March 20th – 24th || Diesel’s Birthday || My First NFT

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face

Stars fill my dreams

I am a traveler of both time and space

To be where I have been

Sit with elders of the general race

This world is seldom seen

Talk and wait

For what they sit and wait

All will be revealed

Now let’s see what the real lyrics are haha

Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face
And stars fill my dream
I’m a traveler of both time and space
To be where I have been
To sit with elders of the gentle race
This world has seldom seen
They talk of days for which they sit and wait
All will be revealed

The time is 13:20 on March 20st and I am writing to you from Kava Culture Kava Bar in Bonita Springs. There is a dog leash tethered to my foot. He just laid down. Diesel. That is his name. Perfect name for this dog, and it wasn’t by choice of the current owner.

Sometimes I wonder what should become of Spark Twain. Into mysticism should he dissolve; capable of anything, but then wanted even more? Rebelution fills the air. I have an old t-shirt sleeve on my head. I’ve been thinking about creating a fictional world. Would you be interested in that? I used to own the website ~ I think it’s for sale rn. But I had been thinking about turning that into a massive online universe for people to publish their work under strict guidelines, and I thought these guidelines would help people develop better stories. The universe would evolve as people needed it. What begins as a written world could easily translate into a virtual reality world. Why not? So, anyway…Idk. I am so naturally drawn to writing about what’s around me…but I’d love to tweak it just a little bit and see if I can’t create something even better. For instance…

The time is 13:#0 and I am writing to you from Kava Diablo 4 in Southwest Florida. There is only _ locations, and they are all in Florida. You will have to come here to find them! There is a large dog ~ also named Diablo ~ tethered to my foot. Julia Ribbons just walked in, and it’s sus asf that she’s wearing a mask.

A girl just pet Diablo for a bit, and it has now occurred to me that I do not know the breed of this dog. American Bully. What is that? Is that different than American Bulldog? They are definitely two different things. Let me look into this. They are two different things! But the American Kennel Club has not recognized American Bully as a distinct breed. AKC is the real deal. They are the crème de la crème. Just like yo momma!

I’m drinking white and mango juice. It’s dank. My girlfriend is sat in front of me. This is the fanciest Kava Bar in Naples, forsure. It’s fancy as fuck. The bar itself has 42 seats ~ a wraparound bar. The kava is stored in huge glass vats, and you ~ the consumptionist ~ are separated from the kava by glass walls. I wish I had a picture ~ but they don’t allow pictures inside! ~ It feels like a Space Age Speakeasy! Except ~ they let that kava and kratom shit fly here in Florida, forreal!

The time is 12:17, which would make it the wee hours of March 21st, 2021. Yesterday was a pretty good day. It was Diesel’s Birthday! I’m positive he had a good day, although he never ate his cake. I’m looking at it, on the counter.

Now the time is 12:31. My grandpa started a Word Blitz game with me not to long ago. It aches me with sadness to think of his situation, but I wish it didn’t. He must feel quite alone. But that’s the thing…he might have been alone for quite some time before he actually felt it. Years. Decades. Too much time. He was alone…with everybody else. What came of the relationship between my grandparents signifies a lifetime of fearful complacency in a comfort zone. Nobody ever wants to change things, but then at the end of it all, we all wonder why we didn’t do more. Live more on the edge, fuck more people, do more of what made us happy, and fuck more people over. We wonder why we didn’t love more, and we wonder why we let our hearts be filled with hate for so long. But while it’s happening that shit feels so real/serious/important.

I think the craziest thoughts! About people being out to get me, and other crazy things. I hate that I let those thoughts manifest, but I just can’t help it. Idk how to stop it. I feel as if people are out to deceive me quite often, and I don’t know why. Logically I have deduced that I am wrong about my paranoia, because…it just doesn’t add up. I have crazy shit run through my head. You don’t even know. Delaney is making a grilled cheese right now. I really thought she was going to go to bed. But more power to her for staying up haha. We’re all addicted to staying awake. My father is the worst with that. He can never sleep.

I feel weird. I wish that I didn’t. I’m wondering if it’s a lack of kratom in the system! Seriously. That stuff is addictive, and powerful. There’s about to be a new addiction sweeping the nation!

