cosmic thursday march 18

Cosmic Thursday ~ March 18th

There are so many things that I want to write, but at the end of the day, most of it does not see the light of day. With that in mind, I’d like to take this time to thank Christi of Trulieve in Fort Myers. It was my first time in Trulieve the other day, and she was just so sweet and so helpful, and it was a pleasure to meet her and get to hear her recommendations about medical marijuana in the fine fine state of Florida. Boy oh boy, do I ever like it here. I have boatloads more to explore, but I’ll tell you, this Southwestern part of Florida is my vibe thru and thru.

el burrito flash

I’d like to take this time out to Thank Juli and Sasha and Brett. They are readers of my blog and are very supportive of my work. I tagged them all in an Instagram story-post today because Brett was screaming about me as I was filming lol. El Burrito Flash was there too. That was a fun time today at the Kava bar. Antonio is running a kick ass business ~ you should definitely check out El Burrito Flash.

Indy is whining and barking her fucking head off right now! It’s insane! What causes a dog to constantly whine all the time? It isn’t cute.

I know that ____ wants me to come in there and ____ ___ ______ out right now, but I just have it in my soul that I have to write. Boy oh boy, is shit ever getting convoluted! I am a naturally paranoid person, and I’ll tell you ~ down here in swfl, the vibe is ripe for for weirdness and and coincidences and. Coincidences. There is nothing funny. Only funner.

Okay. I’m done.

I give up! I’m too fucking good!

too good

I can’t have any funner with words, I’m already at my maximum.

Gunna on a verse, I’m out the loop ~ tell me, what’s happenin?

If you don’t understand. I feel bad at chu.

If you do understand. I’m sorry. That’s a fact statue.

A fat statute, a fat stogie rolled and smoke like 2 or 3 or 4 of em

Windows rolled down, all 4 of em

Hunky Dory like Nemo’s friend ~ I’m soaring!

Higher than a kite, or a jet right after boarding

I am it, so no one else is, or can be

Rapper outside, inside candi

Try me and you ___

There is no plan b

Omg the time is 23:52 and I am writing this to you from The Island. If I am writing this to you from my girlfriend’s house, then I am probably writing from the island, because there are not a lot of places to write from while lounging around this house.

Yeah. I had a talk today with ____, about if she is my girlfriend or not. What is it, you know? We hangout everyday. I have a lot of things running around in my head. I could do a lot. I have a little bit of power, and a little bit of anything is dangerous. ____ seems like a good person to build a lot with. We are at the right place and right time with the right credentials. Applying her skills with my skills, we could we make magic happen. NO CAP [or rabbit]*/\*/\*/\*/\*/\*

The time is 11:32 and I am writing to you from outside of J. Lee Salon Suites. Where I am sat is the second floor of the strip mall where Kava Culture is located. I am thinking about stuff. I should be doing stuff instead of thinking about stuff haha, and I don’t necessarily need to be writing, but I just love to write. So, anyway. That’s where I am and what I’m doing. Oh shit. But I bet I don’t have internet! The most important of all nets!

Okay okay ~ I can still connect to the kava internet here. Let’s see what I can get done.

People love to read about dirt! The time is 12:01. Did I mention that it’s March 18th? Is that a special day for you?

I believe you.

outside salon

I accidently clicked on the wrong image, so now it’s taking a fucking lightyear [I know, I know] to upload, because I can’t cancel the request midway, and so it’s taking all this fucking time to upload this huge photo, when really, I just need this tinier one uploaded. Ugh! Story of my fucking life. And everyone here is wearing a mask except for me. I feel fine about that [we’re all outside]. Forreal. It’s crazy the difference in mentality.

Eager to sleep! That’s how I feel! Somehow. Well, not really. I’m not eager to sleep, forsure. But I do feel a little tired. A fast crash from this morning’s coffee? It’s not impossible…nothing is impossible.

I texted Ryan to see if he is coming through the Kava bar today. __________, ______________, _________________ and I have been thinking about talking to him about it. Brainstorming, mostly. But not really though. I think we could really draw a crowd. Especially somewhere like the midwest…but idk if that is an option yet. Ugh~ I have so many questions for him! We should definitely be working together.

The time is 12:28. I think ____ is going to be out of her eyelash appt soon. I am should really get to work. Maybe I convince her to whip us up to Best Buy and grab a fucking mouse. Or should I just take my time? I think what I’ll do is go buy a mouse from Best Buy, and then return it after I get replacement parts for the broken ones I have. That’s what I should do ~ send an email to get those parts for my mice replaced!

Ehh. The internet is poor right now. I’m not sure the move. My hands are getting a little shaky. Oml I think it’s the fucking ccoffee. Maybe I just can’t drink coffee! Idk. But I’m getting shaky and weak forsure. It’s lame. I wish I had a mouse I think a computer mouse helps prevent this. It’s really not easy to write right now. I’ve got to stop.

Now I’m on bb’s website looking at a $100 mouse. I’ve got to stop! Haha.

