. Buy the videos in bulk. See if you can buy 5 or 10 videos from her at once, and then release them slowly over a period of 3-6 months. Let it be a gift to your poopsies.

So the day is February 19th, did I mention that? I feel like I always forget to say the date! It’s 2021, did I mention that! Alebit, the publishing date is available on this blog, I am sure of that. What’s significant about this piece of writing, is that I usually don’t post my writing after I write it. ~ for a long time now, all of my writing has remained on my computer. When I first started traveling and writing about my life in 2017, I was quite excited to get my writing online. I eventually came to figure out that if I did not edit my writing immediately after I constructed it, I pretty much never came back to it, and thusly it became lost to the abyss; as it were.

The time is now 13:32. 13:33, sorry. I just got off the phone with Zac. I was pretty excited to move into his house, but he’s being kind of strange about the whole situation. But you know what? It’s kind of a reminder that I am on my own out here. Yesterday I wrote about how I was excited to move into his house, and now with one conversation he makes me feel a fool with the words I have penned ~ the literal day I decide to pick up writing again. Living where I live sucks a lot, but I try not to get to down on it. This is a situation I put myself in, unfortunately, and someday when I never tell you the whole story, you’re gonna be like whoa, Sparky really fucked that up lolz.

What would the world be like if I followed me…gut? heart? I’m not sure which of those things I am supposed to be following, and I’m not sure I feel either of them. My emotions sway from far left to far right, and I definitely don’t like it.

* * *

The time is 19:02 and I am writing to you from Kava Culture in Downtown Fort Myers. The vibes are the same as usual, which is to say they are unusual. This downtown area has strange vibes, but I embrace it. I think it’s one of those places that the more time you spend embraced, the more in tune you become. The question is, how easy will it be to leave?

Probably pretty easy ~ Nothing to it. I still haven’t figured out if I should use peoples real names or not. There are SO MANY PEOPLE! I can’t imagine asking each and every one of them if I can use their real name…that seems so improbable. Does that mean I get to make up fake names for everybody? I think Kerouac used real names, but then his publisher forced him to change them. Theoretically the scroll version I have home should have all the real names. Ginsberg and the lot, right? I really don’t know the answer to that, I guess I’ll have to pick up the fucking book to find out haha.

So anyway, I have yet to solve my dilemma…I suppose what I should do is use fake names, but then keep a key myself of all the real names and which fake name they equal…otherwise I’ll almost surely forget. And I’ll have to tie that key to an Instagram list. I already have a people I’ve met list going, and so this will just be a continuation of that.

A just said he made over $120 this week from Fiverr. That’s kick-ass! That’s good money. That’d be enough for me to pay rent haha ~ if I was moving! Only time will tell. I’ve been thinking I need to step my Fiverr game up. I raised the prices of my recovery coaching to better seem professional haha. $5 was really a minimal price, and I was only doing it to try and stack up good reviews. I think cognitive behavior therapy is the move [that’s not what I do, but I might help get people to that, if I think they need it]. I met a guy the other day, J, and he said that’s how he got sober. He said he did that, and then when he went to AA he noticed how everyone there only talks about alcohol. If that ain’t the truth!

I digress. I am sat at the bar of Kava Culture in Downtown Fort Myers. The manager doesn’t want rap music to fill the air, which is acceptable, but at the same time a bit confusing. I guess that every individual business has to choose the vibe they want to set, and it would be over saturated if everyone chose rap music. The time is 19:21, and it’s the evening of February 19th. Still 2021. Not still 2020, which is a big thing. That was a helluva year. The vibes definitely feel different this year, I don’t know why but I feel the difference. I wonder if it feels that way in San Francisco. Probably not. I think things are pretty stagnant there.

The open mic starts at 20:00, and I suppose I am going to rap tonight. I’m not 100% feeling it, but that doesn’t mean anything. Oh! Kevin and Joe both showed up. See, in this case I feel very comfortable using real names. Kevin was one of the guests on my podcast Spark Twain vs The World, and we used his real name on there, so that’s an easy transfer to make. Joe uses his name in the name of his business, ShoppinWithJoe, so that basically gives public permission to use the name haha. Kevin runs Insightful Finds, another vintage shop. I was thinking about bringing my t-shirts out tonight, and I’m kind of glad I didn’t. There would have been a lot of clothing out there! I’m not really participating in the setup tonight much, I’m kind of just floating. Float like…a bumble bee? A robotic bee! That’s the only kind of Bee I’m going to be.

I’m going to setup my recorder tonight. I wish I would have been recording some of the other recent days, but it’s nice to lose some things to history, right? Haha. Idk how I’ll really feel in 20 years, but either way, it’s nice to have the recordings I have.