The time is 09:58 and I am writing this to you from the island in Delaney’s kitchen. It’s another weird one. My arm already hurts, and I’m not in a good mood. On top of that, it’s gloomy outside and the dog won’t stop whining.

Sometimes I feel super good, and high on life, and then other times I feel extra down in the dumps. Today is inbetween. Delaney asked me if there is something on my mind. There isn’t, but I can tell I’m bringing a vibe to the aire. As you learn to know someone, feelings evolve, and my feelings for Delaney have evolved. She works all the time, and I don’t. That is where the differences start.

I think she likes having a man around the house, both to help care for her animals and to make her feel like a woman. And I do enjoy making her feel like a woman haha. I’m feeling better now. I’m glad I came out here to write. Delaney is my girlfriend, and that is because we are exclusive to each other [I haven’t asked her if she is being exclusive, I am just assuming]. But we have still only known each other for 5 weeks. We’re coming up on 2 months.

I will never know what it’s like to be “normal,” and I suppose I am having a hard time dealing with that. I’m sitting here, at the Island, listening to Billy sing I don’t need you to worry for me, cuz I’m alright! And I’m thinking like…I feel like Billy haha. I’m definitely not Virginia!

I’m the entertainer. Except, I don’t know my place. Where is it? Is it on the stage? Is it in the grave? I have the utmost confidence that people will read my writing more after I die that while I am alive, but that being said, I don’t plan to go John Kennedy Toole on yall ~ If you know what I mean.

They knew all the right people. They took all the right pills. They threw outrageous parties. I don’t remember the rest of the words, forreal.

The Eagles fill the air.

I have this great idea for a new event at Kava Culture in Bonita. I think I’m going to host it on Monday’s…I’m wondering if I should start hosting it tomorrow night. I’m a little nervous. But I’ve got everything I need! All I need, that I don’t have, is a microphone, and I just remembered that KC Bonita has a wireless microphone that I can plug into my mixer. Sweet. That should be good.

Like A Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan ~ fills the air. Good ole Bobby. He’s still fucking alive! And he just sold the rights to all his music ~ clock in some quick cash at the end and make it easier to divide up his will, why not? Universal is the company that I think bought his works. They will treat it with respect, I’m sure. Omg, I can’t understand why this dog is just sitting and whining. All she wants to do is aggressively fight the other dog. Not the vibe the other three of us attempt to establish in this house! Delaney has been talking about this, but it’s only now that I really understand what she is talking about.

I spent a while pulling her and pushing her around, and wrestling with her a small amount, just to see if some entertainment would chill her out. Naw. We are going to go to the dog park, and I think that will be enjoyable. De|ae is taking a nap, but I’m not sure if she is really sleeping, because the dog + I’m listening to Bob Dylan quite loud. I’m not trying to disturb her, forsure. I’m going to ask her how it went, and tell her I wrote about it haha. What I would do if she said it had been too loud, next time, is put a blanket at the bottom of the door. This will also help with light going through the crack at the bottom of that door.

The time is 05:55 in the morning, and I am writing this from The Island. I’m gonna make this luxurious efficiency famous, on accident!

How many of you don’t want to be on this website? If you or someone you know is on this website ~ either by photograph or written-mention ~ and you/they don’t want to be on this website, you can email with “FUCK YOU AND YOUR BLOG” in the subject line, that way I definitely see the email.

It’s already not a good day for the shoulders and hands. Like, wtf? Why do I have these problems? It is commiserating. I don’t like having shaky hands and being unable to write, but that is my reality sometimes. I guess, tbh, it’s actually only my reality when I drink coffee. I hate to say that, but oml I think it’s true. It’s consistently paired together, my weak body and my consumption of coffee. So many things I want to cut out of my life! And with this, we can bring it around town.

How many of you know Delaney?

Omg I don’t have any internet. It’s 06:22 in the fucking morning [bday time], I’m awake, and I don’t have access to decent internet. Wtf. Wtf is this world coming to. I wish I had enough money to signup for Starlink. Ugh. That actually brings up the point of what I was going to do this morning, which was going to be, forreal, open a business. I’m going incorporate. I’m going to open Public Holding Company. Or Public Holding Company, Incorporated? Which sounds better? TPHC, inc. PHC, inc. Public Holding Co.

