KCBS March 10th

So I own this website, right? And I am wondering how much I should ask for it. The website is one I purchased because I was interested in running a fan website, and I am still interested in that, but it has come to me that the website might be worth more as a website itself, then the realized potential of running a fan website.

The website could potentially belong to a single individual, if they wanted to purchase it. It would match their brand impeccably. They are the host of a podcast with over 6 million downloads last year. That podcast is produced in-house, by a company of 50 people. Last year, that company was purchased by a larger company for 75 million dollars. The company’s other offerings include a daily email with over 2.5 million readers, and three industry specific newsletter’s “read by over 500,000,” whatever that means. Collectively, presumably.

They are young, and they are on their way to niche-stardom. How much is my website worth?

I had already emailed them months ago asking them to purchase the website for $2,500, and then 3 days later I read in the news that they got purchased for 75 million dollars. I received one response from the individual themselves saying they would talk to their team about it.

The time is 20:28 and I am writing to you from Kava Culture in Bonita Springs. I just split a j to the face with my new friend. Honestly, I forget her name, but I think all humans can agree that that part doesn’t really matter, does it? I will someday again know. Names…they are important, but not until they are.

I got caught up in the neon lights. The kava sign is blinking. I took pictures, but I don’t think they will do it justice. I likely won’t even publish them. _______ is here doing his usual usual. He is cool ~ a ______ player. I’m not going to ask him about my website.

There are a lot of things I consider and think about, but that I don’t write. I am ready to write about these in the form of a book someday. Should I start writing that now? My stomach kind of hurts. Is it because I ate too much earlier, or because I am drinking kratom on an empty stomach? Likely…both. Haha.

The time is now 20:42. What should I do? I need to write proposals to get some of my websites sold. I have more than just the one which I am looking to sell. The other ones are mostly related to ASMR. At my height, I owned over 40 websites. Maybe I should start buying more. Once I close some of these deals I will have to reinvest at least a little back into websites. I could buy some more related to ASMR. That might be a move. Damn. And you know what? I signed up for a virtual convention about selling domain names, and it was perfectly timed, and then I like…I didn’t attend. I don’t even remember what I did do. I think I was working on writing my fiverr order, actually. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that I didn’t go.

The time is 21:01 and I just ordered Five Guys. Cajon fries. Not sure if it was the move or not.

The time is 21:35 and I’m eating Five Guys. The time is 21:49 and I just ate most of my Five Guys. Whoa. I am omw to being a fat motherfucker, I keep eating how I live. Ya dig? With a shovel? Or with a backhoe. That’s the best way to dig. Dig smarter, not harder. Isn’t that what they always say?


So the Kava Bar is a little boppin right now! I am fresh off a fat meal and idk how I feel about it. I could feel better. I guess I am a little excited at the prospects of selling my website. There are two others that I own related to ASMR, as I said. One could potentially be of interest to a YouTuber with 800,000 subscribers, and the other one could be of interest to an individual with 250,000 subscribers. How much do you think I should be asking for those? I’m really not sure. Sky is not the limit ~ I’m a realist. I was originally thinking about asking 4k for each, but realistically I know that one should be worth almost double, or perhaps more than double that of the other. So maybe I am looking at 4k and 12k? I shouldn’t even be talking numbers. But what is the move? Sell the website and then reinvest the fucking money! Forsure. I have a lot of ideas, and so I need to make sure I invest the money wisely as to not make my efforts fruitless. Can you imagine a world where I secure a $2,000 per month income? And maybe I go back to Asia. Delaney has been telling me I should start vlogging again. She brought it up several times. I think that same thing. I’m thinking about pulling out the Camera right now. Hmm…I’m gonna do it. Will hit me up. Maybe I end up going to Wub. But I don’t really want to go, honestly [I didn’t go].

Delaney just got a new firepit for her kava bar. I think it’s propane powered. I can’t picture this place forking out for propane haha. But forreal I need to get on my vlogging game. What’s it like to hangout at a kava bar? I’ll let you know forreal.

It is true that the world will be interested to know what life is like inside of a kava bar. I could have been filming these videos for months, but the hardest part is both getting content ~ permission from the patrons and people I am with ~ and then the editing. All the editing. Video editing is not fun, but I am become under the impression that it might be the most effective way for me to make money. But seriously, I cannot stress how strange my recent experience has been. I am thinking I will be in here filming for months. Slowly, I think people will warm up to it. I have a lot of videos online, and some of them are pretty cringe-worthy, tbh, but then again some of them are hot asf. The backpack video is everything, forreal.

Buddocs.org is apparently a lit site for finding cannabis deals in Florida. I just got through talking to this guy Victor ~ he’s still sitting next to me. I’m going to stop asking people if I can use their name on my blog, because you know what? All the names are fake! Or their not, I really can’t comment on such a thing. But I am enjoying this. Sitting here writing…this is what I was built to do. And if I can make a little money by selling some websites? Then I can really afford to let my mind wander! Honestly hanging out with Delaney is changing my life. She’s the business orientated lover of my dreams. We are both in love with the money, and it’s nice that way because you can take the focus off of ourselves ~ or not ~ and merely focus on loving something which we both already identity a kinship too. The almighty dollar.