The time is 19:28.

The time is 19:55. Shey said I can use her real name on my blog, and she would be the first person I have asked that question to. But she said yes with such little hesitation, that it gives me great optimism to ask other people. Kali just walked in front of me, and I asked her the same question, and not only did she said yes, she said I’m honored, and she gave a lil curtsy. It was cute. The people of Florida are softer and squishier than the people of Wisconsin, and the peninsula is better for that.

Hella folks are showing up tonight, but I’m not sure it will be any better for the market. I never really knew because I never sold anything either way, because I never spent any time by my stuff! That was the downfall of my trying to sell tyedye shirts. I never spent any time actually trying to sell them! I spent some time trying on the internet, but recently I took down all the links to all my stores except for Twains Tyedye, because that entire website is a store, so it’s not like I can simply remove a link…I mean I could do that, but then it’s just a website sitting there…I guess that that doesn’t really matter. It’s not like I’m working to build SEO for that website or something.

Obviously I could just keep writing all night. Sorry Mrs. Jackson just began to fill the air ~ seems like a good time to freestyle! I’m going to go put my name on the list, and maybe kick things off! And we are recording tonight so you’ll not only be able to read about this, you;ll be able to listen to it too! The time is 20:03, let’s go see how it looks on the list.

This computer is such a trip. I think it just unlocked based on my fingerprint, but it took like a whole minute to happen, and that’s just sus af. The time is now 20:30. The kratom is kicking in haha ~ I love this shit! It’s so much better than alcohol. It’s not even the same fucking ballpark. I was talking to Shey about it earlier, and at first she was talking about how the practical application of making the drinks is different, and how people who come from a bartending background can be kind of shit at making the drinks. Then I brought up that I think kava bars are safer for women, and she agreed 100%. She made several comments about how vile the late-nights at alcohol bars can be, but she said that nothing inappropriate has ever happened at a kava bar. Upgrade!

The more time I spent inside of these places, I am beginning to wonder if the owners will really view me as the best face for their company, Botanical Brewing. I believe that I am perfect! I am hard enough to gain respect from individuals who have really gone through some shit, but I am soft enough to effectively communicate with the clean-cut crowd. Foreal! It’s always been that way!

Prabh just walked into the building. And D was sitting on the couch earlier. I asked him if I could use his real name and he said just use D, and I said that’s why I ask, and that would mark the first time someone has said no to my using their real name ~ but it’s not like either of us are tripping about anything. There’s a reason we have the yin and the yang. Sam said yes to my using her name. I haven’t asked P yet haha. But when in doubt, I think I will just use the first letter of peoples names, you know.

B is up there doing his thing now. I just rapped for a little bit. I usually wait until later on in the night, but the later I wait, the less people there are in the building, forsure. And who doesn’t want a lot of people around for making rap music? Everyone wants a lot of people around for making rap music haha ~ Obviously! Or at least, it’s obvious to me. ~ Prabh Saini. He said I could use his full name, and since he even gave me his last name I figure why not, seems like the move to use his full name. You know, one of the only reasons I ever considered it necessary to create an alias is because Chris Buckley is already an author ~ he wrote the book Thank You For Smoking, and I saw that movie, like, eons ago. So I’ve known for a long time that my name was already being used by a famous author, and so I might have to get to make up my own. Ha. Right now I’m actually wearing my HeartOfZeus shirt! The only one in existence, and probably the only one that will exist for a long time, because I don’t know what I would do with more shirts that say HOZ on them haha.

Now that I’m back to writing it’s like…wtf! The world is my oyster! I could write about anything…but I can’t possibly write about everything…can I? I’d like to! There’s a lot of ass in the building, that’s one thing I know forsure. I wonder how good I have to rap for women to start asking me to come home with them. Because believe me, I would go haha. But a lot of these people probably live with their parents haha. That’s not funny though, because I actually live with my Dad; something that will go on for an undetermined amount of time! I am quite excited to be leaving this trap I fell into, but I’m not sure how I should go about it. I could look for a place to live that isn’t Zac’s, but that situation just fell into my lap so specifically. But then today he tried to tell me that by March 15th he would make a decision, but all of that is null and void because he already told me that I could probably move in March 1st, or something close to that, and I’m not really sure what’s running though his head. He probably thinks I don’t have any money or something ~ which is true, but I’m not that worried about that. Moving out of my dad’s house would put me in such a better place mentally, I have a feeling making money will be a skill that falls right back into my hands. It’s hard to believe that hanging out at my fathers could be the actual reason for my stagnancy, but when all the indicators point in the same direction, it’s hard to avoid. Woe is me!