One of those things. My other options would be Twain Enterprises, Indica Ltd [not a corporation].

The time is 06:44 and I just smoked a lot of resin haha. Not the move! We are almost out of weed, and so I had scraped some of that gunky stuff off the side of the bowl, you know? And that was like 4 days ago at this point, so you could say that I was saving it, and just now I finally decided to smoke it. I am like whoa with this shit right now haha. I am winded! Smoking takes so much out of you. Seriously. And now that I have started taking dabs I cough way more! Like, I thought I had a coughing problem last year, but it’s probably about to amplify. I have some of those videos on YouTube, and one guy left a comment telling me to get my cough checked out. I don’t really think it’s anything to look into, at least not yet. I can’t believe I just smoked that resin haha. That’s probably the first time resin has been smoked in this house? Very possible. Not impossible. Chillin With My Bitch is coming through the headphones. Bitchmade a little, and earlier I felt like listening to that song California by Childish, and since then it’s just been on shuffle of Your Top Songs of 2017, which was the first year I used Spotify, I’m pretty sure. Idk why I didn’t save my most listened to songs from the other years. Now it’s Up! By Shania. No relation.

Nvm. I typed Your Top Songs From into the Spotify search bar, and I got all my old lists haha. I have one from 2016, and so that is the year I started using Spotify. And you know what? I knew that because I remember using Spotify on my only trip from Wisconsin to Colorado. That trip was the first time I ever saw a mountain in my life! Can you believe that? The first time I ever saw a fucking mountain. I was 24. It was September…I think. I can literally check haha.

October 30th, 2016. I have a picture of Danae in the train station downtown. I remember that day, and that train station. I practically remember that photograph. I can’t believe it’s the only one I took in Colorado! Well, I took one other one ~ of a painting. Haha. Let’s see where the geolocation on that one is. Well, the map won’t load, but I can see a thumbnail of the map, and it appears the photo was taken…hmm, actually now I remember it! I took that photo at Sam’s No. 3! Have you heard of that place? It was litty.

Wow! Yeah! I only took 5 pictures that whole entire trip! It was like…3 days? How long were we in Colorado? Danae and I drove in my 1999 Volkswagon Passat. It had a sunroof haha. AND it was stick shift. It was a surprisingly slick car. I bought it from a 50ish y/o mechanic in Madison Wi, and I think I paid…3,200? No fucking way. 2,200. I must have paid 22. It had like, seriously, 200k on that thing. BUT he was a mechanic, and he told me it was actually his daughters’ car, and that she was the original owner and that she babied it. I drove it, and then I bought it. I must have paid 22. It had a new clutch.

I wish I had internet. It’s been awhile since I’ve been awake this early and letting my mind roam free. I’d like to know how to create an NFT haha. They are hot! Fad or Revolution? That’s what my email from Robinhood Snacks says.

So what I want to do is create 200 NFT’s and sell them each at $30. Poems? [I found out that that isn’t doable, due to gas fee’s] People like poems. But I can’t just produce work for the sake of producing work. Someone, however, mentioned to me that poems would be a good way to go, so I could keep releasing them. I am going to do that when it feels fitting. What I am going to do right now is release short tidbits of my writing as NFT’s, but I need to know how it’s actually done.

You see, what’s happening is ~ I’m leading the emotional revolution, and the heart of it was already happening in SWFL before I showed up, but it was a bit disorganized. It’s still disorganized! And in truth, all thought leaders in the area probably got rocked by covid. I was brand new to the area. My arrival in Florida, and specifically Southwest Florida, aligns exactly with the start of covid, and so they feel as one in the same. I am a fast learner. And I learned covid and FL at the same time. The revolution is a mask-on situation, but it has no cap.

The time is 07:13 and the sun is still deep in the horizon. It’s so dark out, I could just be seeing the illumination of the moon.

I’d like to create my first NFT on the ADA blockchain, and then one on the ETH and finally BTC. Perhaps 100 on each chain, each individually valued at 10, 20, and 30 dollars apiece, respectively. I’d like to sell them all to one person. If I get good at selling NFT’s, then I think…I could make a lot of money lol. What if, like, someone could own the NFT certified word document that JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter with? Even though…did she write that shit on a typewriter? No fucking way. It was like 92…or 89…idek, but I really hope she had a computer haha.