The time is 22:52. I can write anything I want on this blog. I feel kind of good about it. I’ve been thinking about it, you know. I am so careful with what I publish on this blog, and a lot of times people want to talk to me about my blog, and I say I don’t want to talk about it, but I am going to stop saying that because I know deep-down that I am able and ready to discuss and defend any of the things I have written. So that being said, what should I write? What style should I present? With great power comes great responsibility.

Delaney is giving this dude at the bar a hard time. It’s a good vibe. Feels like a real bar! You know? This one specifically, Bonita, feels a lot like how a real bar would feel. But, like, a hip asf bar, you know? I want to bring you the vibe. Could filming videos be the most efficient way to do that? I am certain that I can bring the vibe to life writing, but I am just lazzyyyy! Haha. Or something like that. Maybe not. YG is filling the air ~ everyone is vibing a good vibe. Delaney is in front of me preparing to make more elixir. I think I am going to go smoke a bowl. That’s the move for me! Maybe now…maybe in five minutes. I want something to do. I need to really focus on the money. I used to be focused the money, and then I backed off the gas a little, but now I’ve got to get back on it. I’m a little nervous about writing proposals to sell my websites, because it leaves me open to get turned down! But if I could sell these websites it would be lifechanging, and then all I’d need to do is invest it properly…and keep living, and not stop focusing on the money. Ya dig? 2021 is my year. I’ve going to sell enough websites to start a business that can support me for the rest of my life. Should be a good life. I am ready. But first…smoking a bowl. Should I? I almost feel like I don’t even need to ~ more like, it’s just something that I’m used to. And that’s true, because I am so used to it. I smoke weed everyday and it’s been that way for a long time.

On a related note, Delaney hasn’t smoked any cigs today, and neither have I. Feeling good about that! I haven’t smoked very many since December 27th ~ only like 5 in total, I’d say. I’m doing pretty good. And even times like now, when I feel like I want something more, but I don’t exactly know what it is, I don’t turn to smoking cigs. Or drinking. But that’s a given. Post Malone is filling the airwaves. What did Casey used to call me? Stone Malone ~ I think haha. Flow Malone is another good one too. But he’s too new on the scene for someone to be coppin his name. Kinna like Wave Chapelle. Have you ever heard of him?

I already knew that shit. Wow! I can’t believe I’ve already boxed myself into the corner of editing 3 pages. What I should be doing is writing up proposals to make some money! Haha. How many times have I written that? Probably not very many, to be real. I’m thinking I might eat some sugar though, that would be the shit, right? Who doesn’t like eating sugar. And the Oopsy Daisy treats they have here been dank asf. Okay. The time is 23:18 and I’m going to go smoke a bowl and then do something productive, so maybe I’ll just end up editing this writing haha.

I just went outside and smoked a bowl and recorded a long video. I mean, it wasn’t that long, but everything is relative. Cigarettes on cigarettes is filling the air right now. It’s clear though. Feel me?

This is a reminder to myself to buy a baton. I’m going to look for one online right now. They must be legal in Florida, right? Well, first of all, I found out that concealing a baton in Florida is as illegal as concealing a gun. Also, the good ones appear to be $137. Which is all well and good, but I just don’t have that much right now. And I want to get the good one. It’s a bad look to beat someone’s ass with a cheap stick, even in self-defense. I hope, of course, that I never have to use it. Never know though.

I’m eating one of these sandwich cookies now. It’s good asf. The time is 23:09. Delaney told me that I’m making excuses in not going out to the Nauti Parrot and selling my shirts. I just can’t help it! I don’t fucking want to go. Some of it has to do with the scene itself, and some of it has to do with the people. Will wants to go there are sell ______________ alongside my tyedye, but I’m just not about it. Idk. I don’t vibe with his ideas about the world. I feel a little bad about putting that on my blog instead of talking to him about it, but I don’t really feel obligated to talk to him about it. I’ve identified differences between another individual and myself, and I have identified those differences to create a chasm between us. Am I supposed to make an effort to go to this rave-thingy? We bonded a little bit over the idea of being single men, but I have fallen out of that gravitation. I went with Will to the beach one time, and even that was a strange experience. I want to be his friend, because I admire his success with business, but I have not been demonstrated that hanging out with him will actually teach me what I need to know in order to be successful. So…yeah. These are my thoughts about Will. He has great success, and I admire that he wants to be my friend, but I don’t understand him.

I feel as much anxiety towards people judging me on my feelings about Will as people judging my writings about Ellie. I am a mess! Haha. That is life though. Both of those things are relevant. To me, they are both real feelings that I have to deal with. I’m not growing to be as good as I want to be. Still, I pursue. Persevere? I do all that. I am hyper tired! That elixir really hits different with this sleepytime weed I’ve been smoking.

We are on to page 4. I need to edit this about publish it. Forreal.

x. Spark Twain