Really what I should be doing is checking in with Botanical Brewing to see if I can get that social media position. That would be the best thing that could happen. The money I proposed for taking that job is quite low, but it would definitely be enough for me. The couch just filled up with people. Some of them are going to sing. Only one of them has a microphone. They are going to cover a Spice Girls song ~ lets see how it goes. I think it was supposed to have started already, but nothing is happening. Nate is standing in front of the computer as if things aren’t how they should be. Did I mention that Nicole gave me a sweet hat? I’ll have to take a picture in it before the night is up. They are killing this Spice Girls cover right now, forreal. People are dancing, and it’s just hella turnt! I think Prabh is on next. That cover is over now, but damn that shit was turnt.

I turned my head to find that A is in the building. I’m going to have to ask her if I can use her real name too. I feel like I already did, actually [idk what I was thinking when I wrote that, it’s definitely not true]. OKAY! Prabh is up! Tom is going to rap too. Hella people are here tonight haha. Let’s get it!

The time is 22:08 and everybody is screaming Fuck Brooke because Phrophy’s girl had a friend named Brooke I guess, and he didn’t like her haha. Now he’s performing a kick ass song. I should record it maybe. I recorded the last one. I def got the audio. Phrophy. Laz is standing next to me, and we just introduced each other. In fact, the only reason I really wrote her name is because she told me how to spell it, and I felt like I should write it down…it was literally at my fingertips. And so I did.

I am in the back of Kava Culture DTFM and I just started recording in selfie mode, so it’s me writing and then Phrophy in the background killing it. He’s really rappin his ass off, that’s forsure. He says he calls himself Phrophy because he really thinks he’s the shit. Word ~ Heard that! I don’t really know what level of rapping I will end up making it too ~ I tell a lot of people that I’m going to be famous, but will I really put in all that work? Only time will tell! But anyway, I kind of got distracted. Prophy is still on the stage going crazy. I keep spelling his name wrong, but this time I’m just going to leave it. Anyway, I am well aware that I can rap, and so I believe I have the authority to judge other rappers ~ at the very least I hope they can appreciate my compliments. Prophy is really here tearing it the kcuf up right now no joke. I kind of forgot I was filming this. I’m going to have to find a place to put it so that you can get to it. Maybe YouTube. It seems such a shame to publish my stuff on YouTube ~ I love Google, but I’ve been becoming less of a fan of YT for a long, long time now. It just has a lot of problems.

Sam has taken the stage. She’s doing a freestyle. Her freestyle singing is pretty good ~ can’t even lie about it.

This building is full of children. Forreal haha. Everybody would be insulted if they read that, except for the people that weren’t, and with this crowd that very might as well be a great many people. Sam is now singing Karaoke and everyone is singing along with her. Holy shit, I forgot the film is still rolling! I’m looking at the camera right now. Okay, then I picked it up and turned the camera off. Now I’m going to…order another drink? I’m not sure what the move is right now. I’m going to put the computer away and figure it out tho.

There’s a gentleman on stage whose name I don’t intend to ask permission to use, and he’s singing a sad song. Everyone is singing along though. Red lights, stop signs, I still see your face. This shit is deep. I’m glad I came down here tonight, and I’m extra glad I decided to record tonight. I can’t have that recording up nearly as fast as I can have this writing up, that’s forsure. I’ll have to go back and link to the recording later? Cuz you said forever, now I drive alone past your street.

I’m thinking I’ll get another drink. I’m thinking I might go smoke a little more too. This isn’t the environment that wants to align itself with that, and honestly I don’t think Kava Culture will have a difficult time differentiating itself from ________, even if there is some brackish water there. Backstreet Boys is being sung right now. D is killing it. I wrote his whole name and then had to delete it haha. D! Just like on Freemont street.

There is not a group of girls singing All The Singles Ladies while standing right next to me. It’s a good vibe. Do you think they will ever read about themselves? Perhaps also, if they do read about themselves they will get to listen to themselves, as I was just saying. Most of the time when I write about people I am almost positive that they will never read what I write about them, but now it’s almost the exact opposite, because I am almost positive that everyone is certainly going to read about themselves, unless they decide they simply don’t want to. Plus, this is Florida, a state full of rich kids. How long before I get sued? I’ve always thought that getting sued would be good for my brand anyway.

Now everyone is singing Superbass. I like this song. I definitely know a lot the words haha. Nobody knows all the words though, and it’s pretty funny. And all these kids are loose off kava? Pretty soon they’re going to be calling kava a gateway drug, but it definitely isn’t that. Sugar is a fucking gateway drug, because they sell that shit to literal children! In fact, they basically encourage kids to eat sugar. Which is wild, right? The time is 23:02 and I am writing to you from the back of Kava Culture, and I’m having a conversation about sugar; just between you and me though…a small conversation.