I just sent a long ass message to my friend Ryan. He is incredibly successful in the world of business, and so I want to learn what I can from him. I attract the rich and the powerful into my circle of influence quite often, but Ryan is forsure on my level. Gardner was on my level too, but he was just an old fart, and I don’t have a lot in common with old farts.

The time is 16:19. Apparently I won’t be opening a business today. I kind of wanted too! Well, technically, I can list the opening date as up-to 5 days earlier than the paperwork is filed. I want to open a business, and then I am excited to get a reading done about the day I open it haha. I was thinking about opening it on 4/20, but that doesn’t seem required. I need a business this week, not next month!

Ryan is sat next to me. He is working to wire some money ~ you know, important business stuff. I have been researching all day about how to go about creating and selling an NFT. I want to create a physical item to go along with my work. I want to help other artists create and get paid for their work. Many people are better at it than I, but I am still confident there is a great many people to help.

The time is 18:29. It’s gonna be a longggg night still! Delaney is here until the wee hours of the morning, and I have elected to stay with her. It’s nice to be in this environment and get to write, but also having more than one reason to be here.

I’m sitting next to Apollo Cosmo’s cousin. The time is 18:53. Everything I’m thinking about: I need to learn how to make NFT’s. I need to incorporate what I do. I do nothing haha. I shouldn’t incorporate. I should probably. My fingers kind of smell; that must be weed. I honestly don’t care what these guys are talking about outside. I can feel this kratom. ______. People don’t need to be careful with kratom, but they do need to be educated. This kava and kratom stuff is off the chain. I know what I’m going to do. I need to work harder. Maybe I have that thing that Ryan is talking about. I wonder if I should…

I wonder if I should focus more on writing, because right now I drop out of commitment halfway through my sentences. There are some bosses out here making moves. I am not one of these bosses. I mean, I am, but I am different. I am legendary status. Some people get written about. Some people write. Some people hate. I’m stuck in the middle with you.

The time is 19:13. I haven’t gotten anything done today. I am the king of getting nothing done! And my free time? Where does it all drain away to? Nobody knows. I don’t even know, and it’s my time! Anyway. I’m just on about nothing at this point.

Talk to people. It’s what I do. Heard you say it, or breathe it, on the street. And people weep by the words of poor Jord. I can’t. Never did, and never will. I’m not the crazy one, you are.

I am addicted to writing, have I ever told yall that? I am addicted to writing and there is nothing else I can do other than that which I am addicted to! I was thinking about hosting my first event here tonight, and I was going to play music and then tell a fake story about the time I met the music artist I am jockeying, but…well I guess I didn’t do it! I have spent so much time talking about this, but I haven’t actually moved forward with anything. That doesn’t worry me…but it is something I am conscious of. The next move I make, I want it to be a fast move Fast! You know what I’m saying? I type so much faster with my eyes closed, it’s insane! I was thinking about going outside and hitting the pen again. Ugh. I should really edit and publish the writing that I have produced today, and over the last few days. I could do nothing but edit writing all day for the next 6 months! I have so much stuff I’ve written but haven’t edited. Charli Tuna fills the air. I’m not 100% sure it’s him, but I am also, at the same time, 100% sure it’s him! Haha. It might be Jurassic 5? But that was forsure big Charli Tuna on the mic. His voice is crazy. I’ve been thinking about buying one of those Oopsy Daisy treats for a while now. Sugar sugar sugar. It’s too often on my mind. Hmmmmmm aight. I’ve got to edit my writing haha. Or I will never get it done. But damn if people don’t dish out moolah for this kratom shiz.

The time is 19:53. Some kid just came in here and locked himself in the bathroom. It was a hilarious situation!

The time is 23:31. I am starting to feel…feely. Nah, I’m lying. I’m high as a mother fucker and loose as a goose in this bitch. This word document is starting to feel like one of those things I’m never going to edit. I just typed the word eat instead of edit haha. High I’m.

