dlnyz hze

Dlnyz Hze

Whew! I’m causing a lot of drama! I love it haha. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

The time is 10:10 and I writing to you from Delaney’s kitchen. My computer is sat atop a peanut jar, and there is chorizo on the stove. D is perched on the far shore of the island ~ phone in hand, reception is good.

It’s March 15th, incase you were wondering. There’s a lot of you out there reading this blog ~ I hear the stories; but I also see the analytics. I just wanna, like, show you what I mean. I feel like a lot of what I’m getting is..bad publicity? Not really, but definitely I’m part of a dramatical situation for at least two womens lives, and I just love it haha. One of these people I merely wrote about, the other I am casually inside of. What’s it to you?

bong and breakfast taco thingy
photogenic bong + decentralized taco

Esperanza Spalding is now filling the air. The chorizo is cooking up nicely. I’m about to add eggs. And…maybe a little cheese? Breakfast Tacos!

This woman doesn’t know anything about being ugly, am I right?


She’s beautiful! And so I make love to her like she’s a beautiful woman. Right now, she’s sitting next to me packing a bowl. She’s a Weed Queen. A Ganja Goddess. A Daba Duchess. She’s my Cannabis Countess ~ my cannabis consort %p. jp.

My Wookie Debutante! That sounds weird. I’m rolling with it. You know what they say! The rolling stone gathers no moss. I’m rolling stoned. I’m rolling stoned heretic. Anybody want to buy that website? Stonedheretic.com and thestonedheretic.com as a pair, I’m selling the pair for $2000/1.5ETH/8LTC. Hmu. Most crypto’s accepted.

My plan was to use those websites to sell pipes. I think that is still a good idea. For the right person, it’s a really good idea.

Omg ~ talking it through with Delaney, we came to our best idea yet! I’m going to ______________ tell yo ass about it later!! The time is 12:42, and I am going to go order some SB, come back, drink it, and build a website while she sits on her phone call. HAzzah1

The time is 13:17 and Delaney is on her manager call for work. Oh! And I’m also supposed to be working hard right now! Haha.

The time is 19:07. Delaney spilt my Starbucks with her laptop while she was on her manager call, so I only got to drink two sips of it. Then, I proceeded to clean the whole kitchen and part of the living room. It looks pretty damn good in here, if I don’t say so myself.

What else have I done this afternoon? Mostly I’ve just been thinking about business. I’ve been crazy thinking about business. Is that unusual for me? Haha. I’m joking! That’s rhetorical.

How many of you are reading this from San Francisco, Seattle, or Wisconsin? I got friends all over the place! I can see yall on the analytics, but I don’t know who you are, or even how you found me. I’ll tell you the this though! If you have a Google acct, and are logged in while you search, then they protect your information. Otherwise, they just pass that info through. If you are logged in, I can’t see what you typed into Google to find my site. Otherwise…I can! Most people, 80%ish, are logged in.

The time is 22:44 and I am writing this to you from Delaney’s couch. We were going to go into her work tonight, but we ended up taking a nap instead. She works harder than me.

So I woke up like 10 minutes ago, and realized by the…everything around me, that it was way past 8 or 9pm. Sure enough, when I check the time it’s like 10:45. So here I am, sat in Delaney’s living room, writing this to you because I am not tired, and I have nothing to do. Had I known we weren’t going to leave I would have ordered Starbucks.

I let my life get lived by other people, all the time. It happened tonight! I feel really out of place sitting in this dark living room right now.

I just smoked some weed, and I honestly feel better than I did before, but I really didn’t want to smoke weed. I didn’t want to artificially feel good. I wanted the real thing! I just want to feel good.

I especially didn’t feel good tonight, and so I suppose the knowledge that my happiness is artificial was really in my face tonight, but, no matter. I gotta stick to the script. Smoking weed has been what has worked for me.

Honestly though, I think it’s the kratom! I think I am having, like, kratom withdrawals or something. I feel a very strange feeling within me, as if my soul is being stretched. It’s not good. I don’t like it. Smoking weed didn’t make the feeling go away, but you know, I have a sneaking suspicion that kratom would make this feeling go away. And, as an added bonus, I would receive the feeling of a kratom high, which is not unlike the other opiate highs I have received in my life.

Perfecto! I want to run a business slanging this stuff. I want it! And I will be fair! What I’m going to do is start two holding companies. Maybe. That costs money, which is something I don’t have to throw around.

The time is 23:32. I feel marginally better than I did before. Today was the best day on my website in a long time, but what’s more important is the consistency. I have people who tell me they actually look forward to reading my blog! Wtf? That’s what’s up. The momentum, however, is the hardest thing I have keeping up with.

How I feel ~ it ebbs and flows. I’m really not happy that it’s late asf and I am here on this porch, listening to the high-pitch syncopated whine of some environmental molesting machine, and I am not content with what I have, but instead I want more. More what? What the fuck am I mooring for?

I spend so much time talking ideas over with Delaney, and she asked me why do you need me; why don’t you do this without me? And you know, it’s just a question I haven’t been able to answer and I am frustrated with that.

For such a long time I talked to people about business. I would talk their fucking ear off about it! But now? Well, now I still do, but there was this huge chunk of time last year where I wrote a blog for, like, 285 days in a row at asmr.community.

I always say that I am turning that website into the number one ASMR website in the world, but the truth is that I am too scatterbrained for that shit. Or, something. I get moods like the one I have now. I laid on that couch for like a fucking 40 minutes just trying not to feel bad for myself. I am a man that has it all! People love me, and I am rich with experience. So why do I get in a mood where I feel I can’t continue? Where I am stuck ~ beyond handcuffed or cemented in ~ I am apart of the carbonite that is life, caged on planet earth, destined to duel amongst the other inhabitants until the perfect specimen, one that’s not to smart and not too dumb, emerges. The dinosaurs were too dumb. The humans were too smart. Wait a minute, did I just predict the end of mankind?

I maya done that, what’s it to you?

x. Spark Twain