North Beach to Bonita Springs

North Beach to Bonita Springs

In October of 2017 I arrived in North Beach, a neighborhood of San Francisco, only to discover that I fit like a glove fits in water. Snug. I was already writing in the Stream of Consciousness style, and when I arrived to San Francisco, me and the Green Tortoise Bus Driver, I arrived upon the very streets where artists had expressed themselves in a similar fashion 60 years previous. Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Neal Cassady, Bob Kaufman, and apparently Leonard Cohen.

Green Tortoise Bus

You could also include, at least for my influences, Francis Ford Coppalla, because he sat at Caffe Trieste and wrote a portion of the God Father. Sometimes I wonder if that was just a publicity stunt, but other times I don’t. Part of the epic’s, are the epic parts.

bobs donuts in caffe trieste
bobs donuts in caffe trieste

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. I hope to achieve greatness, but sometimes I worry I was born great.

Ha. I’m just being a pessimist.

I’ve written so fucking much in the last week. But what do I do with it all? Some tell me I should get an editor. What do others say? I’m not sure. I’m so focused on me that it’s unhealthy. However, I am working to harness this, and let the world move through me like some sort of…spiritual and fleshy tube, or something. The Twain Tube. I’m high.

There is something amazing happening here in Florida, and that is with certainty. It’s a bizarre phenomenon that it is happening in coincidence with a pandemic, but then again, this shit was going on before I got here. It’s just, now I’m writing about it. Is it possible that this is going on in multiple places? If history shows us anything ~ we have no fucking idea! BUT for the first time in history, we can actually find out. With the internet!

photo shoot at delaneys
photo shoot in Delaney's kitchen

First we need to identify what quantifies a renaissance, and then we need to assess if what we have here in SWFL is quantified. What is a Renaissance? A Revival or Renewed Interest in Something. Okay. Is that what we have here? I’m not sure, I just got here. Hmm, but you know what? It doesn’t matter, because with the internet, things happen everywhere at once. I was in Vietnam and I wrote that there was a Revolution happening there ~ and is that so different than a renaissance? The internet is changing the game.

There is a revival of art and musical culture in South West Florida. After decades of individuals making a strong effort to express their artistic interests, only to have those interested quashed by the cost of being human ~ the time is ripe! The renaissance is the revolution is the change is the age of Aquarius ~ if you’re into that stuff.

Da Nang, Prague, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Oakland, Seattle, Vancouver, Columbus, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Porto, Bordeaux, Dublin, Ubud, Chiang Mai, Pai, Ventian, Kolkata, Narobi, Lima, Costa Rica. Yoo and I’m just talking about places that I kind of think I know about. The truth is, there are lots of places that are damn certain to be nomad hot spots in the future. I meet so many people working from their laptop, but a lot of them aren’t moving around like the could. Some of them are, forsure, but some are not. What are you?

poets corners original
i remember how my shoes felt

Cape Town, Tbilisi, Bansko, Kathmandu, Tallinn, Medellin, Lisbon, Kiev, Vilnius, Budapest, Krakow, Xi’an ~ for those more brave than I. I’m too scared to smoke weed in China. I haven’t tried it, you know, but I just get bad vibes about smoking weed in China.

What am I on about? I’ve just been rambling for a long time. I’m sat upon ____ porch writing this to you, and the time is 16:44 ~ Saturday, March 14th, 2021. It’s a warm day here in Florida. The music that I am listening to is in Spanish, and I don’t understand a lick. Right now it’s all steel drums.

Will mentioned that he would be willing to purchase a steel drum and let me us it, if I learned some songs with him. It sounds like a fun thing, but the truth is I don’t have much interest in it. I like going out and playing with SCPM because we don’t rehearse anything. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Well, that’s not true, but, we are attracting a certain kind of crowd, and I think that’s really top-notch ~ that’s what we want. A small number of superfans is better than a large number of mediocre fans. You know?

I just put a cookie on the stove. I am going to warm it up and eat it. No good. I think the sugar is going to give me high anxiety. Just that thought probably means I shouldn’t do it, right? I am weak to sugar. I have addiction problems! Stop looking at me like that~~~

You know, I’ve written like 25 pages this week, but I haven’t published any of it. This? I plan to publish this!

I feel like I should write about where I stand with ____. People ask me about it irl. Idk. I talked to her about it. I’m not so sure I’m ready to tell you yet haha. But I will! I say so much ~ the object is almost to say less.

x. Spark Twain