Another day of working and being unproductive with it. Haha. I’m not kidding -_- however I did do a sizable amount of reading about NFT’s. Now I’m going to sit next to Delaney as she eats mac n cheese. Easy mac, to be specific.

The time is 11:13 and I am writing to you from the island. I am officially sad asf. Idk why. I’m doing something wrong in life, that I repeatedly end up unhappy over and over and over and over again. I took a dab this morning thinking that it would make me feel better, but it didn’t. Honestly, I just need to make money. I’m not going to get another job at some restaurant or something ~ I’d literally rather be a homeless person in San Francisco. But the idea of opening _______? The idea of _______ ____ to get paid? Fuck yo. We have been talking about _______ ____ all week, and now we are going to do it. We have to do it. But you know, it’s like my responsibility to make sure that it gets done. Just like it’s my responsibility to live my own life. Ugh. So much. There is so much stuff that I’ve started but haven’t finished. I just don’t know what to do about it all! I’ve got numerous websites I am working on ~ none of which make me any money ~ and then I’ve also got a plethora of personal qualms I need quashed, all of which I much de-delinquent myself. She’s barking.

Most people make the kind of sacrifices that I would never make, like trading precious time for worthless money. Me on the other hand, I sacrifice my happiness to achieve longevity. At least, this is how I view. Whatever I’m doing is working for me, I guess I just wish I could make different choices haha. Sure, I’ll be one of the greatest writers to ever live, but was I happy while I was here? Then again, if I lived differently, would I still be a great writer? You know what…I don’t want to think about it.

I need to get outside of the box. I need to do things I’m scared of doing, or I’m gonna lose my mind. Almost every single thing that goes on in America to make money, I think is a total waste of time. Either it destroys the world, or it kills people. Almost everything that generates wealth is a mere distraction. We are creatures that are meant for things other than what we have. Teamwork is making promises we can not achieve together, but only apart. Teamwork makes the dream fall apart, in this case. Sometimes though, I feel like it’s just China who is working against all of us. Almost all the governments on earth are wrong, but they were the best we could do before the internet came around. China though…they are on some other shit, and they might be on some dangerous shit. I don’t know what to think about it. What are we supposed to do? I feel like I am not able to participate in society, because why would I bother to participate if I’m not going to be able to get anybody to disassemble their nuclear weapons? I think a majority of Americans, including myself, believe that if we disassembled our nuclear weapons, Russia and China would literally just bomb New York, and move in. I really think that’s what would happen. It’s been proven in history that the aggressor always wins, and so it’s wise to be that person. Yet here I sit, unable to be that for myself. I talk to this guy Brett sometimes, and we align on a lot of things, but we are also different in a great many ways. I admire some of his traits, and wished I possessed them in myself. Alas, I do not. I don’t have his strange abilities. And so what do I do? I mope about it. I could be setting up my ________ account.

I just got up and smoked a bowl out of the lv bong. As it turns out, I’m not a huge fan of that bong, but I guess I like it better than the other ones that are here. Maybe I should try out one of the other ones for a little bit.

I’m not nearly assertive enough. Will I change? Meh. I know I need to adapt though. We’re going to make ____. Imagine if we could start making $1000 per month and ________ __? That would be the dopeness. That’s what I need. But I need more than that. That’s just…quick…and fun. Okay, I’m going to check it out now ~ maybe set it up. But damn if I ain’t fiending for more of something. Kratom? Cannabis? Alcohol? I’m definitely not craving alcohol, but I recognize that this is how I used to feel before I went off the rails in the up-coming days. I’m not going to do that, but damn if I don’t think about it sometimes. I can picture getting fucked up with my gf. She tells me about how she used to get fucked up. I’m jealous. Maybe I want a different kind of life. I just need to decide what kind of life that is! Haha.

