The time is 16:35, still February 25th, 2020. Although this is Kava Bar 4, I am writing this on the same day as Kava Bar 3. What happened was, I left, thinking I was going to go home and think about if I wanted to move to Las Vegas or not, but then I realized it would have been a 58 minute wait for the bus. So I turned my ass right around, and came back to imbibe in more of the kratom happy hour. $2.13. Can’t beat that. Honestly though, I could probably consume 100 of these things lol.


Apparently Ja Rule is playing in Centennial Park tonight. Will I go? Will I not? It seems like the move, that I go to this concert thing.


Fast Forward a bit! The time is now 18:40 and I am still at the Kava Culture Kava Bar in downtown Ft Myers, AND I just posted a new tiktok video. My first tiktok video? No. My second. The first one I deleted, and actually, I was just told that that is a bad thing to do. So! Anyway…I am not so sure I am going to go to this Ja Rule show tonight…I mean I could…but will I? It all gets decided right now.


See, what happened is, I started talking to one of the people that is here, and he told me about how he has gotten really popular on TikTok, and with that little guidance, I think I might have actually figured this thing out. Let’s just…see. No Expectations! That’s my move right now. However, I am now strongly under the belief that TikTok could be the platform for my ASMR.Community brand to reach a large audience ~ fact. Well, anyway…I have been here a hella long time. Remember? I left at like 15:08 and then it turns out I missed the bus and so I came back and now its 18:44 and I’ve actually been here longer the second half of the day than I was the first half of the day lol. It’s been 9 minutes and my video has no views. Nvm; maybe I didn’t figure anything out lol. PEACE OUT from Kava Culture Kava Bar in Downtown Ft Myers!


x. Spark Twain