The time is 16:33 and I am writing this to you from The Island. I’ve got chicken tenders on the stove, from Sprouts, and we are going to Cosmic Kava later for Cosmic Thursdays. Should be far out, doodz! Oh! And I just went to Walmart and bought this sideways mouse. I had been seeing these things on the internet, and then I saw one at Walmart for $12 so I grabbed it up. I should have bought two and brought back the one I didn’t want, idk what I was thinking. It sucks haha. I’d rather use the trackpad. You’d think your hand is relaxed, but nah, it’s still a flexing situation. Ugh, and my body still feels weak. As is, as is. I should try not drinking coffee again. Maybe it’s forreal the coffee that makes me feel like shit! Idk. Idk…

The time is 20:05 and we are about to leave for Cosmic Kava…and I know you believe me!


The time is 07:29 in the morning ~ the following morning. I am sat at the Island, and I am thought of much. Or, wait…that’s true, but perhaps it is not the phrasing which tells the story, but rather the story that tells the phrasing.

I’m just fucking with you. None of that made any sense to me either.

People find meaning in writing that isn’t there, and it happens all the time. People [don’t] talk about confidence, but do they talk about how some are innately confident in a bad way, and some are innately confident in a good way? Tell me about Ernest or ole Mark and I’m going to be thinking of you spoke a joke and toke a moke, old soul! Tell me the tim tam’s are the last cookies in the cabinet, and I’ll tell you where to find the holy grail! Everybody wants to be renowned, but how many people are really ready to give their life for it?

This is what it is when you give your life for a passion. It looks, and feels, passionate, and perhaps a bit unexplainable. It’s that feeling you get when you watch Spongebob for the 420th time, or that epiphany we all eventually share, that men really are from Mars, and women really are from Venus, and that’s why women take hot showers. It’s the only explanation, right? See, and that was one of those things I discovered while practicing loving myself and doing what I’m passionate about. I don’t write words ~ words write me.

I am loving this dab life, but I don’t know if I need to take another one.

That’s what I just said out loud. We all know I’m going to take another dab though.

I don’t have the freedom to write this blog, yall. That is, at least, how I feel, since I am the kind of guy that likes to play it safe. Safety first, right?

To participate in society, I need to be participating on a-whole-nother level. This is where you come in. I need your help. I just…uhh…don’t know what to ask you for yet haha.

You know how I always talk about how I drink too much coffee? And I’m lowkey thinking about going to get some almond milk so I can mix it with my coffee and drink coffee. Should I do that? I’m going to be hanging out with my Dad for most of the day. He is picking me up and we are going to go pick up some storage cabinets. I can’t spell the word “cabinet” to save my life. Thank God for Spellcheck!

Should I go and get milk? It’s tempting! But seriously, I sometimes wonder if coffee makes my body weak, or something like that. I’m not really sure.

I keep looking around to make sure the dog isn’t eating any of my stuff. She ate half of one of my notebooks the other day, the one with my passwords in it. Not cute. I salvaged most of them.

D and I have been talking up a storm! Not necessarily making plans, but definitely talking about ideas. It’s liberating. We could do anything we want to do. I could do anything I want to do. Therein lies the problem haha. The time is 08:06. I’m going to…go get some milk! I’ll be back.

The time is 08:43. Almond milk and Fair Trade Guatemalan are in my system! I wanted to go pick up my shirts today. What a disaster. I’m glad I didn’t get more wrapped up in his life than I did. It’s easy to caught up into the lives of powerful people. I’m sure you understand this, as you are caught up in my life haha. Do yall like reading about me eating ass? -_- quit lyin. The crazy thing is ~ I already censor myself! I write way more wild-n-out things than what you can currently read on here. The wildest stuff I’ve written, I know that I can’t post. I definitely write erotic literature. It makes me feel good, and so I compose it. I could be thinking of you when I compose my erotica! I’m definitely thinking of somebody, that’s forsure. Not always the same somebody.

The age of the internet is changing things greatly. I am at the forefront, right? I am the front-line writer of your hippie mama’s dreams. I live it, I write it, and then I forget about it ~ in real time.

one way uhaul
imloved plate

The time is 16:39 and I am writing this to you from Kava Culture in Bonita Springs. I helped my dad relocated three storage cabinets today, and that has…well, that has been my day. We stopped at Best Buy on the way back, where I bought a Logitech mouse. It is the same one I lost last week haha, but this one isn’t lost! And then we stopped at Landsdowne to eat lunch, and now I am arrived at Kava Culture.

A man just walked into Kava Culture, and I wonder if he gives off a similar vibe to what I give off when I walk into a place. I’ve seen this man like, 100 times. Forreal! Do I know his name? No. I forget it, but I’ve sure we’ve exchanged names at least once, right? He isn’t…intimidating, but perhaps he just has a less approachable vibe. He carries himself too well haha. Is that what I am like? Yo, whenever I rap, nobody claps at the end. And I can’t figure out why. I thought forsure that when I started rapping on stage, instead of in cipher circles, I would start getting applause! But still no! All I am able to do is leave people in silence. It’s nerve racking.

Today was a crazy fucking day. Alas ~ life has but only begun! I can tell. I know. I am well aware.

x. Spark Twain

P.S. A Big Thanks to Ivan The Hippy for hosting Cosmic Thursday’s every week. Make sure to check him out on Spotify!