The time is 07:15 and I am writing to you from the island. I am to understand that a lot of you have asked Delaney if I live with her. Why don’t yall ask me this stuff? Is it cuz I’m an asshole? Not impossible; not impossible. I am kind of an asshole. One time I yelled at this lady who was working at McDonald’s that she was so ugly, she should never have kids. I was blackout drunk. I don’t remember it. Deep down I have my own frustrations, but I shouldn’t because I have received what I desired. I believe quite strongly that people will continue to read my writing l o n g after I am dead. That has been the goal from day one. That has been the goal since before I got a D- in creative writing ~ that was in 8th grade. Can you believe I fucking failed creative writing? Mr Ith passed me because he believed in me. I’d like to think that I didn’t let him down. I think he still goes into Rochambeau. I like…I think I saw him there once. I should find his information and email him. Maybe he would enjoy my writing. Maybe he has some secretive writing network he can share me with. But you know, I think he might find my work vulgar and off putting. For as much as I enjoyed his class, I couldn’t tell you any book I think he would like, at least, picking it based on it being better than any other book. I’m pretty sure we watched Dead Poets Society in that class, and I know we watched Monty Python’s Holy Grail, and we didn’t get permission slips, he just told us not to tell our parents. I’m pretty sure someone told their parents and we couldn’t finish the movie. Can’t blame the 8th grader that thought they could trust their parents. Am I giving them too much benefit of the doubt? I don’t know who you were, sabotager, but did you tag us on purpose? How is your relationship with your parents? Did you block out this memory I am talking about?

Yo, I didn’t mean to be so nosey right there, but forreal…those are pretty basic questions about that event. Maybe it was more than one person’s parent! But it’s like…he must have shown that movie to multiple classes, or at least multiple years [there might have only been the one creative writing class]. Was our class the first to fuck it up? It doesn’t matter. I had already seen Monty Python’s Holy Grail. I guess, in theory, it could have been my mom that called. But I don’t think there is any way she would do that because it’s just not her flex. I might have told her about it though. She had no idea what I should or should not be consuming, and she based everything on somebody else. It was like she was reading a book and then directing me with her hand, having not observed my surroundings, and she directed me into a table. That was life haha. I’m kidding. A little kidding. I have an okay relationship with my mom. We talk every couple of months.

What was I on about? The time is 07:31. I considered getting coffee for a little while, but I didn’t because, well, whenever I get coffee I feel like it fucks my body up haha. But I guess I like fucking my body up, too. It’s a curse and a curse. No gift. There is the gift of concentration? Or something. Something happens, when I drink coffee, but the bad outweighs the good. I still do it quite often. So, anyway, I didn’t drink coffee this morning! And now I am sat here writing. I sent an email out to Bitski this morning, because I signed up to publish nft’s through them. I’m ready! But honestly I’m thinking about going back to be. Normally I would go in there and eat pussy, and then cum, myself. I will probably do that same thing again today. Some pussy’s eatin pussy, and some pussy aint. This is definitely some eat’n pussy. Okay, I’m going to go do it now. Ughhh but then I never get any work done haha. If I go to work with Delaney today, will I enjoy myself? Sometimes. It can be a long day of drinking kratom, forreal. But it feels fucking amazing. Like getting lifted! 10% of people in America are going to get down with this kratom shit, and 1% of those people will have a serious problem with it. LEGO!

The time is 10:17 and I’ve got bacon on the griddle and I’m omw to having nettle tea. I really shouldn’t be writing this haha. I should be working on something productive! Like editing my writing, or perhaps learning more about NFT’s.

The time is 19:52 and I just created my first NFT! You can count on me to keep creating, that’s forsure, and that’s how I justify the value of my first NFT.

The time is 20:38. I spent a little while more looking into how to create NFT’s on the BTC chain. SLP NFT1 token type is what I’m looking into creating. But I’m going to ease up on the research for tonight. It’s been a while since I’ve published anything to the blog. I should keep up with that. It’s easy asf to fall into a lull of leaving my works unpublished. I mean, I still write everyday, I’m just not publishing. I’ve written at least 50 pages in the past month, but I’ve only published like 20. At this point in my life, I undoubtedly have more unpublished work than published work.

What makes a piece of work valuable? And does knowledge of the answer allow I can create more valuable works? I’d like to think it doesn’t work that way. Haha. I’m not the crazy one, you are.

If you. Or, even if you don’t. But you have to try. I’m not sure how hard you have to try, but you’ve got to. Don’t just read about trying either. This isn’t that ~ Doesn’t count. I’m practically rambling at this stage. I’m not writing about the right things. I’m just writing. I’m looking forward to things though. You can look forward to me.

x. Spark Twain