soulterra asmr talk


It is a bright and shiny morning where I am writing this to your from in Florida, and I sincerely hope you are enjoying your own weather. If you are not, then I hope this letter brings you warmth and comfort.

The reason for today’s letter is simple: I will be hosting a 30 minute talk about ASMR, and I would be so honored if the ASMR Community showed up to hear what I have to say.
ASMR Saved my life, and I am unequivocally passionate about telling my story.

Join the co-owner of Soul Terra and myself!

On the morning of March 3rd at 9:30am Eastern Standard Time [New York time].

Where? The @Soulterra Instagram page.

Every Wednesday at 09:30am, Soulterra goes live on Instagram for 30 minutes before restocking their pyramid candles. They do this to give brands and individuals a platform from which to speak.

I’d like to amplify the voice of ASMR upon the morning of March 3rd!

With a small amount of help from you [and you, and you], we can make the March 3rd livestream Soulterra’s most popular in history! And I promise ~ This beautiful company deserves all that love! [Plus it would definitely make sure that Soulterra remembers those 4 letters: ASMR]

The owners Danielle and Will are such kind individuals, and when Will told me about the passions that drove him to start making candles ~ his passion for scents ~ I knew I had found a company that aligned with the ASMR.Community values.

So what will I be talking about? I thought you’d never ask!

ASMR Saved My Life! Forreal!
When I discovered ASMR back in 2013, I was a seemingly hopeless alcoholic.

The first ASMR video I ever watched was from The Water Whispers Ilse. Soon I was using these videos to fight my addictive urges, and by 2015 I turned my life around in a massive way ~ and I had probably watched/listened to over 3000 hours of ASMR too!

Everytime I felt like having a drink of alcohol, I would listen to an ASMR video…and by the end of the video I would no longer feel like drinking. This is the premise upon which I founded ASMR.Community.

From April 1st 2020 until January 2nd 2021, I published a daily blog. The goal of these blog posts is to help individuals overcome addiction using ASMR, and I believe strongly that my writings will help people with addiction recovery for years to come.

I digress! This is all information I will be discussing on the morning of March 3rd!

Again, I must reiterate, I would be so honored if you decided to tune into the Soulterra Instagram at 09:30 EST upon the morning of March 3rd and join me for a short, but sweet talk about ASMR.

Further more, I would be grateful if you chose to extend this invitation to your audience, either in the form of a social media post, or perhaps directly ~ using the power of your channel.

I am not shy about it! ~ I would like to make this livestream the most watched livestream in Soulterra history ~ The way I explain ASMR, and my story about how ASMR helped me are both unique, and I am certain it gives a lot of validity to the ASMR Community when I tell my version of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

I look forward to seeing you in the live chat on March 3rd! Please comment, if you do drop in, I would loveee to hear from you and give you a shoutout because I love your content!

Thank You for you time! Have a beautiful day!

x. Spark Twain