I am certainly getting hungry.

The time is 23:04 and Justin Rodriguez is taking the stage. I’m not going to ask if I can use his real name on my blog, because he uses his real name when he advertises his music. A dog just barked. JR. I could call him JR. Anyway, I’m going to take some photographs.

The time is 23:11 and a grip of people are stepping out of the building. A lot of Prabh’s friends, it looks like. Which is lame because Justin is up here doing his thing. It just occurred to me that perhaps my typing could be heard by the microphone as I create a pitter patters upon the counter top.

It’s unbelievable how cranked the vibes are in here tonight. And I get to sit in the corner and document it all. It’s a beautiful world, you just gotta find your place, and live. There are some serious hippies in the house tonight, I can tell. And Justin is literally killing it on the microphone. He’s playing Alice in Chains now, I believe. I think someone just took a picture of me. I’m definitely no stranger to having a camera snuck on me. Muni ~ that’s all I’ve got to say about that. I kind of wish I was wearing sweatpants. That’s a new thought.

I’ve got all sorts of new thoughts. So many so, that it seems impossible to sort though. It would be advantageous to create writing that is edible in nature. How would I feel to produce what nobody can consume? Like bad music. Justin is making some kick-ass music right now, but sometimes people will give me a mix tape, and I listen to it, and I’m just like wtf am I supposed to do with this. Planet Earth is blue, and there’s nothing I can do.

Now this girl A is on stage, but she spelled her name different today. She’s an amazing singer. It’s really something to listen to. I feel like I shouldn’t be writing during her performance haha. Like it’s probably rude! And it probably really is. I’m glad I have this whole night recorded though. I guess I’m nervous to talk to this girl, which I really shouldn’t be, but that’s just how life goes. I’m not even particularly interested in her, but I feel like people think that of me when I approach them. Everyone pulled their phones out at the end and had their flashlights turned on.

I got really caught up in singing Hey There Dehlila at the end. Boy oh boy, do I love to sing! I forget about it until it’s game time! Haha. So we are almost at the bottom of the list.

I forget how to spell this ladies name, even though I’ve looked at it and heard it, and I don’t want to guess cuz I’ll just butcher it. It’s probably time to smoke another bowl, real talk. I know Ken wants to jam again, and honestly I’d love another chance to freestyle. Fuck. I’m going to have to tell D that I can’t come freestyle tomorrow night [but as it turns out, I will be there!]. I’ll also ask her if I can use her name in my blog, I suppose. I don’t forsee her having a problem with that.

There’s two girls singing Captain Hook by Meghan thee Stallion right now. Now they are singing Only by Nicki. Darius is up there doing his thing. It’s hilarious, honestly. I’m glad I’m recording this. These girls been singing about some dirty shit all night. There are a lot of young women with big butts here, and I want to fuck all of them.

I’m hungry as fuck, that’s all I know. I think I’m going to go smoke more, and then come in and maybe try and…rap a little? Nah, I kind of doubt I’m going to rap again tonight. It was a pretty lit night. D is on the stage singing a song; a song that I know, but I can’t remember the name of. Nate spilt his drink all over the floor. It has been an amazingly full night! Blessed be us in SWFL. The time is 00:08 upon February 20th.

The time is 00:26, and the girl with all the tattoo’s just left. I think she might have been lowkey waiting around to hear me rap. I currently have a microphone in my lap, and Ken is switching thru sounds, and this other guy is going to play harmonica. The time is 12:33. He just started playing the monica.

* * *

Holy shit tho, the absolute best part of the night was when this beautiful woman and I fell into conversation. She offered me her number, but I’ve really been having a lot of fun with Snapchat recently so I decided to take that instead. I’m not going to ask her if I can use her real name, because nobody knows who I am talking about except for her, so it’s kind of like I’m talking directly to her. Ya dig? I haven’t sent her a snap yet ~ I’m trying to play it cool. Actually, I’m just naturally playing it cool. It’s like…I’ve been noticed this girl for weeks upon weeks…and now I have the ability to talk to her every day. She’s really pretty. Her face is beautiful, with high cheekbones and skin that looks tougher than mine. Like maybe…oh nevermind haha. Her voice fucking melts my soul! but the sexiest part about her is that she is a traveler.

Can you believe I wrote fucking 8 pages? What am I supposed to even do with all this writing ~ I don’t have an answer for that. I’m going to publish it, and hopefully people read it! That’s what’s going to happen. That’s that, the time is 02:58 in the morning, and I’m going to sleeeeeep!

x. Spark Twain