I am writing to you from the Kava bar in Downtown Ft Myers. It has occurred to me that, perhaps, these people do not know why I come here. Do you know why I am always writing to you form different places? It’s because I am a restless mf. I like to get out. I suppose it would be one of the “tools in my recovery” as it were. When I wake up, I want to get moving right away. Do I enjoy drinking coffee? Meh, it’s a love/hate relationship. The same relationship I have now developed with kava and kratom. Today, I am drinking plain kratom, writing to you from the bar. I feel a little anxious, but in part, that is probably due to the coffee I consumed earlier. I can tell the difference between low and high quality coffee by the way it makes me feel. Now, obviously, everybody is different. I mean, everybody will be affected differently, holistically, by coffee. Where some people can consume McDonalds coffee all the time, I cannot. The older I get, the more I realize I am not the kind of person that can drink coffee period. Yet, I still consume it. Okay, now let’s talk about Kava.


Kava is a root…from the kava plant? I am not sure. Maybe it’s one of those plants where the root is the most useful part. I mean, potatoes grow leaves, but you never see anyone consuming potato leaves, do you? I really don’t know lol, actually. But I am pretty sure no one consumes potato leaves.


How much do you think kava costs? Obviously, in bulk, it is probably very cheap. When you buy it at a kava bar though? I would say it’s expensive. This is not a problem, because I am an educated consumer, and I know what I want. Myself? I am waiting for a restaurant that sells bugs! Forreal. Once they start selling bugs in America the country will be all the better for it.


The time is 13:10, and the day is February 25th, 2020. Sitting next to me at this kava bar are two individuals that have been to Meow Wolf in New Mexico. Epic! I am dying to go to Meow Wolf. Someday…someday. My friend Jordan [I’m not really sure if he is my friend, but we went to school together] lives in Albuquerque, and it’s strange how closely his art fits into what I know to be the Meow Wolf vibe. Obviously, I was aware of my friend Jordan’s art prior to my hearing about Meow Wolf, and maybe that’s why I am surprised at how well the vibes mesh; he obviously knew what he was getting himself into going to Albuquerque.


The time is 13:42, and I justdoubled my  investment in Cara Theraputics. Dumbdumbriskyriskydumb ole me! In actuality, I can’t lose that money…which means I shouldn’t be risking it in the stock market! We saw how that worked out for me two years ago when I sold a grip of stocks and lost beaucoup bucks on the day the stcks were lower than they have been in yearsss. Did I learn from my mistakes? Hell no! I fucking go and purchase more! When I still can’t afford it. In hindsight, I should have invested my money in the stock market instead of literally throwing it away in Vegas. But…I will hope for the best. Go Cara! We’re all rooting for you to help people experience less pain in a safer manner than opioids!


Okay brb imma hit the restroom


There is only one restroom key at this place, but it’s actually a multi-person public restroom. That however is not the most interesting thing about that situation. Having the key and putting it into the lock does not guarantee you entry to the restroom here. You’ve got to know the secret tactic to get the lock to work. After several attempts, I have nearly perfected the method.


When people come in here, and they take their purchases with them, I don’t think they are using this place right. Everything he is expensive, and so the best method is to sit and use the space. It’s kind of like a bar…kind of. I mean, if you go into a bar only for the purpose of consuming liquor, why wouldn’t you have just went to a liquor store? You could even get the social effect, as long as you do a little planning ahead and get your friends to meet you at a predetermined location. But, to just go into a bar as if it’s the best place to buy alcohol? Nah; ain’t happening, right? Same with the Kava bar; any kava bar for that matter, I would think. You pay for the experience. Maybe you pay for the wifi! Or the conversation with the person serving you drinks. You could even consider that you are paying for a place to live, if you sleep outside haha. But! to just come, buy bottled water, and leave? I don’t know if that’s the move. To even just buy a kava and leave! I am not sure that that is the move. Currently, kava falls into the realm of the unknown for most people, but once they figure out it’s as easy to make as tea, well then…many people will just make it themselves. That exact thing is happening with Kombucha. A man like myself? I don’t have a solid home, so I have no place to make kombucha. But! You better bet your ass that once I find myself a home, I will be brewing my own things. I will still come to the kava bar because I like it here; I like the social aspect, and very simply, I just like getting out of the house. But from a monetary standpoint, home-prep is the move. It needs to be the future for our hyper-consumerist America. Yall are broker than me out here! Stay up foos! The time is 14:12, and I am going to take a break from writing.


The time is now 14:42, and let me tell you: When the Devil takes your hand, you dance.

Just moments ago I sent a message, and then I found out Sin City Hostel is very open to having me work there. It sounds like I could move there today, actually. BUT! I am definitely going to go to Milwaukee. You know, I really don’t want to live in a hostel again…especially considering the massive pay drop I will have to take from leaving San Francisco. What am I going to do? Hmm. I might have to get a second job! Fuck! I really fucked my life up yall! I could be sitting hella pretty; hella money in the bank, just chillin. Instead? I am thinking about working at another fucking fast food restaurant. I gotta figure out what I am going to do here…so I am going to leave this kava bar and head back to my house. PEACE OUT from downtown Ft Myers at 14:53 on February 25th, 2020.


x. Spark Twain